CNN Calls Rape Accusations Just “Politics”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto simply called the accusations of sexual misconduct against  Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh as “politics.”

 “To be honest with you, I think Judge Kavanaugh reacted exactly the way most Americans would react to being smeared,” Jennings said. “If somebody said the things about me that they said about him, I think I would have asked somebody to step outside.”

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Sciutto stated, “I gotta challenge that, Scott. Let me challenge that because it’s become a talking point. Here’s the difference, Scott. This is a person … being considered for a lifetime position. The fact is, this is Washington. This is politics. Political candidates have been accused of horrible things for years, and it becomes – how do you respond to that?”

“Gang rape?” questioned Jennings, as he was referring to Julie Swetnick.

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