1,000 Possible Troops To Return From This Country

The U.S. military is looking at making the battle more efficient in Afghanistan and may send over 1,000 troops back home. 

Such an announcement closely echoes what President Trump told Congress as he shared that negotiations with the Taliban where proceeding well. He also shared that, “Great nations do not fight endless wars.”

While coincidental,  U.S. Army General Joseph Votel has clarified that this troop reduction was not related to the peace efforts that Trump mentioned.

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Votel explained that the action was being taken to further the efforts of Army General Scott Miller. Miller assumed control of the operation last September and now looks to optimize U.S. resources in the 17-year war.

“This is something that he started as he got into the position here and was looking at how we (can) be as efficient and as effective as we can be on the ground,” Votel shared in an interview.

Current estimates of the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan hovers around 14,000.

Votel recalled what President Trump has said, agreeing that, “We don’t want to fight endless wars either. We want to accomplish the mission here.”

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