CNN Claiming Trump Team Working To Destroy Mueller

Fake news CNN has just made another illogical and ridiculous claim. CNN states that President Trump and “his allies” are going after Robert Mueller for attempting to investigate alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, which apparantly leaves the Special Counsel feeling “increasingly isolated and alone.”

Julian Zelizer of CNN writes:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has come under fierce political attack. President Donald Trump and his allies are systematically attempting to destroy the legitimacy of the investigation in the eyes of the public. And without a strong congressional investigative counterpart, Mueller finds himself increasingly isolated and alone.

While the White House issued a recent statement that it has no intention of firing Mueller, that is almost beside the point. In what should now be considered the classic Trumpian playbook, the President has moved aggressively to raise doubts about the credibility of his opponent. Ironically, he and his allies are attempting to crush an investigation into whether his campaign colluded with the Russians by insinuating that the Hillary Clinton campaign may, in fact, be at fault for such behavior.

The President’s attacks should not be taken lightly. As Brian Stelter has argued on CNN, Trump and the conservative media have perfected echo chamber politics, whereby the multiple charges about the investigation — that FBI agents were out to systematically bring down this presidency, that the agency is damaged by rampant conflict of interest problems, that Mueller is illegally obtaining information about the transition — have moved to the forefront of the national conversation regardless of the veracity or relevance of any of these claims.

Peter Carr, a Mueller spokesman, made a statement soon after the allegation emerged: “When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process.”

  • Dandy

    Wish it were true. They need to be destroyed right along with the fake media

    • George Gerster

      The overpaid fake media bastards are destroying there own country out of nothing more than greed every one of the MSM so called journalists are pompous, arrogant and egotistic and lazy!!!!

      • Ron C

        And they are fully indoctrinated to destroy a free sovereign nation!

  • Truth-Seeker!

    Mueller is destroying himself in this PHONY Russia Trump “collusion” investigation! Leave Mueller to his own self-destruction!!

    • Concerned

      Absolutely correct. Why would Trump even discuss destroying Mueller when he is doing it himself with a hugely biased team and absolutely no proof of collusion. If congress can do their job, this Mueller boondoggle should end in 1Q2018.

    • mark

      Beat me to it! Mueller is dirty!

    • coolman11

      Hypocrites. They’re accusing Trump of the same thing they’re doing to Trump, trying to destroy him, stop wasting time and go after the real crooks there’s actually evidence on Hillary.

  • doctorbob

    Mueller NEEDS to be destroyed, His history of corruption under OVomit is coming out now, and Mueller is as corrupt as week-old road kill. He has no business in law enforcement, except to be the subject of prison guards! Certainly he doesn’t deserve to shine Trump’s shoes!

    • Aline

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your comment!!

  • flashy0ne

    They certainly don’t have to try very hard — he does it all by HIMSELF :^) Ah well, when you are just looking for ANYTHING, it gets confusing. He gave up on Russia long ago (but what the hey, he’s having fun spending your ‘taxpayer’ money).

    • Aline

      absolutely right! But for not too much longer!!

  • KLW9008

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Would you expect ANYTHING else from cnn?!!!!!! Why are they STILL in business?!!!!!

    • Aline

      beats me!

    • Robert Kahlcke

      Because only operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization watch the supermarket rag.

  • thomas robinson

    SO, the “Clinton News Network” has spoken again ? wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for other REPUTABLE news networks mentioning it, for I don’t , nor never have, listened to the propaganda they spew

    • Ron C

      CNN has been selling bullcrap about Trump for two years now…

  • Ron C

    My biggest question about the CNN report, is are they selling fake news again…Just saying how many times does Trump & Whitehouse personnel have to say they are cooperating with the Mueller investigation..???
    It’s NOT Trump’s fault if Mueller investigation team is filled with Hillary hacks…Mueller picked them…right?
    And just because Mueller doesn’t know how to get subpoenas, certainly isn’t Trumps fault…right?

  • Aline

    Mueller has been trying to destroy Trump from day1! This idiot ( mueller ) has already spent close to 7 million of our money on this wild goose chase! And now, even when Trump said that he wasn’t going to fire him, the idiot is destroying himself!! EVERYTHING the demoCRAPIC party throws at Trump, will and IS backfiring with a boomerang effect, to hit them right in face! These morons have it coming! It’s actually comical, they don’t even see it!

  • pogeybait

    This concept of suppression is taking it’s toll on these poor folks; pretty soon they will begin to develop amnesia and déjà vu at the same time.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    How dare the President to fight back against the corruption and deception of the Mueller
    witch hunters. Mueller is part of the vast left wing conspiracy to remove him from office.
    Collusion is being uncovered, and it leads straight to Obama and his corrupt political machine.
    I hope Mueller keeps digging away and uncovers the real colluders of Obama and Clinton with
    their evil FBI/DOJ etc. Ultimately Soros and his minions are heading it all. Take them all out!!!

    • Seth

      all the corrupt people trying to destroy America including ANTIFA need to be sent to the FEMA death camps !!!

  • Hey CNN, It`s the other way around, you jerk offs!! All Trump is doing is giving him enough rope to hang himself .

  • Brabado

    CNN and the Fake News Media Sisterhood will invent any story to continue to lie and misinformed America on behalf of the Corrupt Liberal Democrat Nation and America is well aware of their tactics… No honesty!

    The fact remains that SP Mueller and his Army of Liberal Democrat Attorneys have found NOTHING in their Vendetta against President Trump, and a DEAD LINE must be placed ASAP on SP Mueller’s Circus!


    Semper fi

  • mthammer

    More Bullshit and fake news from CNN , The Communist News Network also known as the Clinton News network . How these people get up every morning knowing that their writers and Directors , will put everything they are called to say on the air everyday .
    Even though they constantly make errors , tell lies after lies about the Trump Administration , then have to back down and rescind what they say. Then you have there representative at the White House Press Core Jim Acosta , who is a total joke constantly berates Sara the Press Secretary accusing her of not answering his stupid questions , he is the one that started CNN classifying it as Fake News , spreading lies and using that “OUR SOURCES ” tell us this and that , then when they are asked did you follow up to make sure what you are assuming is that your Sources are correct . They never have an answer , but constantly interrupt the Press Conference , when sara has to tell him to sit down and shut up. If I was Head of Communications at the White House I would pull his credentials , never allowing him to participate in any more WHITE HOUSE PRESS CONFERENCES , that means also not accompany the President on Air Force One . that would stop his Unprofessionalism as a news reporter .

  • Arthur Garverick

    Mueller is self-destructing using poisonous fruit and a tainted hiring team members in this PHONY Russia Trump “collusion” investigation! Mueller is no friend of the American People (the forgotten men and women of the USA.)

  • jon

    oh wow the pot calling the kettle black muller and his band of sick anti trump pro comey demorats have been proven to collude and even pay fusion gps for the fake files then took the knowingly fake file to the fiza court to get a warrant. under the false lie that was a made up worthless bunch of lies to try and change the results if the election did not go their way!!!

  • Bruce Kellar

    Poor Robby all alone and isolated from intelligent persons who maintain a semblance of sanity. It is so bad for him he is looking like one of them sniffing liberal underwear. Good thing he is an old man. Hopefully he won’t have to endure his existence much longer.

  • Todd

    “President Donald Trump and his allies are systematically attempting to destroy the legitimacy of the investigation in the eyes of the public.”
    WTF, Trump hasn’t done anything Mueller and his liberal thugs are the ones destroying any “legitimacy” to this phony witch hunt. Bring any FACTS or EVIDENCE to the table NOW, show congress what you have to date on Trump. If you can’t and ALL of the facts support the only collusion is on Muellers team hold them all accountable for treason against a sitting president and the American people.

    • Robert Kahlcke

      You reap what you sow.

  • John Redman

    Peter Carr is lying to the point of criminal conduct. Ten years in the gray-bar hotel should do.

    • Seth

      yes transfer him from the GAY bar hotel to the GREY BAR hotel!

      • John Redman

        If I Had My Way (line from old protest song – “they would tear this building down”,PPM) all control freaks would self line up and march past the edge of El Capitan, mythical Lemming-like. Anyone that wants to rule me, I want them dead. “You can’t even run your own life, I’ll be damned if you’ll run mine” Jonathon Edwards – Sunshine, my mantra.

    • mark
  • Joe Williams

    Hmm, so the most Corrupt News Nobodies found another utter B.S., that deserves the Kite Mark (look it up and have a giggle about an unfortunate acronym). Nobody needs to bother to destroy Mueller, he does a remarkably perfect job at this himself without even realizing it.
    Of course his self-blinkered attitudes make him overlook the real perpetrators of serious Russian collusion, who repeatedly lied to Congress, the Senate and even the FBI by accusing Donald Trump of misdoings. There were real traitors in the previous administration, who changed the staffing of the FBI and the CIA in their favor with hand-picked sympathizers. This resulted in the dropping of all charges against the real traitors of this nation even before any investigation had started. This is the real scandal here. The only reason CNN is still in business is the gullibility of the brain-washed and work-shy neo-nazis masquerading as “progressives”. This commands money from those, who are working hard on the destruction of the Constitution and the USA in favor of the globalist New World Order. As there are riches to be found in this new version of enslavement, much money is also invested in this political scam.

  • gideonrockwell

    Mueller is the one doing harm to himself. He began by hiring the most rabid, vile partisan libertards in the government and politics. After almost a year there is no there, there and his attack dogs have only managed to ruin a couple of good men’s lives and apparently bagged on Democrat mole in a lie. They are wasting tax payer money on a wild goose chase and need to be shut down. If they want to find collusion with the Russians and election interfering they should look among themselves.

  • Jorge Rivas

    Clinton’s fake Trump investigation has gone south & Trump knows it. He knows that they are dumb enough to hang themselves. Trump doesn’t need a team. LOL.

  • Greg Dennis

    CNN claims lots of things, doesn’t mean there’s a lick of truth to it.
    Hell, they even claim to be a legitimate news agency…I can’t stop laughing.

  • James W. Porter

    CNN Where is the New, All I hear is insults and smears , lies and hate. No substance . I though CNN was a News Media. All I see is Liberal Fascist Democratic platform the launch Fascist propaganda, Hate and Violence. Feeding the fire of Diversity and Racism. Just like the U.S.S.R. Liberal Fascist Democrats will crumble under it’s own Lies and Hate.

    • Seth

      you got that right james thats why its now called the Clinton News Network

  • Rick W

    CNN apparently failed to keep up with anything that is going on with this case , what a pathetic group of twits. They will hide the truth and hide from the truth as long as they can get away with it, there plug should should pulled.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Mueller has a conflict of interest which he acknowledge when he ask and received a Conflict of Interest Waiver. This says it all.

  • El

    Time ton turn the trick

  • JC

    i sure hope that’s what they are doing—he needs to be destroyed—he needs to be charged with the crimes he committed for Uranium One

  • randolph.poole

    Referring to the “Encyclopedia of Non-PC Terms.” Under “Slimy Turd,” CNN referred to frequently, only surpassed by Hillary Clinton!

  • William McNamara

    We don’t need to use fake evidence and false charges to “go after” Mueller. The truth is doing that all on it’s own, thank you very much. As time goes on, more and more evidence of a democrat conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected, sitting President of the United States comes to light. That, my friends is treason. The only crimes committed here are by democrats using false evidence to disrupt and, eventually, end the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. The crimes of sedition and treason are shining brightly in the morning sun for all to see. God bless America, God bless Donald Trump. MAGA

  • Arnold Young

    Who would believe this bias bunch of lawyers? not me!

  • Barbara DuVall

    Why aren’t we investigating the Clinton Foundation and the rest of them? why are we WASTING time with all of this? Look how much time has been wasted looking for something that just isn’t there to be found. Now with the “foundation” that would be like opening Pandora’s box! And watch the you know what fly then!

  • John Toth

    Its all right if Mueller is out to destroy The president any way he can. Stop him now.

  • Kenny Albert

    And what is Mueller’s objective? To destroy Trump.