CNN Pushes To Ban These Words

We all know President Trump hates CNN:

.@FoxNews is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!

Mutually, since the election, CNN has whined non-stop about President Trump constantly criticizing the network and accusing Trump of taking the freedom of the First Amendment too far.

They are even so desperate as to request the ban of the term ‘fake news.’

This is what they had to say:

When we use the term “fake news” it is not only self-defeating, it oversimplifies a very complex problem.

A year ago, this wasn’t the case. The term actually meant something. It described a particular type of website that used the same design templates as professional news websites but its contents were entirely fabricated.

But earlier this year, the term started to become meaningless. It became used to describe any piece of information that someone else didn’t like. Increasingly the term has become weaponized by politicians who use it to undermine independent journalism in an effort to reach the public directly through their own channels.


  • Dualsportgp

    We can just call it CNN news. That speaks volumes on it’s own

    • Sammi De La Cruz


  • Dualsportgp

    Then they can ban themselves

  • Statesman Patriot

    No more Fake News
    Just call them “Commie News Network!”

    • ARJAY

      Or clit-on “News” network
      Communist “news” network

      With “NEWS” always in quotations

    • Maggiemae

      EXACTLY what I’ve been calling them for a couple of years now….the COMMIE NEWS NETWORK. Sure does fit them….to a T.

    • Gloria D.

      That’s for sure!!!

  • disqus_PoGGbWryAD

    The solution is really very simple. All any new media needs to do is to stop injecting their opinions. Simply report the facts and not what you think you know. Stop asking stupid questions in your reports such as, ‘could it be’ or ‘tell us what you think.’ Opening the door for opinions is what is getting entities like CNN in trouble.

    • attli

      I have a box of crayons and can draw my own conclusions. I like that ability. I now watch OANN because they may lean right, but they present the news “as is” with a minimum of Interjected opinion. More than any other media outlet, they are most like what the news used to be. We were rarely subjected to the opinions of Huntley, Brinkley, or Cronkite, and that was news as it should be.

  • Roger12266

    The term “fake news” is applied any time a “news” organization editorializes without notifying the viewer that it is an OPINION, not news.
    It should be MANDATORY that ALL media outlets notify, at the beginning of a piece, if it is NEWS or an opinion piece such as we see to be the norm for many of the MSN outlets.
    There should be monetary and incarceration penalties for not so stating and attempting to lead the viewers to believe something that is either patently false or someone’s opinion.

    • Buckeye conservative

      It’s not only the editorializing but the spinning of facts, leaving out facts that explain why something happened, making it appear to be something totally different to the casual reader. Once the picture is painted it sticks.

      • ARJAY

        When I was still taking the detroit free press (this was more that a decade ago) I read an article (maybe 35 years ago) that was two columns wide and maybe 3″-4″ long. I read the “same” article in the local paper that was “edited to about 3 paragraphs. The local paper had edited to the point that it lead to the complete OPPOSITE conclusion!! Both papers are liberal democRAT papers. I read neither of them now.

    • ARJAY

      Most “news” articles these days are OPINION pieces NOT News!

    • Maggiemae

      So… do we get that ball rolling. WOULD love to see that be mandatory!!!!! Love the ‘monetary and incarceration penalties’.

      • sunshipballoons

        First step: changing the first amendment.

    • sunshipballoons

      Fox would need that disclaimer at the bottom of its screen about 90% of the time. MSNBC would need it about 85% of the time.

  • bj veteran

    It was noted in this article that CNN has said that the President is taking the freedom of the First amendment too far. That also sounds like an opinion. Exactly what is taking the freedom of the First amendment too far? I have not heard CNN explaining what too far is. I think they may be thinking that they have the freedom to say anything that they feel led to say while the President must be quite and take what they say, when he might feel that what they said is not true. How many American citizens are going to take what is said about them without responding? I think we should all be concerned about our right to free speech and exactly how it should be used, because, we all must hold our self accountable, for what we say. When the last President was condemning Fox news, I did not hear CNN defending Fox’s rights of free speech. Remember, we all have a right to free speech and also a right not to listen!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Everyone already knows that CNN is fake.
    I think they should go dark and never be heard from again.
    Nothing but lies, taking things out of context, distortions, leftist propaganda.
    The network is hopeless and needs to end,

  • Bob

    cnn is the same as FNN (FAKE NEWS NETWORK). Of course they are not any worse then the other networks.

  • wlennon
  • Randy131

    CNN’s own definition for “Fake News” is a lie, and is also “Fake News” itself. Most Americans consider “Fake News” to be any story or article that is proven to be false or a lie after the media presents it as news, which to date most have come out of CNN, and their main source “Mr. Anonymous”, because nobody wants to put their byline name on unverified stories, articles, and known lies. The reason CNN wants to ban the words “Fake News” is because they have broadcast “Fake News” so much that most Americans now associate anythng that they present as news, to be fake, because of their proven record of broadcasting news that most of has been proven tobe fake, false, and/or lies.

  • dittybop

    So does this mean that CNN disagrees with the way Freedom of Speech is being shut down on college campuses? Are not the liberals and their snowflakes treating anything they don’t agree with, the same way CNN claims they are being treated?

  • dittybop

    Just report events with no opinion from the reporter or the network, no more input from sources not allowed to speak on the subject, this means no more anonymous sources! If you wont or can’t put your name to something, then just shut up!

  • metheoldsarge

    Just call it Phony News.

  • Apatriot2

    The only thing that needs to be ban is CNN,,,no more problems

    • ARJAY

      That would be a start, but there are many more of like persuasion.

  • Maggiemae

    Of course CNN….Commie News Network to me….wants to ‘ban’ (isn’t that what commies always want to do…STOP ‘something that they don’t like or agree with. I actually could care less what they do…I NEVER, EVER, NEVER watch them for even one second of my news. Not even sure what station number they are. That’s MY best solution to their propaganda. Tune them OUT!!!!!

  • flashy0ne

    When someone/something is GUILTY, and EVERYONE knows it, denial is useless. CNN, EVERYONE knows you EDITORIALIZE the news to SLANT it in a direction to JUSTIFY your biased outlook. A typical example for the innocent: “President Trump walks (on the water) across the Potomac” — CNN reports the event “Trump (note removal of title PRESIDENT) doesn’t know how to swim”. AS LONG as you intentionally mislead the public, you are GUILTY of FAKE NEWS !!!

    • sunshipballoons

      Trump (note removal of title PRESIDENT) doesn’t know how to swim”

      –> your reporting that is fake news; CNN never had that headline. Nobody did. Cute.

  • W. Coyote

    CNN’s statement makes a very good point. Whether or not they continue to use the term “fake news”, it won’t make any difference to Trump.. He has found a term he likes for all the stories shed light on his lies. Of course, he promoted one of this biggest whoppers of all time- the fake news about President Obama’s birth certificate. And to this day, Trump has not been man enough to apologize.

  • Maggietish

    Are they serious. Now CNN is going to ban people saying fake news. They seriously believe they have that much control? That’s all they do is report fake news. They lost several court cases recently for altering videos and in one case they interviewed a man and then created a fake video after the interview discounting everything this man said. He took them to court and won the case. They choose which stories they want to report, it was the truth and blatantly lie and ignore any and all successes by President Trump. They support Hillary Clinton and every liberal/progressive Democrat walking the face of this earth regardless how many atrocities they have committed against the United States and the American people and how corrupt, lawless and treasonous they are. CNN has no credibility and certainly no relevance, honesty or integrity. When anyone talks about fake news the first thing that comes out of their mouths is oh it must be CNN. That’s their Reputation because of the way in which they have conducted and represented themselves.

  • gene smiith

    MEANINGLESS ? I think not….it describes CNN and others very accurately and in such a way as to remind the FOLKS when they are listening to them, to be careful.
    No CNN, I disagree with you, the word is very descriptive and should remain and even be put in the dictionary.

  • Robert Kahlcke


  • oldwestman

    Not the Clinton News Network anymore? Things are changing all around us! Too bad it’s not SNN (Stalin )

  • Nguyen My

    The Office of The POTUS MUST be RESPECT regardless.

    • sunshipballoons

      Tell that to Trump

  • cathylovesyou

    CNN = Communist National Nuts. A disgusting organization. Jim Turner a liberal built this company and his hers turned it into a cesspool.

    • John Flynn

      Ted, not Jim….

  • SZ939

    The problem here is that what CNN presents ISN’T NEWS, it’s DUMBOCRAT PROPAGANDA!

  • attli

    How about “flake news”, because the reportage is rarely objective, skewed to be mostly untruthful, and if they leaned any further left they would be lying on their sides.

  • Joseph Morgan

    SCREW cnn! If they told the truth there would be no problems. They were also a major stumbling block in g giving he enemy information they should not have put out over the air and thus compromising the actions and safety of the American forces.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Commie News Network
    Corrupt News Network
    Clinton News Network

    Take your pick. All of the above!!!

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Banning CNN would make much better sense. These people are more than despicable political hacks and liars!! Werewolf Blitzer and Madcow are a joke.

  • Dean57

    CNN and all of the other MSM spread fake news daily as they attempted to influence the election by touting Hillary’s poll numbers. Then there was the constant interview of lame brain movie stars shooting off their mouths that Trump would never win,
    If he did they would leave the country. Last I heard their all still here.
    CNN is not so much about fake news but about lying to the public and misrepresenting the facts about the new stories they attempt to snow their viewers with.
    To bad so Sad! Trump is President! So whine to your hearts content. The nation is on the rise from the pits of an 8 year Democratic administration.
    Trumps success in one year exceeds 8 years of Democratic lies and corruption,
    It’s driving Democrats crazy. So Nancy and Chuck are using every legislative tactic they can to make Trump fail.
    Isn’t it Ironic that leaders of a Party want the United States to fail. Shameful!

  • Richard Waugh

    Fake news says it all and perfectly describes CNN’s news policies.

  • Kc Heller

    the number one FAKE NEWS NETWORK

    • NurseRatched


  • NanaG3

    I don’t want to any whining from the demorats or the GOP if Roy Moore gets elected

  • Ed Gray

    OK we can call it the “imitation news”

  • pFeather

    Okay, how about lying news or bogus news, or fabricated news or pure BS news or counterfeit news or sham news or false news, we certainly can’t call what CNN reports the truth.

  • Howard Kirshenbaum

    You guys have such thin skins. Don’t like it? It’s fake. Not what FOX or conservative radio says? It’s fake. Rather than analyse anything, just call it fake and you will feel better. Almost like a religion to you. Make up your mind and then don’t question. How does FOX look at the tax plan? Do you like it? All the other stations are talking about the warts in the garbage plan. Not fake news at all, just real facts. If you want to go with the plan you will see if you got conned or not.

  • Thomas A. Livingston

    In past years radio and tv networks as well as newspapers followed set rules of journalism when conveying the news to their audiences. Currently these rules are only followed on rare occasions. Now, in the free market of ideas, it is another market where the buyer must beware of the usefulness of the product (and it’s producer) they decide to believe!

  • jim jones

    NO words should ever be banned, this is a free country and a spade is still a spade and not the “S” word!

  • regulus30


  • CaptGene

    Coming from AmeriKa’s Ministry of Propaganda, it is very reassuring to know they are going to protect us by banning those words.

  • higgy01

    If not fake news then how about ‘made up news’ or ‘fairytale news’. I’m sure anyone reading this can come up with even more imaginative terms for CNN’s news.

  • Roger

    CNN is a conglomeration of idiots’ imbeciles. morons and just plain stupid people! No one has the power to ban words of the English language!

    Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! Make America Great Again, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

  • rick meek

    Gotta Love this chit ——– CNN in meltdown…..

  • Kenneth Kothe

    Fake News is a beautiful, socialistic, communistic, Wicked Way of CNN saying, “I’m a journalist” and you must trust me. If you don’t, you simple, red neck farmer, must be eliminated and we will destroy you with LOVE!”

  • Buckeye conservative

    Ban CNN would be a better idea.