Chinese companies now investing in manufacturing plants

The global trade winds are blowing in America’s direction again.

Chinese companies are investing in manufacturing plants and expanding operations in the U.S, the Wall Street Journal reports. “Job-creating investment from China is booming,” WSJ columnist Andrew Browne notes.

Several factors are driving the trend. One is a closing wage gap, particularly for skilled workers. Another: industrial land in the U.S. can be cheaper than in the coastal cities of China from which manufacturers can easily ship their product. Lower U.S. energy costs are also playing a role, Browne writes.

The biggest factor, according to Browne, is advanced manufacturing technology–which could curb some of the job-creating power of China’s investments in the U.S. Browne calls Trump’s promise to bring about a manufacturing jobs renaissance “pure fantasy.”

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  • Oldtymepatriot

    Red China has been investing in U.S. companies and real estate for years. They have secured visas for management level staff as well as personnel to staff their operations in numerous “free trade” zones within the U.S. where products were assembled duty free before “free trade” agreements mostly made those sites unnecessary.

    We don’t need Red Chinese ownership of our industrial economy any more than we do their domination of our retail products importation supply. We need AMERICAN ownership. America won’t be great again until we own our own destiny again.

    • Harold Sammons

      Give up control of all business and you lose control of the country!

  • Harold Sammons

    This sounds like history repeating itself; a few years ago the politician’s wanted to turn over complete control and authority of all freight to foreign countries; that would gave all control of shipping in and out of the united States to a foreign power: sounds stupid to me; but, I’m not a politician!

  • playsoftball

    The Chinese already own quite a bit of properties in the US as it is. They have the money….we don’t.

    • ps2os2

      They also own a LOT of TBILLS. The US government is paying interest to the Chinese for the use of their money. This old news, The Chinese have been buying tbills for *YEARS*.

  • Allen Shaw

    Why do people call China Red when they continue to advance their business model.

    How can citizens of the US invest in other nations if we are going to close our borders.

    if China invest in the US and US citizens get JOBS is that a bad thing?

    Globalization is a two way street, USA participates in other nations and other nations participate in the USA.