Democrat Calls For A End Of ICE

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) is stating if the Democrats gain control in the 2018 midterms, they should get rid of the ICE agency first.

Gillibrand said, “So when we flip the House and flip the Senate, I think the first thing we should do is deal with the children who have been separated from their families at the border. I think we should get rid of ICE. We should separate out two missions, and do the anti-terrorism mission, the national security mission, and then on the other side make sure you’re doing looking at immigration as a humanitarian issue.”

  • Art Hock

    She is another treasonous Democrat Socialist America hating idiot!

  • TheRpennington

    The dem’s know that is the only way they would ever get close to winning. Everyone has figured out they are all liars and no one belives them anymore, so what do you do. Bring in illegals so the can at least get some votes, LOL. Pretty bad don’t you think.

  • Aline

    And we want demoCTAPERS GONE! PERMANENTLY!! Sick of these demented, evil pieces of crap! You ALL GO TO HELL!!!!!! Am I mad enough? You bet!

  • CalPaul1949

    Democrats want anything that protects the country and hinders illegal voters gone!

  • patsy_thompson


  • Richard Gieser

    While we’re on a roll here, let’s get rid of the IRS.

  • Richard Gieser

    I keep telling the democrats that no ice means more “global warming”.

  • CCblogging

    The Democrats Want This Too….

    The Democrat/Leftist agenda:

    – endorses Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities
    – endorses BLM
    – endorses OWS
    – endorses MS-13
    – endorses ANTIFA
    – endorses CAIR
    – endorses The Muslim Brotherhood
    – endorses Sharia Law
    -endorses rewriting history
    -endorses destroying the constitution
    – endorses Inverted virtue
    – endorses Disarming you
    – endorses Social chaos
    – endorses killing Babies
    – endorses Genital confusion
    – endorses Social/economic warfare
    – endorses redistributing your wealth
    – endorses raising your Taxes
    – endorses Weaponizing government agencies
    – endorses a Fascist/Socialist/Islamic World Government

    • Howard Kirshenbaum

      Fake news at its best. We endorse sanctuary cities but not open borders. The truth is that we have open borders in that most of the illegals come here legally and overstay visas.

      We do not endorse MS 13. I don’t even know what OWS is.
      We do not endorse the Muslim Brotherhood but we do endorse equal treatment of Muslims that aren’t criminals.
      We do not endorse Sharia law where it is contrary to our existing American laws. The truth is that all three religions have their own laws that are enforced by their clergy where the parties agree to abide by the decision. Keeping in mind that it cannot be contrary to existing American law.

      We do not endorse destroying the constitution. We just might have a slightly different interpretation of what it is.

      We do not endorse disarming you. Tell me one president in the last 50 years that has made a move to take your guns away. You can’t because no one has. It’s just a scare tactic to keep your base.

      Social chaos? I don’t think we have had this much total chaos in my lifetime and I lived through 1968. Thing is that there is chaos when people try to be treated equally. Give people equal rights and opportunities and you cut the chaos. But that might take away from the wealth and influence that you have.

      We do not endorse killing of babies. That is completely against the law. What you like to call killing babies is really your attempt to have the government control the lives and bodies of women. We just feel they have the right to control what goes on in their bodies, and you don’t.

      Genital confusion? No one is confused by their genitals. Some people only got the wrong ones based on what their brains believe. Don’t like it? Don’t change but keep government out of other people’s lives even if you don’t like their lifestyle. I know, it is against your religion. Too bad.

      We don’t believe in redistribution of wealth. We believe in helping the least among us. We don’t like to see the sick and poor die on the streets for lack of food or shelter or medical care. So we give them subsistence. Truth is that the government has redistributed wealth since forever. Right now we have tons of subsidies including those proposed to farmers by Trump because of his idiotic tariff policy.

      Raising taxes? We don’t endorse that. In fact, Obama didn’t raise taxes but Trump did with his tariffs. Bush I raised taxes after he said he wouldn’t. The problem really is that Republicans reduce taxes (mostly for people and corporations that don’t need it) without paying for it and create higher national debt. Taxes need to be raised to pay for what Republicans pass but don’t pay for. 70% of the debt incurred during the Obama presidency was because of Bush programs.

      We don’t endorse fascist/Islamic world government. I don’t know where you got that idiocy but you will have to dig deep even in right leaning publications to find that one. Truth is that the things Trump is doing or trying to do, including the fake news and lying and anti FBI mantras is exactly what fascist dictators start with. As for socialism, no one is endorsing complete socialism but some is good and necessary. Keep in mind that even Medicare works within the capitalist society. None of the doctors work for the government which would be true socialism.

      The other things that you mentioned are just pure bullshit.

      • CCblogging

        You lie, your Fascist Socialist Democrat Nazi Party supports all these things. You may be a Democrat that doesn’t support all of it but I know if you are a Democrat, you support most of it. Your Democrat leadership supports ALL of it. BTW, OWS is Occupy Wall Street. Get an education.

        • Howard Kirshenbaum

          So OWS is Occupy Wall Street. Thanks for the education. That’s one of the reason I’m on here. The other is to see the right wing idiots that have no civility in addition to not knowing what they are talking about. Show me something that supports you inanities. Educate me.

          • CCblogging

            You said you are here to learn so listen up lefttard, use your search engine and check out the far left jackass platform. Also, listen to the insane drivel that your lefttard politician’s drivel. Show me that you have enough brains to do that.

          • Howard Kirshenbaum

            So now we are leftards and rightturds. Look at what you have wrought on this world. Civility is no longer existent. You came up with the inanities and I told you how wrong you were. If you really believed in what you wrote, you would back that up with facts. You don’t have any.

            Outside of a few far left none of what you said would carry any water. You have as many nuts on your fringe as we have but to label the whole group that way is insane and you know it. But it sells to the base.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Gillibrand gives new meaning to the term “idiot’s delight,” because only a braindead, liberal idiot would leave our national borders open and unprotected and invite third-world vagrants into our country to rape, pillage, and murder American citizens. She should be deported! Personally, I’d rather be a conservative nut job, than a liberal with no nuts and no job.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Someone find out where this bitch lives so we can post her address and send all the illegals to her “open house.”

  • Nikita63

    This fractious fraud and all of her UNAMERICAN, New World Order oriented trolls, in total violation of EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL FOUNDING PRINCIPLE OR MORAL CONSCIENCE, should be outlawed as they are a threat to law and order, generate a milieu of divisiveness, NEVER unity, and it is either their way or the highway and with NO TOLERANCE for anyone who has the right to dissent from their viewpoints. I think these pond scum parasites based on their pitiful performance records like this Marxist oriented New World Order Moron and her entire forever be damned UNAMERICAN party should be criminalized since Obama’s scurrilous two term reign of ruin, we have been flooded with criminals, mostly illegal immigrants, all unvetted and many truly inimical. His party of parasitical pundits has generated a 21TRILLION dollar debt, waged by design a war on police, generated racial divisiveness as policy pushed an LGBT agenda down the throats of even kids from Kindergarten through college and so, is it any wonder She and her party’s Corrupt criminal cohorts even called RINOS who are nothing more or less than counterfeit Leftist loons by another label! If they will not work to unify us all they should NOT be in office,AT ALL . This goes equally for those RINOS who go along to get along but in that case fail to serve the best interests of American Citizen Constituents and the taxpaying public being raped and robbed by this cabal CONSTANTLY, and to their detriment and that of their progeny. Remember in November and VOTE for sanity and fiscal responsibility which you will NEVER see from any so-called Progressive Democrat with obviously MORE LOYALTY to the U.N. and its agendas than to the U.S. Constitution they are SWORN, “to defend and uphold against all enemies, foreign and domestic:” NOT TO BECOME SUCH! ICE AGENTS PERFORM A NEEDED AND VALUABLE SERVICE AND ONE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT TO PROTECT US ALL FROM FOREIGN FELONS BY DEFINITION; THE MOMENT THEY CROSS OUR BORDERS WITH THEIR FIRST ACT ON THIS SOIL BEING TO VIOLATE AMERICAN IMMIGRATION LAWS THESE SAME” LEFTIST” LOONS HAVE NOT ENFORCED FOR DECADES! Don’t allow these fools and frauds to end ICE and take away the protection THEY PROVIDE for you and your families against the veritable flood of illegals Trump and the Republicans are trying desperately to stem and from which they are being actively hindered but which YOU are paying the price for in every way imaginable!

    • mined

      You hit the NAIL on head!

      • Nikita63

        As far as I am concerned, the Progressive , Democrats ARE the enemy within and I WILL stand opposed to them and their New World Order Treasonous Agendas, with more apparent loyalty to the U.N than to our Constitution. A greater group of utterly immoral, Hedonistic, valueless,ethics challenged dolts, i have NEVER seen in my 73 years and THAT is a direct result of Nixon’s authorization of Federal employee labor unions and the same for the Teaching profession since it indoctrinated ALL American Youth in public school systems,beginning in 1969 and STILL ongoing! MORE IS THE PITY FOR THAT!

  • hathraswallah

    Democrats also will like to give welcome party and red carpet treatment to Illegals and surrender to Jihadis but do in your time

  • Rob Waddell

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, damn you liberals are dumb! Did you learn anything from the humiliating loss to President Trump?
    Trying the same thing over and over expecting different results is insanity!
    Well, never mind, you people are already nuts!

  • Rob Waddell

    The Criminal Organization DNC is hemorrhaging and about to bleed out! Not Everyone are hate filled, Hood-rats, on the Soros payroll.

  • Howard Kirshenbaum

    I remember when the Republicans and the far right were yelling to get rid of the IRS. Someone has to do the job. Just like ICE. This is as dumb now about ICE as you were dumb then about the IRS. Don’t gloat too much. This is just a few people. ICE needs to change, not go out of existence.

    • mined

      No, ICE does not need too change, it needs more “Money” & “people”To enforce the laws of this country. You compare IRS to ICE, you are nuts! We did not have the IRS until about 1917. Tariff’s worked well before then & we did not have people looking into our private lives. I suppose you lefties love that!!!!

      • Howard Kirshenbaum

        WHAT? We didn’t have the IRS until 1917 – -OK When did we get ICE 1776? We didn’t even have immigration laws until the 1900’s. Do you have a point?

        Tariff’s worked so well that they help put us back into the great depression when we were on our way to climb out. Now look at our current situation. We have some tariffs, they have some tariffs. With those tariffs we have the strongest economy in years. Lowest unemployment. 6 million unfilled jobs. Corporation awash with cash and with record profits. GDP going great guns. So with everything going just brilliantly, the idiot and chief has to go pick a fight over something that isn’t a problem. I can conceive doing something with China regarding intellectual property but everything else? The man is a fool. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • peter

    All democratic politicians from New York are totally clueless and stupid!

  • mined

    If Dems win, send all immigrants to live at Gillibrand’s house!

  • Gardener8

    She obviously does not know the full extent of what ICE does to protect America.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Yep, I can see that doing away with ICE and border agents would be great for drug dealers,
    smugglers, human traffikers, and terrorists. Sure another great socialist dream of a utopia in
    which only the invaders win. A humanitarian issue will ruin our nation for the Americans that built it.
    Just look at what open borders have done to Europe. Former countries are now altered and forever
    ruined. Their citizens have been overrun by hoards of invaders. No thank you, liberals/anarchists.
    America cannot and should not have to support the entire world. We are not able to withstand millions
    upon millions of freeloaders seeking asylum. Who will support Americans when they break our banks?
    I DO NOT want what is happening in California to happen across our great nation. It is disgusting to
    see the tent cities, feces, garbage, and used needles. Is this really what Demonrats want for our
    future? Really? President Trump was correct. These are people that commit crimes, get deported,
    then return and commit more crimes.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    What are you going to replace ICE with possibly a community welcome wagon. Food stamps, and a tv to watch Oprah for mamaceta / vouchers & housing for Papacita.
    You democrats are one bunch of crazyyyyyy people. Its time we kicked you out with them. J Edgar Hoover did it to anarchists in the late 1920s. Its time for you democrats to wise up or be moved out. Socialism doesnt work.