Border Expert Obsessed With Republican Tweet

Sometimes you can’t say it all in 240 characters. However, if you are border security expert Juliette Kayyem, even 6,000 might not be enough.

Kayyem is a national security expert and a former assistant secretary to the Department of Homeland Security. But she was apparently triggered by a tweet from Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw.

After seeing a dig that Kayyem had made on Twitter about President Trump’s border wall, Crenshaw replied that he could arrange for Kayyem to speak with a CBP agent to learn more about border security. 

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It appears that Crenshaw’s remark was viewed as throwing down the gauntlet by Kayyem as she proceeded to tweet her reply.

And tweet…and tweet…and tweet she did.

Kayyem turned an opportunity for discussion into a full blown lecture, surpassing Twitter’s 240 character limit not once or twice, but 25 times.

How disjointed does one person’s thoughts have to be to require a book report to explain them?

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