Armed Militia Thwarts Illegal Immigration in US

The citizens of the United States have had enough with illegal immigrants swarming the border and that has further been evidenced not that an armed militia has formed to prevent more illegal crossings. 

Over 300 illegal immigrants where halted in their tracks by the United Constitutional Patriots in New Mexico. The migrants were detained at gunpoint until they could be turned over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. 

The militia group is comprised of former law enforcement officers and military veterans who are taking a stand against the invasion. A spokesman for the group, Jim Benvie, shared with the New York Times that the group has been patrolling the border of Sunland Park, New Mexico for the last two months. He further shared that they will continue to patrol until a proper border wall is erected or immigration laws improved. 

“We’re just here to support the Border Patrol and show the public the reality of the border,” Benvie said.

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“If these people follow our verbal commands, we hold them until Border Patrol comes,” Benvie told the paper. “Border Patrol has never asked us to stand down.”

That being said, Customs and Border Protection spokesman Carlos A. Diaz did share that the agency “does not endorse private groups or organizations taking enforcement matters into their own hands.”

Meanwhile the New Mexico’s Democratic governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, apparently stands for open borders calling the group’s work “completely unacceptable,” and that migrants should not be “menaced or threatened in any way, shape or form” for crossing the border.

But Benvie shared that CBP officers have only instructed the United Constitutional Patriots not to point firearms at migrants adding a rule that prevents patrol with military weapons. They are still permitted to patrol and may carry handguns while doing so. 

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