Comey Thinks FBI Helped Trump Win

former FBI Director James Comey recently told ABC that when President Trump won the 2016 presidential election, he wondered if the FBI had anything to do with it.

“[Trump] is now going to be the 45th president of the United States,” ABC’s Stephanopoulos said. “The most stunning upset in American political history. And what part of you is thinking, I helped elect Donald Trump?”

Comey responded, “A whole lot of me was thinking, ‘Oh, my God. Did we have some role in this? Did we have some impact on the election?’”

“I don’t know the answer,” he said. “And in a way, I care about the answer. And in a way, it doesn’t matter at all. I really wasn’t making decisions based on political fortunes.”

  • TAM44

    No you idiot, sane people voted for president Trump.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    What a liar!
    He DID exactly what the Obama/Clinton cabal ordered.
    He felt pressured to exonerate her, by Lynch and Bill Clinton.
    Later he felt pressured by his FBI bosses to re-open the “matter”
    due to the Weiner computer discovery. Also Wikileaks!
    I guess he was used as a pawn in all of this, but I do not feel
    sorry for him. He did not stand up for the rule of law in the first place.

  • ConservativeMe

    What influenced trump’s win was 8 anti American, anti God, anti Constitution, anti law & order, anti gun, anti free speech years of pure hell under obama , liberal and democrats rule…. period

  • Brady Harness

    Comey is obviously a Spoiled Child; he got kicked out of the sand box and now he wants vengence; Screw Him Blue; President Trump !!!

  • Randy131

    If James Comey thinks the FBI helped get President Trump elected, then he is denigrating the FBI, making them look like another group of the “Keystone Kops”, who could do nothing right, since all the FBI e-mails from various agents show that they were all working against President Trump, and if anyone thinks that isn’t true, then they’re the leader of those FBI “Keystone Kops” by not being able to see all the bias against President Trump in their e-mails and subsequent actions. Everything James Comey and his FBI cohorts did was in favor of Hillary Clinton, as James Comey has actually admitted his actions were designed to assure her Presidency would be seen as legitimate in the eyes of the electorate. FBI investigations are not supposed to be run for seeking that goal.

    • help_us_survive_this

      Oh Comey and Mc Cabe already made the FBI look like the keystone cops. The trouble is how many more like them or their wannabes are there? The FBI no longer has the trust of the people, they rank up there with the Gestapo and KGB. They lost their integrity and few of any juries believe a thing they say. Finely, The FBI thinks k they are above the law as evidenced by Waco, the events in Montana as well as the Keystone pipeline fiassoc. Many other instances too numerous to mention
      zplease defund this criminal agency and prosecute it’s member for the criminals they are.

  • help_us_survive_this

    This criminals ego know no bounds! What6 a crock of barnyard manure. FBI helping Trump? Considering hewas the FBI what the hell does he think he did to help Trump? He did everything he could to cover his own butt and did not care about the election. He screwed up and Hillary was a going to take her revenge after the election. He was running scared. Don’t look now, he still is. Look at his eyes. This criminal needs to be in jail or in front of a firing squad. Put him where hebelongs. He is a liar of the first order. He has committed perjury to Congress, the courts and worst of all to the citizens of the United States. FACT. And factsare something Comey is short of, those that he does not skew to fit his lies. He used his positions in DOJ and the FBI to further his own greed and ego and that is all. He owes his allegience to Clintons and Obama, NOT to the Constitution nor the United States of America. He is a conspirator in the appempt top usurp the office of the President and therefore a traitor who has committed treason. This man needs to come down HARD now. We the people demand this.

    • DEW

      He and a lot of OTHERS need PRISON and loss of ALL their Benefits from this Nation !! Come on Attorney General Sessions DO YOUR JOB ! Or get the HELL out !!

  • Connie Valdez-Gallas

    Comey is just as crazy as Hillary… both lost causes. American people concerned for America and wanting “To Make America Great Again” put President Trump in office. Best decision made.

  • rg

    If Comey did his job Hillary would be in jail

    • freethinker4

      Exactly, he conspired against Trump in every way possible, but tried to give the perception he was doing his job of course it was all a ruse and still he failed. Thank God

      • Larry Huff

        How did it fail, you dirty, filthy animal?

        • John D

          Name calling? Your stupidity got you blocked. Thanks for exposing yourself as a drooling moron.

        • The Big A

          you are a real low-life scum-back liberal, who don’t want to except that America wanted Donald Trump for President

          • Larry Huff

            Trump lost by 3 million votes and was massively REJECTED by the American people. The American people chose Hillary by 3 million votes, Trump finished a distant second.

          • rick meek

            Duh —– Electoral College – established when this country fought and won it’s independence…..HAD TO BE —- next of their list of attack and coup trump…..No this will be a major cover-up……Ever read the declaration of Independence….especially the part about despotism when it says people have the right and responsibility to defend themselves and property…..You’ll find it interesting reading…and ya’ll might finally learn something about history and the founders….

  • rick meek

    Judging by WHAT comey has said at his interviews…..HE’S AN IDIOT BESIDES BEING A 6’8″ CLOWN AND TRAITOR….. Thankfully I wasn’t FBI because I would have to go after this POS and bring him to justice..

    • help_us_survive_this

      Somebod.c.y needs to grow a couple and do just that. But the conspiracy extends to DOJ too. T.fosenstein needs to go too. As well as others.

      • rick meek

        Yes it does but people are demanding and getting more – they’ve done ticked off a good many people….

  • Dan

    If Mr. Comey thinks the FBI got Donald Trump elected, I think Mr. Comey needs to remind himself who the Director was at the time of the election.

  • BILL

    Comey is covering all the bases with his lies, And now he is claiming the most outrageous one. Hillary must be his role model. What a doofus.

  • cathylovesyou

    I don’t intend to watch the Comey Show, for me he is such a liar why listen to his BS. Mr. Pompous, he is so important and such a phony Republican while the whole family are Democrats, if you believe that I have a bridge for you. The man stinks. FBI wake up, Comey, Mueller, McGabe all crooked is anybody watching Oh yes Rosenstein, who is watching him. What about the commies who used to were doing their crooked garbage like Brennan, a Commie and Muslim, boy it appears he is very dirty. Tapper Drain the swamp it is impossible with the Commies in DC. Makes you sick.

    • rick meek

      Everyone is getting tired of the lies these POS’s are telling….

  • tredmon

    He needs to be put in protective custody to protect him from his STUPID SELF.

  • Anvil6

    Had the FBI done it’s job, Kandidate Klinton would have been under indictment for her criminally negligent handling of classified material, – her emails during her tenure as US Secretary of State – which would have REALLY thrown a monkey wrench into the Presidential race.

    Thanks to the FBI NOT recording the “interview” of HRC AND offering immunity to any and all her staff, the FBI’s only possible conclusion was, officially, “nothing there, move along”. Yes, the FBI kept Hillary Clinton and many on her staff out of prison. Perhaps their calculus was that that even a Trump presidency would be an acceptable price – provided that they could act quickly to destroy that presidency, like they are doing now.

  • Jimwolf

    Is this suppose to be a trick question.. Hillary lost because she and her hubby are the most corrupt politicians ever to grace Washington DC.. It was always one scandals after another.. Between Billy-Boys sexual escapades and rapes and Hillary’s call over half of Americans are deplorable and irredeemable, it is a wonder how she even got the popular vote.. Shows just how stupid Liberal demwits really are.. NOW, let’s get into the Clinton Foundation FARCE.. Pay For Play and TREASON for all who signed the Uranium 1 Deal.. This is why Hillary lost, not Comey, he had nothing to do with President Trump winning either..

  • Al

    Hillary helped our President win.

  • W. Coyote

    James Comey is posing a thoughtful, rational question. Trump’s margin of victory was razor thin- it came down to about 35,000 voters in 3 states. It’s certainly possible that his announcement just a few days before the election had that effect.

  • Gy/Sgt. Lew Souder

    Comey is very Stupid – He should know if the FBI helped Trump win – He was the FBI during the Election???? He’s also a liar and Criminal – should be locked up, put in jail….

  • Dave Bishop

    Comey didn’t help think. But he did everything he could to let Hillary win. The Arrogant O and Hilarious were the ones who helped Trump the most. Now there’s a history book that accuses we, the people, of being irrationally racist, anti-feminine haters for voting the “Mentally Unstable” Trump into office. This book is already out and in the schools designed for advanced students. It MUST be removed and a REAL history book should replace it.


    I don’t believe a word coming out of Comey’s mouth.

  • dick yocum

    Oh you mean like Hillary and the Democratic party conspired against Berney. I guess that’s ok though after all she is a Clinton so we should be used to such things. PUT HER IN JAIL

  • CCblogging

    Comey is just plain dumb and goofy as well as corrupt as they come. . Comey is a waste of oxygen and should be hung..

  • carl

    If Comey’s action affected the election, he is the one who should be indicted.

  • william bailey

    Maybe Trump “Colluded” with the FBI and not the Russians , and if Mueller even tried to investigate THAT ! he would get “WHACKED” like the kennedy’s !

  • John D

    Comey is a lying piece of crap.

  • rick meek

    This comment shows the mental capabilities of DC – Hollywood and most people in the country today….
    HAD TO BE —- next of their list of attack and coup trump…..No this will be a major cover-up……
    Ever read the declaration of Independence….especially the part about despotism when it says people have the right and responsibility to defend themselves and property…..You’ll find it interesting reading…and ya’ll might finally learn something about history and the founders….

  • Spunky

    Comey is a showboat idiot – he should be in jail