Clinton Cared More About Bathrooms Than Jobs

We’ve discussed this many times about how the liberal elite’s agenda for the Democratic Party is not compatible with the working class, which used to be a reliable voting bloc. There were many issues that Clinton flubbed with these voters who torpedoed Democrats’ dreams of keeping the White House and retaking Congress. Besides outright neglect, many Trump supporters in these regions voted for the president-elect because they thought the Democratic Party cared more about bathroom bills than jobs bills, according to James Hohmann of The Washington Post. He also added that, like Bill Clinton, the Hillary campaign got warnings from other Democrats that their messaging could cost them the election.

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Back in May, the longtime chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party sent a private memo to leaders in Hillary Clinton’s campaign warning that she was in grave danger of losing not just Ohio but also Pennsylvania and Michigan unless she quickly re-tooled her message on trade. His advice went unheeded.

“I don’t have to make the case that blue collar voters are, to put it mildly, less than enthusiastic about HRC’s positions on trade and the economy,” David Betras wrote in his 1,300 word missive, citing her struggles in recent primaries.


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