Crowd Goes Wild After Trump Says 4 Words

Texas is Donald Trump country — at least if the state’s enthusiastic response to the president’s arrival on Tuesday is any indication.

Both the president and the first lady arrived in storm-ravaged Corpus Christi to meet with first responders dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

While on the way to the Annaville Fire Department for a briefing on the area’s rescue efforts, hundreds of Texans reportedly lined the roads to welcome and cheer for Trump.

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Chants of “USA!,” “Texas for Trump,” “Texas Strong,” and “We Love Trump!” could all be heard as Trump arrived, according to Breitbart News. A photo of the crowd showed Texans lined up so far down the road that they filled the entire picture.

President Trump took a moment to address the gathered people. Climbing onto a ladder and waving the Texas state flag, Trump and said four words that made the crowd go wild.


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