BLM Threatens to ‘Boycott’ These Three Citites

A Black Lives Matter leader and New York Daily News columnist is threatening to hit three cities with a boycott by more than 200,000 supporters if his demands about police brutality aren’t met. Shaun King is a notorious leader of the anti-cop movement, and he’s looking to improve his profile with what he hopes is a massive demonstration of their power.

In an official announcement on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, King said that the project, which he has dubbed Injustice Boycott, will aim to force the progressive cities to meet local activists’ demands regarding police brutality.

And if those demands are not met within 43 days — by Martin Luther King Jr. Day — King says that he will activate Injustice Boycott supporters — more than 200,000 people, according to his estimate — to level a four-prong attack on commerce and government.
The three cities are New York City, San Francisco, and Standing Rock Indian Reservation, located in North and South Dakota.


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    Sure they’re going to go to the Standing Rock Reservation, what can they rob there after rioting?

    • Fedup

      JMACZ, A tee pee will pop up in Ferguson, Mo in due time!!!

    • Bandit

      They go after Standing rock those thugs just might get a few arrows, maybe even a few slugs.

    • Front Sight

      This I would like to see. I am watching the news and it is -10 degrees. The snowflakes are uncomfortable at standard temperature and pressure. Hahahahah (;-)

      • B737-300

        They might feel more comfortable in the Jungles of Africa.

  • Gale

    nothing but a group of disgusting thugs

    • DJ

      I call them terrorists. They should be arrested for that alone!!!

      • ward

        illegals are actually another attacking enemy that is declaring war on U.S. Citizens and has to be stopped with military or civilian force ASAP or sooner ! illegals are criminals !

  • Tommy p

    Spray ’em down with the water cannons and make frozen statues out off of ’em

    • Front Sight

      🙂 I almost fell out of my chair when I thought of these “snowflakes” being sprayed with water in ND. -10 degrees with 50 mph winds.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    Well, I,ll bet those 3 CITIES are GLAD. but they pick the biggest cities an a place of protest all ready. Thank You g.soros, you are a sorry soros, an I hope you actions back fie on you an a very BIG way.

    • bryan beane

      They already have.Trump.

      • fbair1

        What, idiot…..

        • B737-300

          Who are you calling “an Idiot”?

      • ward

        You really are libtard warped … !

    • ward

      soros is another non-citizen tyrant and a #1 enemy against U.S. Citizens Constitutional Rights !

  • Bowserb

    If that means they’ll avoid all retail stores in those cities, then how can we get our city on the list? The reduction in shoplifting will boost retailers’ profits significantly.

    • Bigman

      Great idea! Wish I’d thought oft first!

    • B737-300

      Absolutely a GREAT answer Bowserb.!

      • Bowserb

        Thanks. If the illegals would also boycott, then the local mall might be suitable for shoppers again. Now the unemployed and illegals just hang out in the A/C making it difficult to get around. Large numbers walking at half speed, usually 4 or 5 abreast, clog the already limited space between the endless kiosks and storefronts, conspicuous by their lack of shopping bags. They help Amazon more than anything Amazon could do for their own business!

        • ward

          illegals boycott is great for their own created demise by starving themselves !

  • Howleyesque

    And IF the mayors of said cities WEREN’T Liperal TRASH who will sing the praises of BLACK LIES MATTER, they’d have the police and fire dept’s wash the scum off the streets!

  • 0b323

    Hell they dont spend any money anyway. All they do is trash talk, & trash the protest site. I’d say having them stay away is a win win.

    • ward

      Free loading criminals costing U.S. tax payers a fortune to give them what they do not deserve !

  • Lee

    I’ll bet cities would pay to be boycotted by blm.

  • Della Furlow Wicks

    Pretty sure most cities are glad they wont be there. Such a nuisance,they are….

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Bring it on!! I wouldn’t mind boycotting those same cities myself but for a different reason. New York and San Francisco are sanctuary cities that I do NOT support. Plus I want to see that pipeline completed. Pipelines are absolutely the safest way to transport petroleum and as long as we depend on cars and trucks for our transportation needs we need the oil.

  • VanceJ

    Happy boycotting.!!

  • Paladin

    Deport them to Botswana… more people needed for masscre!!!

  • Front Sight

    I remember several years ago, when the unlawful migrants staged a “Day Without a Mexican” boycott. It was wonderful. The streets were clear; schools had plenty of room; Home Depot parking lots were accessible, and nobody missed the migrants. They never held another boycott.
    Go for it BLM.

    • Bowserb

      I forgot about that. Maybe they should make that an annual event. Maybe even expand it to a “Month Without an Illegal”.

      • dragon6actual

        Or year without an illegal… every year, until the last illegal departs for his/her home turf.

      • B737-300

        How about 50 years?

    • bryan beane

      There you go nothing but positive out of this. Go for it

  • Bruce Wayne

    So, there will be no looting in these Cities ?

  • tomsfordcars

    Someone should burn any and all banners, signs, or anything else that depicts that violent blm bull crap. O’ but wait! That would be considered a hate crime, however, it’s o.k. to burn or otherwise disrespect our American Flag, riot in the streets, vandalize other peoples property, attack the Police, etc. Shame on me for thinking I am still living in America in the time when majority ruled and our Government was “of the People, by the People and for the People”. How stupid I must be!

  • dan k.

    Blm please do those cities a favor and dier or leave.Y our lives mean no more than any other color of skin..Africa has plenty of free land..No one owe you anything !!

  • blackwingA520

    Ooooooh, we’re sooooo scared.

    • B737-300

      If you’re a BLACK Wing….you should be!

      • blackwingA520

        I was referring to the threats of boycotting, and blackwing is just my name not my color ace!

  • quicksilver31

    Awesome! Can I submit a list of additional cities I’d like to invite them to boycott (starting with mine)?

  • Alan

    Screw those punks and their demands, boycott them by taking away their EBT cards.

  • quarkie009

    Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and should be treated as such. The Obama administration will never treat them as such, since they are his babies and will want the federal government to pay for them to riot and protest make the nation to repay them for the injustices that the nation has heaped upon their ancestors for the past 250 years.

  • Texas Son

    I am proud to be EUROPEAN AMERICAN!!

  • Garry A DeManty

    Let the dirt bags boycott as many as they want who in the heck cares.

  • Tammy Dorsey Berthaut

    Thugs and criminals making demands..LMAO Boycott? What are they going to do stop robbing and burning the places? These people dont work so its not like anyone is going to lose business. These cities will be MUCH better off!

  • Rosech Levy

    I think they will be surprised at how many of them will die, be seriously injured, but in any case their butts kicked. These childish minds need to remember that Soros’ money is worth all they are or are doing, and yet do they see him there at any of these locations? Of course not. Let them rant and rave but the oil company will win because the Dakota pipeline is almost finished, good water has been provided, people who live in the area know this is a bunch of crap, and, above all their butts will be frozen off, which is justice at its best!

  • Statesman Patriot

    Let BLM boycott those progressive cities. Neither have any credibility. They can destroy each other for all I care!

  • backrow

    What did the Indians do to them?

  • HDMania

    I remember back in the day (60s) most people hated the blacks because they were rioting and burning down some cities (Compton) 40 yrs later the muzzies want to kill there is 2 on the hated I guess the blacks are back again (B lies M) want to renew the hate and discontent.

    • B737-300

      And they are too stupid to understand this.

  • got my licence

    Do you remember the million man march? From what I hear no one had to take time off from work.

  • bryan beane

    Omg please let all cities be in on this boycott. Not just three.

  • bobbradshaw

    If you notice, King only wants to boycott liberal cities and a now vacant Standing Rock Indian reservation. Maybe he thinks that he is the modern day General Custer. Got news for you bud, you are leading a failed and misguided organization. By the way, Shaun, We normal citizens will avoid supporting you and your twisted cause. BLUE LIVES MATTER!!!

  • bobbradshaw

    I forgot to add, I hope they clean up all the litter and mess they create at Standing Rock, otherwise, I think they will suffer the same fate as Custer did.

  • dittybop

    Boycott! What a joke, most if not all the people that are involved in these riots don’t have jobs, so they can’t buy goods anyway, that’s why they hold these periodic riots!

    • old codger

      Not to mention it’s almost Christmas so they need to riot and loot for their presents!

      • Keith Weaver

        No, they are doing it after MLK birthday (holiday), as if he would approve of this action. They already have their Christmas presents from the riots in November, remember. These presents will be destroyed or obsolete by that time, so they’ll need to loot more, to get new items.

        • old codger

          I could be wrong but I don’t think MLK would approve. Protest yes, rioting, looting, and burn, nope!

  • ConservativeMe

    They should BOYCOTT AMERICA & just go to Africa….

    • old codger

      From your keyboard to God’s ear!!

  • Larry Brule


  • deputydog70

    Article appears to be a test for reactions. I doubt the BLM can get enough of their followers to get out of their warm houses and away from their food stamps to create any harm.

  • fbair1

    Get a job and you won’t have time to protest…… pack of animals////

  • Niko

    Black lives do not matter, white lives do not matter, all lives do not matter. WHAT MATTERS IS WHAT A PERSON DOES DURING THEIR LIFE!!!!!. I have had enough of reading about people’s stupidity in what they think they know. I am saying it how it is. Can’t handle it – go find a safe space and…

  • old codger

    Who died and gave them “ANY” credence?? NOBODY that’s who!!

    If Black Lives Mattered they wouldn’t be killing each other off in the likes of Shitcago!
    To the Bullsh!t lies matter. F((*&&)@(#)(^)@^$_ off!

  • James Powell

    I am sure the three cities are rejoicing upon hearing this “ultimatum” of no trouble-making rioters coming to their areas. Colossal news! Wish they would all just boycott America and move to Cuba.

  • Buckeye conservative

    What will they boycott? Maybe they’ll not pick up their welfare checks or stay out of section 8 housing. I’ll bet they won’t boycott the liquor stores or corner drug dealer though.

  • Bill Payne

    Shaun King & BLM are nothing more than domestic terrorists & thugs. They do not respect anything even other people of color falls short to this group. They should be investigated by the IRS, FBI & Homeland Security. These agencies should come down on them hard for any type of violation. Mr. King should be the first to go.

  • Vaquero

    Go for it , you imbeciles . In four month Trump will be the president and this kind of behavior will not be tolerated any more .

  • Tim Wilkins

    Black people are there own worse enemy walking around with a chip on their shoulder.

  • Kent Powers

    How do you get on the list to be boycotted? We ‘d love to know we would never see or hear from any of these idiots forever, let’s not just do this for 43 days, let’s make it permanent.

  • B737-300

    Let’s move them all to North Korea and see how much their soily a**es matter.

  • B737-300

    Remember, they are only a small percentage of our population. This all may come back to bite them in the A** shortly. We, the people are sick of their bullsh*t.

  • ASA6668

    and these negros will never ever leave the liberal plantations—–may be the negros should boycott Chicago—-NL do not matter on Chicago’s liberal planation

  • Roger

    bring it on Jungle Bunnies.

  • Ginger

    This story is hilarious. They claim that they will punish these cities by not going there and boycotting them? New York, San Francisco, and North and South Dakota. First of all, I’m not sure if any blacks currently live in North and South Dakota, and second of all, I find it funny that these left leaning groups have protested and destroyed the most liberal cities already, and now they want to boycott them. Sounds good to me. After Trump gets in office, all of the sanctuary cities, including New York and San Francisco will lose much of their federal funding, so a boycott should further help them reduce their revenue. And, New York and San Francisco already have some of the largest homeless populations in the country. They also have dumbbell economies of the very rich and very poor with little middle class. So, I think all BLM folks should stay in those regions and make the elite, liberal left as miserable as possible. Sounds like a good plan.

  • ken becht

    I would love to have blm members come to my house…Please do! You won’t like what happens you worthless pieces of shit.

  • cheetah

    Hooray!!! Let’s party, folks!

  • ken becht

    I only wish they’d come to my neighborhood. Come to my house. I have Trump signs all over the yard and bumper stickers on all my vehicles. Please, Please come by. I have a few surprises waiting for you punk cowards. As Clint said…”Go ahead, make my day.”

  • Rich Kenny

    I think Oakland, CA would benefit from that offer/threat as well, (I used to live there!! Moved away some 17 years ago… best move I’ve ever made!) In my new home, the lack of daily gunfire was deafening.

  • Michael Gregory

    Let’s see maybe they could boycott all cities in the US and MOVE!

  • Gammi2Anna

    Should we be concerned that perhaps these BLM professional rioters have run out of their safe space security items? Last I heard they are being supplied ponies, puppies, play-dough and soft pillows to rest their poor frightened heads on while in their safe space. They are so vulnerable now, with all these mean old people who voted for Donald Trump and actually support our brave men and women who serve as police officers and in our military. OMG, some people even respect our American Flag and national Anthem! So much horror for their tiny brains to endure. What I find as horrific is that our political leaders choose to cower away, fearing the PC crowd of Media antagonist, rather than stand by our brave Hero’s that protect each and everyone of us, including the lowlife scum bags that wish to attack them. The BLM tools that respect no one, not even their own parents, are like a toe fungus that will just continue to cause more irritation and pain until a new ointment appears that will bring about a miraculous cure. I believe that cure will come after a small application of some ‘Trump Ointment’ followed up by covering the toe fungus with a wrap around bandage of American citizens who are sick and tired of allowing these idiots to come into our cities to throw their temper tantrums. Maybe we need to introduce the rioting trolls to a John Wayne quote, “Life is hard; it’d harder if you’re stupid”.

  • lmorgan138

    There is no way violence won’t be involved with theses cretins. Comrade DeBlasio will cave in New York. No sure about Le in San Francisco, but probably will cave as well.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Screw blm in the tailpipe. It’s past time to put them DOWN.

  • Rosech Levy

    Heck, we live not far from SF and stopped going there due to exponentially rising crimes from the city allowing invaders on our soil in, restaurants are no longer as good and more expensive, and it continues to degrade with filth, homeless, etc. If coming to CA, try out the Monterey Bay area, Moro Bay, and Pismo Beach area which we enjoy a lot. NY, who cares because when I have been there, I found them dumber than dirt and wondered how they even got to work. Actually found those from New Jersey more friendly and intelligent. Standing rock in winter ain’t gonna be nice, plus are they aware that the supposed natives do not even live there, that the pipeline is 90% completed and 92 feet BELOW the river bed, and is so modern that parts can be contained avoiding overall problems if any should occur, that there is fresh water a wee bit further down for anyone, and if really their “land”, why are they burning it up? No brains and if being paid, be sure and take lots of winter clothes and food and be prepared to be water sprayed in super cold weather and/or shot for invading OUR land. Since most of you won’t spend money in any of these areas, thank you for aiding and abetting their upcoming bankruptcy!

  • armydadtexas

    Promises, promises, the little SNOW FLAKES are melting down, like the feckless fools they really are. BLM is nothing but a bunch of RADICAL, LEFT WING, BLACK RACIST

  • R.Bartlett

    This just proves how totally ignorant and ridiculously stupid and pathetic this moron King is. What possible purpose would be served by a bunch of welfare thugs going onto the res. in N and S Dakota and protesting and shutting down…. what? The businesses that are all owned and run by the Native Americans? The schools or Council offices, all run and staffed by Native Americans? The Tribal police office… ALSO staffed and run by the Native Americans?
    We can only hope Pres Trump and AG Sessions will totally follow thru in their promise of law and order and treat these BLM thugs for EXACTLY what they are…. thugs, criminals, and terrorists, and proceed with prosecuting every single last one of their worthless asses for EVERY crime they commit… INCLUDING harrasment, racial hate crimes, inciting violence, illegal intimidation of innocent law abiding bypassers, and ESPECIALLY inciting violence and criminal behavior towards police officers and I hope legislation will be passed that would allow federal prosecution of anyone who’s hate speech results in someone else committing violent crimes, ie: prosecute those BLM instigators who were chanting “dead cops”… charging them with manslaughter when someone goes out and DOES kill a cop after hearing their hateful, criminal speak.

  • UR.carrion

    BLM is a bunch of racist. Please avoid my city too.