Establishment Goes to War to Halt Trump

Donald Trump’s first one hundred days in office have been clouded by an unprecedented obfuscation campaign by Democrats, some Republicans, the establishment news media and a coalition of outside agitators attempting to disrupt the billionaire’s presidential agenda, smear top administration officials, sow seeds of chaos, and delegitimize his already historic presidency.


Dems Take Photos on House Floor, ILLEGALLY

Several Democrats took pictures Tuesday on the House floor as the chamber held a quorum call to kick off the 115th Congress — a violation of House rules that Republicans want to start punishing with a fine of up to $2,500.

Roll Call spotted Democrats taking photos in an apparent protest to the proposed fine, which the House adopted later on Tuesday as part of a vote on a package of rules governing operations of the lower chamber. However, the photos were snapped during the brief period at the start of a new Congress when the House has no rules in effect so technically, the Democrats did nothing wrong.

A few Republicans, like Oregon Rep. Greg Walden, were also seen taking advantage of the brief rules lapse and capturing photos of the opening-day floor proceedings.

Since lawmakers had not yet adopted the new package, members could not be fined for their actions.

Taking photos or recording video on the House floor has been a longstanding violation of House rules, but the fine is something new that Republicans are proposing this year as a delayed reaction to the Democrats’ June sit-in on the House floor to protest inaction on gun violence. During the sit-in, Democrats used their cell phones to record video of their speeches and chants, and took photos of themselves and their colleagues after Republicans turned off the C-SPAN cameras that provide live access to the floor.


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BLM Threatens to ‘Boycott’ These Three Citites

A Black Lives Matter leader and New York Daily News columnist is threatening to hit three cities with a boycott by more than 200,000 supporters if his demands about police brutality aren’t met. Shaun King is a notorious leader of the anti-cop movement, and he’s looking to improve his profile with what he hopes is a massive demonstration of their power.

In an official announcement on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, King said that the project, which he has dubbed Injustice Boycott, will aim to force the progressive cities to meet local activists’ demands regarding police brutality.

And if those demands are not met within 43 days — by Martin Luther King Jr. Day — King says that he will activate Injustice Boycott supporters — more than 200,000 people, according to his estimate — to level a four-prong attack on commerce and government.
The three cities are New York City, San Francisco, and Standing Rock Indian Reservation, located in North and South Dakota.


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