Anderson Cooper Bashes Trump On Climate Change

CNN’s Anderson Cooper suggested to President Trump to visit NASA’s website for children on climate after Trump claimed to not believe his administration about climate change.

Cooper stated, “He wants a great climate. Unclear what, if anything, the president wants to do about it. I’m not sure he has a robust understanding of the issues or even the most basic grasp of the issues.”

 “The president of the United States seems to be honestly believing that global warming means it never gets cold anywhere. Nasa has a good explanation of the difference between weather and climate on its website. It’s a website for children. We’re just suggesting, Mr. President, if you don’t want to believe science or the 1,600-page report your team tried to slip past the American public on Friday, maybe just start with It’s a pretty easy read. It’s fun. There are pictures. We’re not going to hold our breath because unlike the climate, some things never actually change.”
  • Rodney

    Anderson, glasses on your face doesn’t make you smarter. Climate has changed and often in much more dramatic ways since before man was here. We will not have any honesty in the discussion until we get honest analysis of the situation.

  • Oinkle Tom

    Mr. Cooper, you don’t inspire me at all. You have already proved yourself to be a worthless troll, lacking all the principles I learned as a schoolboy some 50 to 60 years ago. You learned nothing. You are spreading your heresies to others who deserve the truth. You ask “What is truth?” Sir, “truth” is not dependent on what you think. You are totally flawed.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

      Irene When we do get climate change I bet these people will know its the real climate change HA HA.

    • Lee Robinson

      I am interjecting my thoughts at this point, not specific to the person I jumped in on, but to get my few cents worth in. First, I am an ex engineer/physicist NOT claiming to be a genius in weather or other temperature specific areas. But while working for Westinghouse Atomic Power in 1953 I was honored to be chosen as one of the instructors in Reactor Instrumentation and Control to the original crew of the Nautilus BUT– there are two (2) specific areas involved here! Short term and long term. What I see here is people of limited knowledge blythly wandering between the two. It thus totally misses BOTH points! Long term encompasses those periods of some 20,000 years swinging between blazing hot and solid ice! None of these long term considerations are of any interest to you, me or anyone currently alive. We won’t be around in 20k years!The only things of interest to US is short term. I define that, arbitrarily, as anything between 1 and 100 years. I see people crossing the era lines almost daily. We know that short term temperature excursions can cause widespread devastation, since we have been watching it in action. I’ve already read about people on low-lying islands being forced to move due to sea level rise. The fact that it may recede in some reasonable time within the lifetime of currently displaced people, doesn’t mean much when your arrable land gets salt water soaked for a few years. We WILL see more of this and other natural disasters in the coming years. But within 25 or 50 years the trend can reverse. I don’t have any long range plans, as I’m now 92, and wife is 97, legally blind, and still bowls in 2 leagues. If anyone watched Steve HarveyS “Steve” program last month, you may have seen a bit on Kay and her bowling! So we are VERY SHORT TIMERS! SO PLEASE stick to the proper era in the near future. Lee Robinson

      West Palm Beach.

  • jackcandobutwont

    OLe AC would have more success trying to ferrett out that elusive climate change by pairing up with the colored looking for that elusive black hole!!

    and the glasses do not make you or look any smarter!! you are still a limpdicked lying sheetforbrains!

  • regulus30

    Now this is a game changer as Anderson Vanderbilt goes 180′, hahaha , how is that freezing snow, earliest in decades fitting into that climate change crap?


    Why do we have to even get this Morons opinion! Anderson Cooper is so full of trump derrange syndrome, he cant pee without thinking about it! Poor Bastard!

  • Climate change is this: It rains today and it is sunny tomorrow. It’s been doing that for millions of years on this planet. CO2 is good for the planet. Plants need it to survive. They convert the energy in CO2 into oxygen. something all humans on the planet need. Global warming is a hoax. Only shit for brains liberals believe in it.

  • Bob Lipori

    Why does anybody listen to this retard? Get the facts from credible people with proof about the Global warning lie! It’s all about the money!!

    Watch Dan Pena explain Global warming:

    Salty language but you gotta love him for telling it like it is!

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    I would almost bet that Anderson Cooper has dissmissed the ti y detail the Scientist themselves just announced about four weeks ago that they had miscalculated the nglobal warming and that most of what they said before was wrong. But what would you expect from these talking Brainwashed toadies of George Soros and The Rothchilds, the U. N. Climate experts said they were wrong but that xoes not fit the Leftist agenda so they did not even report it. These same talking heads tried to say that on Sunday no rocks were thrown even with the Film footage showing them throwing stuff including rocks. No the Fake News is full of lies and half truths the Gaurdian News trash in London said that the reason for the Republicans holding onto the Zenate is that many Women voted as their husband told them, and a fake meeting between Monfort and Assange took place weeks or monthes before Munsfort became a Trump Staff member just more DemoCrap lies! The Mainstream Media refuses to report on the ongoing atrocities being done by Muslims against Christians, and the Crack downs on Christians in Communist Country. They turn a blind eye because it does not fit their evil agenda!

  • GayEGO

    Good article Anderson Cooper. Trump illustrates that he either does not understand or does not care about facts, probably the latter, as he is a narcissist.

    • John McComas

      No. Trump like many of us don’t buy into the fudged data, political propaganda, failed predictions of the past, lack of historical perspective, failure of other countries to do their share, and the fact that extended cold periods are more dangerous to humanity than a couple of fractions of degree change, The most abundant greenhouse gas is H20.

      • GayEGO

        The majority of us believe in science which proved the world is round when many speculated that it was flat. Having lived in the mountainous west, I have experienced the effects of pollution as they used bituminous coal as fuel for hot air furnaces, steam engines, factories etc. The waterfronts of many cities are experiencing damage from the rising oceans caused by the melting of ice in the poles. We can help slow down the climate change which may give time to figure out how to migrate away from the earth when it cracks open and swallows all of us.

        • David

          You really are so FUNNY ! Ha Ha Ha …….. Hysterical even .

        • John McComas

          You are buying into the propaganda. We all agree on clean air, clean water and preserving the planet. What we don’t believe is the crap I just outlined. The climate always changes for better or worse. The sun is a major influence. The antarctic ice is growing, explain that. Scientist have recently admitted errors in their predictions. It’s all politics and power. Tell the fools living in Kalifornistan to be wary of the earth cracking open because they choose to live in the desert along a major fault.

          • GomeznSA

            John – “politics and power” and MONEY – gotta keep the grants rolling in to keep the ‘research’ going and finance their lavish life styles.

        • EPatrickMosman

          “experiencing damage from the rising oceans caused by the melting of ice in the poles.”

          The ice at the North polar region is sea ice and its melting does not add one millimeter to the

          ocean level any more than ice melting in your gin and tonic doesn’t cause your drink to overflow

          the glass.
          For the record all of those islands that Al Gore predicted would
          disappear because of rising sea levels are still there. Some Islands in the Pacific are
          actually gaining land area.

  • EPatrickMosman

    is probable that Anderson Cooper and many if not most of the government “scientists”
    involved in the latest assessment report have spent little or no time
    studying the past history of the world’s climate changes and can not
    offer a scientific explanation for the the beginning and ending of the
    Last Great Ice Age.Every one involved should be required to spend 3
    hours watching the BBC program “Prehistoric America:

    A Journey Through the Ice Age and Beyond”.

    Perhaps they could explain the lack of humans’ role in the historic cyclical climate
    history of the earth over the last 12,000 years which is well known, starting
    with the end of the last great Ice Age and in the last 1000 years the
    Medieval Warm Period, the Little Ice age of the Middle Ages, the warm
    dust bowl of the 1930-40s, the cold period of the 1950-70s and the warm
    period of the 1980s-1990s which ended in 1998-2000? It doesn’t take
    computer modeling to study the past, actually today’s computer models
    cannot model the past’s history, and today’s the AGW driven computer
    modelers continue to predict disasters with worst case scenarios
    based only on C02.

  • Gordon Raymond

    Of course all of the Climate Change individuals are Atheist.

  • harley93

    Every time I see this guy on TV I can’t help thinking how perverted he must be in his personal life and why should I consider anything he has to say! He makes me sick.

  • David

    This idiot mistakes Climate for Weather.
    Climate always changes – always has and always will – simple Physics dictates this.
    Anthropogenic Climate Change is a leftist scam. Sure, human activities can and probably does have some miniscule effect on climate, but nowhere near as much as a few active volcanoes for sheer volume.

  • Donald Baker

    I really don’t care what a left wing fake news lying homosexual extremist thinks about anything.

  • Ron C

    The fact is Trump believes climate change is happening…the discussion is what is the cause. Cyclic or man made…but then morons that think exits are entrances…like Anderson Cooper…wouldn’t know crap about that truth anyways…period!