CNN’s Navarro Files Nails When Discussing Border Violence

In the midst of a heated debate over illegal immigration with former Donald Trump adviser Steve Cortes, Ana Navarro of CNN began filing her nails to make light of the situation.

Navarro who is a well known critic of President Trump was reacting to a recently deleted tweet by Donald Trump, Jr. that stated zoos work because they have walls.

“At the end of the day, Donald Trump, Jr., and whatever he says, can I just file my nails? This is an entitled, rich, spoiled little brat whose only call to fame is being his daddy’s son,” Navarro proclaimed.

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“Good prop,” Cuomo stated, complimenting Navarro for using a nail file.

Cortes, attempting to keep order, defended President Trump’s position on illegal immigration stating “the illegal alien crime rate should be zero.”

Navarro let out a big sigh and once again began filing her nails.

“You can do your nails,” Cortes said. “You know who can’t do their nails are people who have been killed, Ana, by dangerous known illegal aliens who have been allowed to stay in this country because of the leftist policies that people like you promote in so-called sanctuary cities.”

What are your thoughts on the actions of CNN’s Navarro?

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