Cory Booker Calls Kavanaugh Hearing ‘Perverse’

Sen. Cory Booker stated that Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was “perverse.”

Booker stated, “It seems so clear that in your courts the same folks seem to win over and over again, the powerful, the privileged, big corporations, special interests, and over and over again. The folks that lose are who I came to Washington to fight for, working folks, consumers, women, immigrants, minorities, the disadvantaged, the poor. This is, the challenge before us, this is why so much is at stake. I love that my colleagues keep going back to the Constitution. But understand this, I laud our founders, I think they were geniuses, but you got to understand that there are millions of American who understand that they were also flawed people. We’re the oldest Constitutional democracy. We’re the oldest one. We were founded in a break with human events, you know this, judge, I’ve read your writings. We are not founded on some kind of tribalism, as much as we think it’s breaking out in our country. We weren’t founded because we all look alike, or we all pray alike. We are not a monarchy or a theocracy. We broke with the course of human events and formed this nation, God bless America, God bless our founders, but we know our founders and their values and their ideals. We know that they, that they were flawed and can you see that in the documents. Native Americans were referred to as savages. Women weren’t referred to as all. African-Americans, black slaves, were referred to as fractions of human beings.”

After talking about Brown v. Board of Education, Booker added, “Now the fear and the worry is, where the trend of the court is doing, is rolling back those gains, is undermining that progress, is restricting individual rights as the rise of corporations, the rise of dark money, the rise to the interests of the powerful and the privileged and the elite. So I just say in conclusion, sir, I said this to you in a heart-to-heart moment in the last seconds that you came to my office to meet with me, one-on-one which I appreciated. I pointed to the map behind my desk, the central ward of Newark, New Jersey. A place with mighty people. It’s a low-income community. People still struggling for the fullness and the richness of the promises of America. That’s the concern that I have right now. That is what is at stake. So I say in conclusion, sir, this to me, is a profound and historical moment. I cannot support your nomination, not just because of the body of your work, because also the perverse process by which this comes forward. We should not vote now. We should wait. And if we’re not waiting, we should object to your nomination.”

  • Burns

    The only thing perverse is Bory Cooker.

    • GomeznSA

      Thanks Burns, you beat me to it!
      And we can make a good case against him. vice his nebulous ‘class’ victims claim. He KNOWINGLY pretended to put himself up as a potential martyr with the grand standing ploy of ‘revealing’ classified memos……………..I called him an attention whore on another site, still holds true.

    • Teresa

      You are 100% correct. How can a senator behave the way he did? Shameful. A spoiled brat!

  • regulus30

    This FOOL is the poster child for the NEW DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST NUT JOBS.

  • Jim

    liddle cory stepped on his “manhood” with this
    stunt. If he runs for President his platform will be “I break the rules and laws”. How noble. Sure fire way to
    differentiate yourself from sane candidates.

    • kbmiller

      Bath House BarryOHOMO’s little bro.

    • Angelika K Griffin

      THAT is ALL they KNOW of HOW to do….”BREAK the rules and laws” BUT are taking “THE OATH” to FOLLOW/OBEY the RULES and LAWS……!!! Just DON’T understand HOW they KEEP their JOBS…???

  • ahrcshaw

    I can not help it but he reminds me of a snake oil salemen with the consents of a weasel. He should go to Hollywood where his talents would be appreciated while he lies through his teeth, he is no more interested in the well being of others then a frog is. It is all about votes and power, nothing more and nothing less.

  • Khan

    Booker is a whiny little brat President waanabe. I AM SPARTICUS!!! My ass…

  • Rev Harry C Wigmore III

    Cory Booker another Communistic liberal idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • william couch

      You forgot “MULATO”..

  • Mike Tanco



    Judge Kavanaugh”s response should have been that if Booker doesn’t like the direction of things he should try to change them legislatively not by finding Judges who will do that from the bench. Kavanaugh is too much of a gentleman for that response. He could also have asked Booker to save his campaign speeches for 2020.

  • Dwimby

    This guy is little more than a male Maxine. A total nut job, self-focused to the point of incoherency. That he is a US senator is downright scary, but this is true in about 60 other cases too. So many Deep State knuckle-draggers in elected offices. Hard to believe we have descended to this new post modern low. Obama sure helped. Another total loser and self-absorbed zero.

    • delbert balling

      My same thoughts; right on!

  • Booker should be kicked out of the Senate for breaking Senate rules. This guy is a complete dipshit.

  • Bobby

    Corey Booker should just leave his Post with out looking back>You Big Coward!

  • METhomas102

    This idiot Booker is a waste of oxygen. He’s going to fall on his sword by breaking senate rules in order to release Kavanaugh email documents. First of all, Booker doesn’t know the rules of the senate, the documents have been approved for release before the hearing and in the emails, that discuss racial profiling, it shows Kavanaugh was against racial profiling. So all if this is about nothing, except Booker showing is ass to the American People. We should thank Booker for showing his true colors and his stupid deceptive BS. Another reason to never ever vote for a democrat……..ever. They destroy everything they touch, including themselves.

    • Vicki M

      Look at all of the cities with Dems running the local government…Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and more, failing and falling by the wayside.

  • John Arribas


    • Philip fabiano

      Do you mean the view of MLK today or the MLK of his day where you folks labeled him as a commie, criminal, radical antiChrist sowing hate and division among the races?

    • Angelika K Griffin

      They have DIED OUT…..!!! Just don’t know WHY or HOW…..!!!!

  • Nikita63

    Booker is the most perverse thing in this hearing, he DELIBERATELY violated protocols and in his way is inciting the other morons like Mad Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein to incite violence while at the same time violating their oaths to “defend and uphold the Constitution,” which Kavanaugh if confirmed WOULD DO, but not as they WANT him to always in compliance with their Marxist tendencies and like the man who died suspiciously , former SJC Justice Scalia, would decide based on prior precedent on issues to be heard and NOT politically influenced, which is EXACTLY how the court was set up to be. It is a JUDICIAL entity and not a political one. As for Booker himself, he admits to having violated protocol and if there is ANY credibility left in the zoo that is this hearing, he should be held BOTH responsible and accountable for it but likely will NOT be because there IS NO INTEGRITY IN CONGRESS AND IT SHOWS MORE EVERY DAY, especially when so many of them attack IN VIOLATION of their sworn oaths of office, the 1st and 2nd Amendments in particular and all aspects they cannot twist to FIT their leftist agenda in the REST of the Constitution. This has gone on far too long in BOTH parties and we need to FORCE strict TERM LIMITS on these career “politicians,” ak, which they hae apparently forgottena, thieves, liars and parasites so these abuses of POWER can no longer so easily be used to our detriment by those whose longevity ill serves all who put them in office to serve to serve the needs of , WE, THE PEOPLE which

  • Thomas Davis

    Corey Booker is A Racist Bastard, mother was white From a one night Stand with a Brother !

  • Buddy D

    That’s not what the Dems said when they were in control, what morons.

  • LEO Wolverine

    Just another liberal clown.

  • I listened to Bookers drivel during the hearing, and myself, being a fairly well educated individual, have decided that Corey Booker is an IDIOT! I am certain that the New Jersey citizens could find someone who at the very least, is NOT an IDIOT, to represent them in the Senate!

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    What i see is if we all don’t come together America will fail that is the TRUTH. America was great at one time but until the people come together and bind we will fail. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS SO BE ALL AMERICANS


    A typical Obama player. These blacks go on and on about slavery but they sure to hell don’t work in Congress. STEAL AND LIE THAT’S THEIR PLATFORM.

  • Glenn Saulsbury

    This guy thinks if he screws everything up that he will become our next president in 2020. Just another
    Liberal who has lost his mind.

  • Rob Waddell

    Booker is a bipolar racist! He will never be potus! He is too full of hatred among other things that drop from a bulls ass!

  • Maggietish

    Booker Is perverse. All the material that he claimed he was disclosing he had already gotten clearance to use at the hearing prior to the hearing yesterday and that was just reported last night and this morning. He’s playing some kind of game that only his twisted mind can understand and the only thing he did was make himself look like the biggest idiot walking. Seriously, his behavior and rants are that of an individual going through a mental breakdown. The only one he embarrassed and disgraced was himself yet another time

  • Rob Waddell

    This guy graduated from the hoodrat-Ayers -community-anarchist-school.

  • rivahmitch

    An ignorant nig. We’re NOT “a Constitutional democracy”. We’re a Constitutional Republic” and there are many of us who prefer to keep it.

  • Andrew Charlson

    If the shoe were on the other foot this Booker jerk would be 180 degrees from where is right now!

  • Angelika K Griffin

    He is part of the CABAL, so, he IS PERVERSE……!!!

    • Jamie Briggs

      Yes he is and he is part of the Deep State 😡🇺🇸

  • Angelika K Griffin

    NONE of THEM feel “right” if they can’t do something real SHABBY, only HOPE that it will HURT them all BIG time in November……!!!!

  • Angelshot 9876

    first off we are a constitutional republic, why don’t you take a little time to read the Constitution you swore to uphold. OR RESIGN

  • Jamie Briggs

    Get over yourself Mr Booker you are an idiot and you have no chance in Hell of becoming President in 2020 so stop your Grandstanding during the Senate hearings 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Wm E Fullerton

    Corey, you are a teary-eyed bag of wind. You say you came to Congress to fight for “working folks, women, immigrants, minorities, the disadvantaged, the poor.” But not one Democrat, which includes you, voted for Tax Reform, aka the Tax Cuts. Why Corey? Those ‘cuts’ certainly helped the greater portion of those you are supposedly ‘fighting’ for…

    The only thing ‘perverse’ that people have witnessed while watching the Kavanaugh Hearing, are the perverse ways the Democrats are trying to stall the process, the outbursts by paid disruptors, and the threats posed by you and Sen. Harris, over ‘nothing burgers’!

    You should think about doing some other type of ‘work’, ’cause you (and many of your brethren) are not very good at being [a] Congressman except collecting paychecks and obstructing ‘the will of the people’!
    Do something else!

  • jumper

    Booker is a bug-eyed freak trying to be relevant without knowing what he is even talking about, there is your left wing liberal leader of the future folks.

    • Vicki M

      Ocasio-Cortez looks and sounds like him. Sister and Brother with different parents. : )… both ill-informed narcissistic
      loud mouth louts. Dems must be very proud.

      • jumper

        The party of nothing and their leaders.

  • Yorgi1950

    Half of the Dumbocraps hardly waited 24 hours after he was announced as the nominee, to say they would oppose his nomination! Very sick and deranged dumbocraps, every single one of them!

  • mike

    That was a pile of BS.

  • Spunky

    Goofy black Mr. Clean makes no sense