CNN Defends MS-13 Gang

Network political commentator Ana Navarro was highly offended by President Donald Trump’s “animals” comment regarding MS-13 gang members.

Navarro stated, “I’m a lot more concerned when he doers things like calls immigrants animals. When we start dehumanizing people. He says he was talking about MS-13 the White House, says he was talking about MS-13.”

“Not good enough from a president who has called countries in Central America like Haiti shit holes. Not good enough from a president talked about Haitians having AIDS. Not good enough from a president who said people in Africa live in huts and why would they come here. That’s why he doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. And not good enough when you see the level of division we are seeing out there in America.”

  • Grant1959

    Ana Navarro , is a typical leftist tool, a useful idiot.l The best learning experience for her would be to drop her off in the downtown areas of one or more of these countries and let her enjoy a day on her own without a company of armed body guards, she’d be calling so fast for someone to “come get me out of this sh-thole” so fast it would make your head spin. You see my friends , these people have bought into a falsehood, a big lie, and that is that all societies and all civilizations, all cultures, all religions and even that some believe all governments are equal, or equivalent and the truth is that they are not. Not by a long shot.

    • Aline

      You’re so nice to say it that way! I am SO SICK of this! She is NOTHING but a stupid, retarded, hypocritical demo/ libTURD bitch! And people like her deserve to rot in jail! Let this ignorant piece of garbage, spend the moron spend a week with MS 13, or BRING THEM TO HER!

  • Onofrio Bacigalupo

    Ana Navarro es ignorante. Por que no tiene MS 13 como vewcinos?

  • NeoracerX

    Standard liberal bulshit.

  • Ron C

    Ana should take in the MS-13 gang banger’s into her home…just saying, she could be an inspiration to all conservatives…right?

    • crustyone

      My thoughts exactly.

    • mrp15

      Ana Navarro shuold quit peddling fake news. President Trump clearly identified the “animals” as MS13 and rightly so. As a matter of fact he did injustice to animals because MS 13 is beyond animal, beyond savage when you hear about the torture they inflict on their innocent victims. Beat them to a pulp, behead them and remove organs. By defending this Ana shows her true colors.

      • rick meek

        Navarro is FAKE NEWS….

  • Freedom

    Please point out any of those quotes attributed to President Trump that isn’t accurate?

    • doc suske

      The MSM misquotes him & calls him inaccurate- what hypocrites!

  • rodger

    The President said the countries were “shit holes” and they are, the “MS13 gang members are animals”, and the division we are seeing is caused by the liberal idiots that continue to disrespect the President of the United States. The liberal leftist continue to call the president, Donald Trump and don’t even have the decency to call him Mr. President as they should.

    • crustyone

      They are lower life forms than animals.

      • George Reed

        You got that right calling the animals is an insult to animals.

    • Robert

      Well said, Rodger. And accurate. “Liberalism” is what has caused this present disgusting face of America.

    • rick meek

      Well – one thing’s for sure —– they come here to get the benefits – send money home and propagate even more mouths for tax[payers to feed….

  • Jim Wolf

    OUR President Trump just speaks the facts.. He has been right in every call thus far..

    • doc suske

      I heard a recently arrested shooter’s name WAS “Animal”!?
      Trump is right again!

  • Frank Roselli

    CNN should that mean, Can Not Notice, right from wrong, crime vs work,—-

    • Aron Adler

      Their fakeness is apalling…According to their “facts” 11 school shootings occured this year like Parkland, and 10% OF SCHOOL SHOOTINGS ARE DONE BY POLICE. Thats because they consider a police officer accidentally shooting his leg as a school shooting like Parkland. A girl hit by a bb in a park was one also. They also consider 18-21 year olds as children in school. Several of their “examples” were college kids at off campus parties. Thats a school shooting?? It demeans and trivializes the true tragedies of REAL school shootings that average 1 every 9 years though that drops to 6 years with a second in Texas. Still a nation of 350 million where 1650 school age kids are killed by their own parents EVERY year and 1 sicko out of 350 million attacks 1 school out of 150,000 schools every 9 years
      CNN LISTS POLICE AS SHOOTER IN 10% OF SCHOOL SHOOTINGS–Thats the problem with lies and fake news, they never make sense when you read more than just the headline
      A gang whos members have killed and maimed 100s of innocent young people just to get accepted are animals. Read the details of just one. Girls begging for their lives while they bashed their heads in and took pics as proof. Those, and many others are here illegally with one purpose…commit crime.

  • crustyone

    Such a comment was offensive to animals.

  • nokabosh

    They are worse than animals.

  • Miguel Stroe

    This ‘liberal’turd has no idea what she is talking about except that she needs to criticise President Trump from her FAKE news tower. These insensitive monsters kill and rob people without any regard for any human dignity. They pray on other migrants on their way North from Central America raping and stealing, etc. The MS 13 are poor excuses for human beings.

  • Hey Ana, why don’t you take a little news gathering trip to MS-13 neighborhood’s and get some first hand knowledge about these so “FINE EXAMPLES” of your gang banger frat boys!!
    Two bits says you get the living shit beat out of you and your camera crew after they rape you about 2 hundred times–and your camera crew maybe!!
    That is if they don’t just off you and your crew for trespassing into their territory!!

    • Charles Lagioia


  • RJ5208

    Ana is a intentionally ignorant moron.

    • scooter

      Anna, you should read these posts, The American people speak.

  • gerg6z

    CNN is no longer an unbiased repoter, i call them traitorous. Can not get over election..

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    I’m highly offended by MS-13 and Ana Navarro’s attempt to defend them. These gang members
    should be killed on sight before they rape, torture, and murder another human being. These thugs
    are scum and have no resemblance to a human being. MS-13 has dehumanized their victims and
    Ana thinks that is okay? Our President has never been politically correct. His statements ring true,
    and that upsets the Dims. Demonrats have never been able to face reality.Liberals are nutty. They
    offer nothing, stand for nothing, and should be voted out. They are obstructionists, who cause the
    majority of our nation’s problems. They are good for NOTHING!!! As MS-13 has declared their evil
    intentions, then it should be open season for the law-abiding citizens who are armed. They are an
    invading army.

    • scooter

      hey, dont forget they want to take your firearms away so this gang nose your defenseless.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        While our militias and hunters are still armed, we need to fight for what we have.

        • Rosemarie Pennucci

          OH YEAH !!!

    • james Conner

      Democrats only care about getting a extra vote, do not think they actually care about you. Yeap, take the taxpayers dollar and give it out to keep them in office so they can stay in the swamp of pure corruption. Lyndon Baines Johnson laughed at the Blacks, and said I will have those N___’s voting Democrat for the next 200 years for I have bought their vote and enslaved them again. People Clearly forget it was the Democrat Party that created “Dehumanization” (KKK) of others, just to control them. CNN is control by the Democrat Leftist. You are totally RIGHT Susan.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Everything you have said is true. It is all about money and power.
        I was watching a documentary on RFK for President.
        It told all about Johnson and his policies, and that quote was in it.

  • Frank Roza

    President Trump shoots from the hip,and makes no bones about how he feels.Not worried about political fallout,because he’s not a career politician.When he knows things are going the wrong way,he says so!Wish we had more people like him to speak their mind instead of them worrying about their job and the next election!

    • Brian Hogan

      The problem with most of our politicians is that they are more interested in photo-ops then in doing the job we hired them to do.

  • Al Griffiths

    This person doesn’t belong in this job! Yes MS-13 are animals and other people who cannot conform to civility are animals too!!!!Yes, there are shitholes. I can name probably 4 or 6 areas that I had the chance of visiting during my 30 year career in the military. This ladies to thin skinned to maintain the job she has fell into!!!!!!!!!Go Home!!!!!!!!!!

  • yellowjacket2

    Ana Navarro, CNN and the entire mainstream liberal news media are stark examples of the befuddled mindset of progressive liberals. Keep this in mind come November when you’re asked to vote for the men and women who will set the course for America. Do you really want to give your vote to a progressive liberal democrat? Do you really want to vote for a party that wants to throw open our boarders just so they can flood our nation with future illegal voters that will make America a totalitarian one party (democrat) socialist democracy? Do you really want our House and Senate to be led by someone like Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters who claim that known violent MS13 gang members are just God’s children. Do you want to see the Whitehouse occupied by another Obama or Clinton? Wake up America! The Democrat party has become the American Communist Party and they are extremely dangerous to you and your families!

  • Bishop351

    Another idiot….I’m sure we will all lose sleep over Ana’s issues. What an absolute jackass.

  • Larry Parks Sr.

    Maybe she is involved with a MS-13 gang member that is why she is offended.

  • Aline

    Forgot to leave those wishes….GO BURN IN HELL…ALL OF YOU!

  • Joseph Morgan

    One ignorant, stupid liberal B++CH. Let her pay for the damage that they cause, out of her money grubbing pocketbook!

  • randy


  • Meg

    She is one of the reasons CNN does not have any viewers. She doesn’t appear to be too bright.

  • Dr_Zinj

    Ann Navarro is an ivory tower elitist who has no idea about what the real world is like. Heaven forbid she should ever put herself in harms way for a story like Jim Foley did.

  • cathylovesyou

    CNN = Communist hurting America no other reason. Same as those for sanctuary cities Communist.

  • justdave

    The problem is the PC sickness that has taken over the country. Progressives are ready to shout you down for calling a spade a spade. If those countries were not shitholes, then why would people risk their lives to leave? If the MS13 animals were such a benefit to society, then no one would even mention them.

  • Daniel Rhoads

    After listening to her, I suddenly realized what the letters CNN stand for today!!CNN-CERTIFIED NUTS NEWS!!!!! That says it it all!!!!!!….

  • William

    I think that MS Ana Navarro knows, exactly what President Trump was talking about. I also think that she is trying to twist Trump’s words to make it look like Trump Hates ALL IMMIGRANTS! Which would mean that Navarro is following the democrat mantra of Lie, Lie, Lie! Deny the Truth; Deny, Deny, Deny.

  • Randy131

    Who do you think that MS-13 gangs victimize the most?

    Is it the children and women of liberals, progressives, and Democrats, who insist on banning guns, and thereby are never armed, or the children and women of conservatives, Christians, and Republicans, who are proponents of the 2nd Amendment and hold their families close together and protecting them with their guns?

    Then decide who the real viewers of CNN are, liberals, progressives, and Democrats, or conservatives, Christians, and Republicans?

    Then think who surely disbelieves these lies the most that CNN reports about MS-13? The general public, or the victims and families of those that MS-13 victimizes the most?

    Do you think that the viewing audience of CNN is going to decline, because the victims of the MS-13 gang members know the truth about MS-13, and will not accept CNN’s lies about them for very personal reasons, being victims of MS-13 animal like horrible violence on their persons, and that of those in their families.

  • KLW9008

    Wow – the dimmocrat party has certainly changed!!! Who in their right mind can support this?!!!

  • Dane A Wyrick

    Why is the left sooooo offended by the truth? MS 13 are Animals,
    Haiti is a shit hole, many many people in Haiti do have Aids. Many people in Africa do live in huts and the level of division is not on trumps plate but rather the lefts who have nothing better to do than be offended by the truth.
    It’s really quite pathetic

    • james Conner

      Hati, The Clinton Foundation collected Hundreds of Millions to help Hati, yet not much happened to help Hati from the Clinton Foundation, money stayed in their pockets! PEPFAR services created by President Bush was for AIDS in Third World Countries. But the Clintons took credit for it with their Phony Mafia Foundation, which actually was a slush fund for their retirement. CNN has stated the Clinton Foundation was the best Charity ever created! Liberals has turned Hati into a shit hole.

  • Daniel Rhoads

    By the way, you know why I do not like lliberals!! They try and take away our guns, destroy our American values and military, but if they or their families are threatened by “radical Islam terrorists or ISIS, they demand that we, the average Americans, go to fight and even die to save their lives because they do not have the guts and courage to do it themselves because they are cowards”!! Do you ever stop to think that we may not be there to “save your asses one day liberals, and you will be up the creek without a paddle dead as a result!! Food for thought!!!………

  • Andre Deglas

    Navarro would talk a different tune if she or someone in her family would be attacked by members of the MS-13. POTUS is right when he calls that vermin: Animals. They are worse than most animals.

  • Ronald Hagler

    I have a novel idea Ana. Will you drop your celebrity status, don ordinary clothing, get a low income job, move to a street frequented by MS-13 members and live the life of a struggling young female trying to survive on minimum wages in that neighborhood? After a month of living (incognito) among them, tell us how you feel about this gang of “Eagle” scouts patrolling that community.

  • MS-13 are really angels in disguise. Perhaps the people at Ana and her colleagues at CNN should go live in MS-13 neighborhoods. In the most basic terminology possible, they are not just “animals”, they are uneducated savages who murder, rape, steal, vandalize, and offer no redeeming qualities. They are vermin which need to be run out of the country, or better yet, just shot on sight!

  • John Arribas


  • RJ5208

    Unfortunately some on the left are maligned by the truly stupid like Ana.
    Obviously anyone who defends MS-13 is missing the gene that gave them an opposing thumb.

    I can’t imagine many in the democratic party would really not think of this group as anything but evil life forms. MS-13 lives don’t matter and should be treated like infectious vermin.

  • SgtOIF

    The only problem I have with Trump calling MS-13 “animals” is that it was an insult to the animals.

  • Terry Butts

    First ILLEGALLY ENTERING A NATION DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN immigrant it makes you a criminal who violated the laws of that nation.

    Second he did not call all illegals animals he was SPECIFICALLY asked about members of a SPECIFIC criminal gang whose recorded crimes would make anyone call them animals (regardless of their citizenship) though some of the crimes they have committed it is actually insulting animals to call them animals.

  • doc suske

    I heard a recently arrested shooter’s name WAS “Animal”!?
    Trump is right again! KAG in 2020

  • Bud William

    Ana, you are a “Loon” and stupid to boot. Maybe you should go back to school and learn to listen before you write.

  • Ernest

    Well Now, Misses Navarro is the Icon of why NOT to vote Democrat.

    Very Low IQ.

  • rottenrollin

    What an animal Shthead Ana Navarro is.

    Dimmercrats……A N Y T H I N G
    for a vote.

    See you in November, you LOSERS.

  • rick meek

    Good for CNN —- Now you can house them – feed them – be their next victims – etc…..

  • rottenrollin

    Is it true that CNN now has fewer viewers than the cooking channel?

  • Don Cantrell

    Ana needs to sleep with ms13 members,might open her eyes to reality.

  • Clayton

    what part of what was said is not the truth, and if this ass think MS-13 is so good then go live with them.

  • Eric Guerrero

    Ana if one of your children had a run in with MS 13 I’m almost positive you would have an even lower opinion of this gang. These gang members are the lowest of scum you could possibly imagine. Let’s just say rape, carving the heart out of living people, and taking there organs out of people who are still alive. I’m sure if it was one of your family members, you wouldn’t be so polite to just call them animals. Stop for one second and think about that.

  • jackel

    No fake news, just plain out lying on CNN’s part. Defending murders in our America makes one wonder where you are coming from; NO WHERE GOOD. CNN would have praised our former president!!!!,

  • Albedamned!

    Another moron, proven each time the lips flutter!

  • JoAnn Graham

    Obama and them on record for saying same thing….during his administration.Said a lot of things about other countried and people..

  • Ronald R. Hajny

    Make America A Shithole…Vote Democrat…

  • james Conner

    Obama called other Countries shit hole and that was A OK by CNN Hmm If a Democrat says it thats totally A OK (President Obama called Libya a “Shit Show” and the media ignored the vulgarity.) Yes, MS 13 makes its living by dehumanizing others, by killing, beating and robbing! Plus drug running! Yet, CNN loves them, just like when CNN made out North Korea was the greatist Country on Earth for human rights! Why doesn’t Ana join the gang since they are so above us and entitled to jumping the border or move some of the gang member in with her. Even, Micheal Moore the slime ball never moved a Muslim into his home like he said he would, why isn’t he cleabrating Ramadan! Could one imagine what President Jerry Brown would rename our Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “”””The United Democratic Country of Sodom and Gomorrah”””” and ANA & CNN would rejoice……………..

  • BatGuanna

    Well now we are aware of the decline of this country, Unisex bathrooms, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts going down the tubes Now the left liberal gay rights want to rename Mothers day, it will not be good. Father Day will be next; for the amount of un-wed mother today it could be sperm donor day!

  • BatGuanna

    A few day or just a night and she would know the meaning of animals, if she survived. So many people today are so disconnected with life; they may have a high IQ, and may not depend on spell check, but they have no common sense or knowledge of what the real world revolves around, and if Starbucks shut down how would they get their fancy coffee?