60-Year-Old Man ATTACKED By Leftists For MAGA Hat

No one is safe from the Left…

An elderly Trump supporter was captured on video being abused by an irate mob amid the president’s state visit. The confrontation became more physical, and the man became the latest “milkshake” attack victim.

Video recorded by a reporter showed the man quarreling with protesters while wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat — the symbol of Trump’s 2016 campaign that has become a representation of racism, bigotry, and hatred by those of the left.

But a little later the clip shows the man without his hat being pushed around by the surrounding protestors.

At one point the mob — led by a furious female who stood extremely close to the man’s face — chanted “Off our streets! Nazi scum!”

Finally, to the delight of protesters, a milkshake landed on top of the man’s head.

The victim threw tossed it and began going head to head with his assailants before things cooled off.

Here is a snippet:

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Several similar incidents have happened in the United Kingdom in which protesters toss milkshakes at people they don’t like — pro-Brexit leader Nigel Farage got splashed with milkshake last month. Leftists believe the attacks to be effective and “absolutely hilarious.”

President Trump landed in England on Monday to pay homage to the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

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