Anderson Cooper Bashes Trump On Climate Change

CNN’s Anderson Cooper suggested to President Trump to visit NASA’s website for children on climate after Trump claimed to not believe his administration about climate change.

Cooper stated, “He wants a great climate. Unclear what, if anything, the president wants to do about it. I’m not sure he has a robust understanding of the issues or even the most basic grasp of the issues.”

 “The president of the United States seems to be honestly believing that global warming means it never gets cold anywhere. Nasa has a good explanation of the difference between weather and climate on its website. It’s a website for children. We’re just suggesting, Mr. President, if you don’t want to believe science or the 1,600-page report your team tried to slip past the American public on Friday, maybe just start with It’s a pretty easy read. It’s fun. There are pictures. We’re not going to hold our breath because unlike the climate, some things never actually change.”