Democrat Demands Background Checks

Without skipping a beat, Democrats are already pushing their agenda since the recent school shooting. Speaking on the incident, Democratic Senator Bill Nelson said that “enough is enough.” He encouraged people “to start thinking about such things as background checks.”

Nelson vehemently declared, “We ought to say, enough is enough. The question is, once you get into the investigation, how did the shooter obtain the weapon? Was it a high caliber weapon? Was it obtained lawfully? And if so, that ought to have people to start thinking about such things as background checks on the purchase of a gun, and the question of an assault rifle if in fact this is. I don’t know the details, but you said what would I say to those parents other than sharing in their grief. That’s what I would say.”

  • BF39

    Thought we already had background checks!!!!

    • Marine68

      The Commies want precise info for finding and confiscating all means of defense. They need to be sure of their absolute Power going unchallenged.

      • regulus30

        Hum, no guns in China, Venezuela, England or any other country where oligarchs want to oppress their citizens.

        • doctorbob

          Mexico doesn’t allow individual gun ownership, and the Narcotraficantes own the country as a result. They kill about 20 helpless, unarmed Mexican citizens PER DAY while the citizens are powerless to stop the murders. Disarm America, and you will see the SAME thing happening right here. These anti-gunners fall into 2 categories: 1. The delusional and truly ignorant, and 2. The diabolical wannabe dictators who know that to control us, they first must disarm us. There are no other anti-gun people out there.

    • David Atherton

      We do the Dems are to stupid to think

    • donl

      We do, this idiot Demo-Commie is still in a fog.

    • Bill

      Not on commie demoRATS!

  • Carl Brodeur

    How the heck does a background check solve this issue. If he wanted a gun he’d get one. Armed police in the school and arm and train teachers and staff who want to conceal carry. Then they can fight back. You can’t defeat evil with just words. You have to fight back. That football coach, if armed, would have fought to take down that kid and would have saved lives. Israeli’s have armed officers in their schools. They aren’t stupid enough to think a law will stop a bad person with evil intent. Come on people think! Stop watching violence and sex on TV and do some thinking!

    • regulus30

      You are right on my friend.

    • Shawn Huntee


  • Marine68

    Start Background checks on all Demorats, for all signs of Marxism, and send all positives to N. Korean Gulags for further indoctrination. 30 years in house should do the trick.

    • David Wheeler

      Obama said “I think military should start paying part of cost of their war wounds. inscribed in his ring “no God but Allah. Can everyone now understand that person??

  • Allen

    Let’s run background checks on politicians. If they lied, cheated, stole etc, they must resign. Let’s clean house.

    • Leon Barber

      How about term limits on Congress? That just may sort the swamp out.

      • Marine68

        That would be a start, but repeal of the 16th Amendment would cut their legs off.

  • Liz EntrEkin

    To that I say great idea — start first with ALL members of congress! Those who get security clearance for ANY government job whether elected or hired should have to equally pass a background check, especially to determine who donates to their election, their finances, and their belief in our constitution and its laws. Congress, judiciary, and executive branches should also be held to the same laws already in place for background checks as a gun owner.

  • Lowell King

    Background checks are already in place. Lets add background checks for ALL residents for voting, drivers license and Government benefits of all kinds.

    • David Atherton

      I like your thinking


    I do not understand how many more background checks the Dems want. I have a canceled carry permit. to obtain it I had to go through gun safety classes and submit my request to the state. I had to go through a background check when I bought firearm and through the state and the local sheriff. So far three checks. I do think that 18 is to young to buy a weapon and that could be raised to 21. A weapon like some hunting rifles can be fired like an AR-15 and hold as many rounds in the magazine. So the problem is not the weapon but the person behind it. Perhaps so loop holds can be tightened. The Dems are going to have to come up with so facts as to what they really want.

    • attli

      “canceled” or concealed?

  • Rodney

    Why have we not raised security in our schools? I cannot go into a courthouse without emptying my pockets and walking through a metal detector. You cannot board a plane without a rectal exam. Every newsroom has security. Yet, we don’t have any security in our schools. We also need to look at why our youth have become so obsessed with death and killing. Suicide rates of our youth are at a 30 year high, we have thugs roaming our streets gunning people down, our children have become non-social via internet and cell phones. How do we filter all of this to find an answer to what has become a problem?

    • Leon Barber

      Could be the problem starts with the parents, and only gets worse in school with our liberal, socialist, and progressive programs!

      • Rodney

        That is true as well. I think another angle is the over medication we have. Teachers prescribe drugs because a student, mostly males are fidgety or distracted and overly energetic, often with no medical doctors diagnosis. I have friends whose only son was placed on Ritalin at a very young age. Shortly before graduation, they (the school) stopped his medicating. He acted out horribly. His parents didn’t understand he was suffering withdrawals. They finally got a doctor that explained what 10 years of regular medicating with Ritalin does to the human body. He was placed back on that drug, then slowly weaned off, but the damage is done. He may one day be able to be a productive person again, but for now he is a mess.

        • Leon Barber

          Why do these parents allow these schools to do this to their children???

          • Rodney

            Parents have, either through force or laziness, have given up their parental authority. I have a hunch, like me you were raised by your parents, were disciplined by them and praised by them. Incrementally, the left has changed all that. Parents are no longer allowed to discipline their child and the school coddle everyone.

          • Leon Barber

            You hit the nail right on the head, Rodney

      • Marine68

        Cultural Marxism introduced in the 1930s to indoctrinate our People through the Arts and Education; parts of which are the destruction of the family, removal of God from our daily lives and Moral decay that comes from it. Socialism in various forms is being employed to destroy the republic, and most of the Communist Manifesto according to Karl Marx has been achieved. Only the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution stands in their way, and what few Patriots remain to salvage the Nation when that Constitution is made totally irrelevant. Freedom, once lost will not be regained.

  • Maggietish

    It’s deplorable, to say the least, but Nelson another Democrats are using this horrific tragedy for politics. The first place we should start is background checks on the politicians and the results must be released to the American citizens. No one is saying that this lunatic who killed all of those young people in Florida should’ve had a gun but in the same breath since he has such major mental issues he would’ve found a gun one way or the other. Chicago has some of the strongest gun laws and yet they have the highest crime in the nation. Chicago is controlled and run by Democrats. This lunatic in Florida’s mental issues should’ve been dealt with and weren’t from his foster parents to the school to the local officials and certainly the FBI. He clearly made his plans noon and no one did anything about it.

  • Herman Alsup

    This is really just a feel good measure. When it doesn’t prevent the next school shooting, like we know it won’t, they’ll propose registration and or confiscation. It’s a nose under the tent toward total confiscation, or attempted confiscation.

  • Bill

    As a Floridian, I am constantly embarrassed by Nelson. This guy would vote party line even if the issue would cost each taxpayer thousands of dollars. I’m willing to bet that Nelson is one of these people in Congress who thinks the “AR” in AR-15 stands for Automatic or Assault Rifle. The fact that background checks are required except for private sales shows his level of knowledge about the issue.

  • 83ragtop50

    I think a better idea is to require annual background checks on government officials. Check for who their major donors are, who lobbies them, who have they been shacking up with, what pork have they directed to their constituents, etc. Washington is full of self-serving, greedy politicians that need to be watched closely.

  • codycollie

    First We NEED to get a “Background Check” on EVERY Democrat Member of Congress! How many of these vermin past and present are Criminals?

    Think about all the Despicable people that have RECENTLY been in Power!

    The Clintons, Obama’s, Pelosi, Reed, Schumer. The Wiener and lots of others that should be in prison or on the Gallows! Next comes the Republicans.


    WAKE UP! Guns are NOT our enemies, they are Our Saviors.

    • sherri palmer

      Now you have said a mouth full! We needed a background check on barack muslim Obama! And we still don’t have it! They just want absolute power over us! The NRA and the 2nd amendment are our saving grace!

      • David Atherton


      • Michael J. Converso

        Totally agree – Obama and Clinton were on a mission to sell out the people of this country. Clinton was focused on wealth using the Clinton foundation as a money laundering operation. Obama turned a blind eye – WHY. His was driven by a Muslim agenda, look at what took place in his eight years – when I go to Detroit Michigan, it;’s like being in a foreign country – I did not recognize America with all Muslim stores and signs that make no scene to the average American. Look at Europe and how Obama used ISIS to migrate millions of Muslims to the west. This was not a coincidence, this was strategic to destroy Christianity values – values he hates, and Hillary getting richer and richer, she could care less. Thank GOD for Trump, In fact because of Trump, this country may have been saved from people like (Obama, Clinton, and his CRONIES FBI, DOJ, to run there agenda) I know there are great people at FBI and DOJ, however the brass was more corrupt than the local NYC mob. In fact to close, Clinton’s make Al Capone look like a TOOTH FAIRY. I am going to end here, as it so upsetting to see what took place with the two TRAITORS. What about the Democratic party, that’s another twenty minute discussion. Pelosi and crying Chuck need to go away, bad for the party.

      • libsarescum

        Barack hom0 communist muslim could not get security clearance

    • Shawn Huntee


    • John

      codycollie: It is very easy to prove that democrats and most people in congress are criminals. Just read the U.S. Constitution, article 1, section 1, then the rest of article 1, then read the tenth amendment in the Bill of Rights. In their oaths of office, to support, protect and defend (I assume obey) the Constitution, they demonstrate lying under oath (perjury), and in passing laws and using powers the Constitution prohibits (usurpation), they declare themselves to be criminals. Usurpation is historically a capital crime of the same level as treason. Those involved in creating, supporting, and ratifying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were serious about having a document of LAW, not opinion, to protect people, their rights, their property, and their livelihoods from excessive government and keep government fully subordinate to law and not immune to or above the law.

    • Bruce Von Sprecken

      Very very true!! Those Commie Democrats are just as bad as the Russians and they even sold them U.S. uranium and pocketed the money! They are traitors,and we need our firearms to protect ourselves from the Democommies!

    • bobvelon

      They should check the party all the shooters belonged in and abolish the Democratic party because that is the party they belonged to….The malcontents are the Democrats….

  • Robert Marshall

    As usual Demoncraps, Liberals, RINOs and Left Wing nut jobs wants to jump on banning guns or taking away law abiding people rights to own whatever they want because of the actions of stupid people that have no sense of life, right & wrong and consequences of their actions. Criminals and people (good or bad) that DESIRE to do HARM (steal, kill, or destroy) someone or anyone WILL DO HARM, by whatever means they can, whether it is by a fist, stick, gun, knife, car, truck, bomb, gas, fire whatever they decide to use, they will to get whatever it is they “need or want” (your car, wallet, money, revenge, life etc…).

    They (the above mentioned sleaze balls) won’t address the issue of the HUNDREDS of people that are KILLED EVERYDAY by Drunk drivers. Why? Because guns (Right to Bare Arms) IS a Constitutional right (2nd Amendment) and they don’t want you to have that because then you could defend yourself from bad people and able to keep the government in check. They want WE THE PEOPLE to live in fear and rely on “law enforcement” (organized and legalized thugs) to handle our security. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PROVIDE SECURITY FOR 300+ MILLION PEOPLE ALL AT ONCE. The government cannot even provide security for prisoners in jail with all their guards, bars, cells etc. Common Sense dictates that WE THE PEOPLE must provide our own security, wherever, whenever we are without relying on another to come to our rescue.
    I am NOT advocating wild west justice. But that the Politicians and Media be truthful about the real issues that are affecting our country. I feel for all the families and friends that are affected by such events. I too have felt the lost of loved ones. But you do not hear the outcry when tragedy happens by other means. Life and death happens and we are all effected by it at some point in our lives. Bad things happen to good people, deal with it. Just don’t try to rule my life due to actions of others !

  • OldRockerguy

    We already have background checks. About 7 years ago my wife and I purchased a pair of Glocks from a gun shop here in North Phoenix. Before allowing us to purchase the guns my wife and I had to fill out a rather extensive form on which we had to list our addresses over many years, places of employment, our social security numbers, any arrests (neither of us have ever been arrested). Once we completed filling out the forms the salesman got on the phone and was reading off our information to someone. He was on the phone for nearly 30 minutes at least. Apparently, we checked out ok because he then accepted our money and sold us the guns. Based on our experience I would say that the only people that could buy guns without a background check were those purchasing guns for “Fast and Furious” with the approval of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. These Democrats that are now wanting gun control laws are the same people that were complaining about Trump’s travel ban on people coming in from the middle east. Our own FBI has admitted that they cannot do adequate background checks on people coming from that part of the world. So I guess Democrats are willing to give possible terrorists a pass on background checks but not LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. I feel that something does need to be done to prevent these kinds of shootings in our schools, however taking away our right to bear arms is not the answer. I agree with Trump – it is not the guns it is the mental stability. Let’s start at the top – Congress, and the judges show the greatest amount mental instability.

  • john

    I am a member of the VFW and my wife is a former deputy. We both work in schools and should be allowed to carry concealed weapons. Hey why don’t we make crack illegal too? That will stop that problem. The 1st murder in history was carried out with a rock…..ban rocks too? Idiots!

  • W. Coyote

    There have already been 18 school shootings in 2018.

    90% of American citizens favor universal background checks for gun purchases

    Meanwhile from a Fox report-

    “…the available evidence overwhelmingly shows that illegal immigrants are incarcerated at lower rates than native-born Americans. As for the supposed illegal immigrant crime-wave, the evidence for that remains to be seen.”

    • attli

      The 18 school shootings (from everytown anti firearm group) has been debunked. The 90% number (from Violence Policy Center anti firearm organization) has been debunked. First, all illegal immigrants have committed a crime by being in this country. The incarceration rate is about 66% in Texas, but there are no firm statistics from all the states. The lower rates conjecture is not what the Fox article stated. You are a hot mess of erroneous information. Which leftard media outlet is your employer?

    • John Flynn

      You mean like the incident where a grown man shot a gun on school grounds at about midnight, ya know, where the kids were all home and in bed? One of the eighteen?

      • W. Coyote

        John- Good morning and thank you for your reply. Any shooting at a school is one too many. Obviously, some are more consequential than others. But how do feel about 6 year olds being gunned down by a mentally disturbed young man who spent his days playing violent video games?

  • Jim Baum

    And once again our so called hired help trots out their same old failed lines. Of things (like just one more law). That have been tried, and failed to solve the real problem we are faced with. Not one word about the drugs this person was on or suppose to be on. But left on his own, with only his word to take them as prescribed, and with no follow up. He goes off the rails and commits this unspeakable act. And once again the Dam Fools in congress jump to the conclusion. That just one more of their same failed policies will work, at long last to solve the problem. This is nothing more then the very definition of insanity run amoke..

  • Harold

    Ban all of the violent video games our young kids are spending day in and out playing with no consequence for shooting and killing in these games. Our young people are constantly exposed to violent crime, sex and other violent acts in these games, movies, and TV shows right in our living rooms. Our permissive society, single parent homes has led to a lot of confusion in our young people. The guns are not the problem the person holding the gun is responsible for the action of the gun. So attack the real problem and you will see a lot less of these violent shooting happen. You’re not going to stop it all so preventive measures in the schools need to be in place. A close door security policy for access into a school, do away with the gun free zones, more armed guards including concealed carry trained teachers. (The elected leaders in our government have armed Guards and Walls around their homes) The first line of defence is the closed door to prevent access. Second is trained concealed carry for teachers who want to and pay them extra. That coach who died with his body protecting his students maybe would be alive today along with the students if he was armed with more than his body.. Come on people use some common sense here and quit wringing your hands and yelling more gun control which will not work.

  • Jim Baum

    Besides, Background Checks, Like Locks, Only Stop Honest Law Abiding People! People who have no intention to break the law in the first place!

  • Big Ed

    The law currently says a background check is required to buy a gun in virtually every jurisdiction. It is also illegal to request a background check if you know you can’t pass one. Almost no one has ever been prosecuted for filing for a background check when they know they can’t legally get a gun. Also, the Democrats have recently started a process to increase their voter base by restoring ex-convicts voting rights. When the governor of Virginia (McAuliff) did it prior to the 2016 election as a favor to Hillary (90-95% of ex-cons vote Democrat when they get the chance-birds of a feather, Democrats are criminals and criminals are Democrats), he was surprised to discover that restoration of voting rights included a restoration of the right to bear arms-he did it anyway for about 100,000 felons. These rights are being reinstated in Maryland and California as well. Expect it soon in every state run by Democrats. Then, you can also expect that these felons will be legally buying guns-what could go wrong? So, when a Democrat starts to talk about better background checks-yell it with me….Bull Sh**.

  • cardmaster1

    When are simple minded, ignorant beings going to learn There Are Already Background Checks?!?!? One cannot buy a gun without one. Not legally, anyway. ALL legal gun purchases MUST submit to a background check BEFORE the gun is allowed to be given to the purchaser. Calling for and screaming for more background checks is nothing more than a feel good demand. Personally, I think that we need Much better background checks on who we vote into office!! Everyone, upon being elected, must swear to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the Unites States. That means the WHOLE Constitution, not just those amendments they Choose to defend. Once elected, a breach of Oath should result in Immediate dismissal from Congress.

  • regulus30

    what planet has this dumbassce been living on? Florida has strict gun laws; I have been buying guns for years and every time I must go through a background check; where the hell are these libs coming from.?

  • regulus30

    The FBI has once again dropped the ball just as they do with “terrorists”, they say they got them on their radar , but do nothing to feed info to local police.

  • regulus30

    FBI has more problems than liberal corruption, they are dis-functional because of internal problems.

  • doctorbob

    The leftists are like squawking parrots…. AWK!! Back ground checks! Awk! Backgound checks.
    Hey, Chuckles, we already HAVE background checks. This is not a background check issue. There were dozens of clues, but nobody bothered to put them all together and see the Psychopath emerging before their very eyes! Get a friggin’ CLUE!

  • regulus30

    This situation is JUST LIKE IMMIGRATION; we have laws to control both, but the laws are not used properly.

  • cosmo007

    Mr. Nelson, a .223 is not a high caliber weapon. It does have fairly high velocity but my .300 mag will beat it considerably in all areas except low weight.

  • Joecolt

    The stupid Liberals had Obama What did he do about Guns? Children Died on his Watch Did they Not, and all the Presidents prior to him. So Liberals attacking Trump Means Nothing. Here’s Why Nothing can get done first it’s not guns that kill, it’s people that kill. America has somewhere around 325 million people, of that about half own guns, each gun owner owns more then one gun. There is at least 3 times if not more as many guns as their are people in our country., that we know of? Millions upon Millions of Guns have never been Registered, on top of that Criminals don’t register guns either, So when Democrats play their game on lets ban guns it’s just political nothing more, They know it’s never going to be done ever without a civil war the likes the world never seen before. So why dream about something that is unattainable, if your a Liberal Democrat in office or running for office it’s a game to play on other stupid Liberals, nothing more. The Real Problem will never get fixed by Democrats because they need it as their political tool against the Republicans. We live in a Different world since 911 and like Europe we need to adapt, on many Fronts, Mental illness, Drug Dependence, and Terrorist these are the issues we need to focus on, and the most Important issue is protection, in this case Schools must be Protected by Armed Guardians their is no other real option like it or not. If you have Children and love them you need to fight for Armed Protection for every school, We must have it. Anything Else is Political Nonsense and if you want your Kids to be political Footballs then Continue your Stupidity trying to ban Guns and not attack the real Problems mentioned above. By the Way we have no Idea how many Assault Weapons are in America we have an Idea on just one AR15’s about a Million and a Half of them are Registered we have no Clue on how many are not Registered and that’s just one assault weapon would you like to take a guess how many different types of assault weapons are out their? Stop listening to Politics and protect your Children the only way possible. PS: Back Ground Checks did not stop this Killer, Back Ground Checks did Not Stop the Vegas Killer, etc? Armed People stop armed Killers.

  • RDB

    Obviously Nelson knows nothing about the AR15 rifle. Yes, it was obtained legally because the shooter’s psychiatrist failed to notify the FBI and the FBI failed to follow up on a credible amount of information given. Wake up Mr. Nelson. This rifle has many uses and law abiding citizens have a right to own it. It’s used for state and national shooting matches ( the best of the best use this rifle at the National Matches in Ohio. It is also used for hunting and is accurate. Hunting coyotes as well as deer. Last but not least it is a good personal defense weapon. Unknown to you we have a right to be armed, or better armed that a home invader and other kinds of criminals. You want to punish the law abiding for actions of criminals and the mentally disturbed. And finally this rifle is simply fun to shoot. The anti-gunners have a clandestine plan, which is to ban this type rifle. Once done hand guns will likely be next on their agenda. The death of these 17 students was tragic. There are better ways to prevent this than banning firearms. Better security ( cameras and in-school monitors to watch the entire school grounds, locked doors and locked classrooms. And teach students it’s not wrong to inform teacher if a student demonstrates mental issues, etc. Get rid of your bandaid box and find permenant solutions Mr. Nelson.

  • Gardener8

    If Members of Congress were subject to insider trading investigations, influence peddling investigations, and contracts given to their relatives (Nancy Pelosi) type of investigations, our government would
    come to a complete stop.

  • mike

    Background checks-I thought we already had laws concerning this very subject. Another POS going for face time during a disaster. No answers mind you, just words.

  • Countrysunrise

    I think the problem in this case was the AGE of the kid that purchased the weapon. Someone that’s 19, and allowed to purchase a weapon of that magnitude, should have set off more than red flags. It should have set off flares!! That is a major loophole in the law that needs to be changed. The FBI said they messed up, so let’s see if they can start redeeming themselves. The other part will be up to the Parents. If they raised a psycho kid, they should admit it to the authorities, so they can take care of the problem before the kid gets out of hand. As for adults, if you see something, say something. That’s all we can do.

  • Melvin Griffin

    Background checks are already on the books. Don’t the Democrats know what the laws are. We don’t need more laws, we need to enforce the ones we have. If the people involved can’t follow the laws then they should be held accountable.

  • Earl Spencer


  • Ronald Hagler

    This nation has been a “gun-toting” nation since our inception; so, why is it that the rash of shootings is but a few years active? Why did we not have rampant shootings in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? That answer is simple: we did not have liberals controlling our judicial system! We were not bombarded by liberal, socialistic policies in Congress and our children did not attend schools that taught them to disrespect their parents. Our downward spiral has not been helped by the influx of attorneys in Congress; where they write bills that no one can understand and insist that these bills be adopted as laws.

    For the last twenty + years, this nation has suffered countless attacks on an individual’s right to own firearms, the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. Why? Wake up people! The 2nd Amendment is the only part of our Constitution which offers the populous any reprieve against a tyrannical government. It is the “teeth” of our most prized document and many liberals want to pull those teeth and leave us defenseless. If you truly believe that more mundane, useless “Gun-Control” laws will fix this problem, then you (and all of like thought) are truly blindly following the Democrat’s doctrine or simply insane.

    It is unlawful to attack someone other than in defense of one’s self, family or friends: Cruz broke this law! It is unlawful to carry a firearm onto school grounds: Cruz broke this law! It is unlawful to discharge a firearm into a crowd: Cruz broke this law! It is against the law to attempt to kill someone: Cruz broke this law! It is unlawful to murder someone: Cruz broke this law! Wake up LIBERAL America! Cruz broke every law on the books and you deem it necessary to pass more laws? That is, by definition, insanity!

    Liberals blame every shooting on the NRA and conservatives in Congress who support the 2nd Amendment, while ignoring the problem belongs to the shooter and those who knew the shooter was not of normal behavior. Cruz had posted on a social media site that he wished to become a professional school shooter. The FBI was informed of this post, but they were too busy chasing the ghost of the Trump/Russian collusion theory (a theory that was verified by CNN to be fake months ago) to investigate a threat against a school: and therein the problem lies!!!!!! This attack could have been prevented had the FBI done what we are paying them to do, instead of chasing that illusive unicorn carrying proof that Trump colluded with Russia to derail the Clinton Presidential juggernaut.

    The NRA does not (nor has it ever) condone such violence. The NRA is a constitutional protective organization, not the hate group the entertainment industry attests them to be. The NRA is a group of persons who deem it necessary to protect the citizenry of this nation from liberal radicals who would destroy the Constitution for no other reason than a desire to do so. The problem is with the people. The problem is with the liberal socialistic approach of people who want change; who deem the Constitution as an antiquated, useless relic from a past they have forgotten or wish to completely erase.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Background checks? We need background checks? Really Senator Nelson: where have you been for the last decade? When I applied for my Concealed carry Permit, I was forced (unconstitutionally) to pay for training in the guise of a Concealed Carry Permit class. Never mind the fact that I have been using firearms since the age of 8. Never mind the fact that I was taken into the U.S. military and trained to kill in defense of this nation. Never mind that I am a veteran of military service who has served to protect each person residing here. I had to pay for a course to certify that I can shoot a “gun” and hit where I aim. I had to qualify at a range and then, take these results to the sheriff; where I paid for a “background” check by local authorities, state police and the FBI. After the normal wait, I was rewarded for being an average, honest citizen with the right to carry my concealed pistol with the PERMIT.

    The 2nd Amendment clearly states that no government be allowed to infringe on my right to “keep and bear arms”, yet each step we are forced to take to garner a CCP is in direct violation of this constitutional right. Senator Nelson demands that which is already in place and the Democrat minions rejoice in revelry! If you do not see the problem here, you are part of said problem!

  • BILL

    I believe we already have background checks but it seems the majority of the time they go unnoticed by The authorities so what goddamn good are they



    What an IDIOT!!

    We HAVE background checks, where is his head?!?! Up his @$$?!?!?!?!

  • AL


  • higgy01

    It is finally starting to sink in on some that guns per se are not the problem. Unfortunately, the dems, libtards and morons are not part of the “some”. Mental illness and use of certain pharmaceuticals are surfacing as a major part of the problem. Of course, the pharma industry, with their contributing billions (bribes) to politicians are trying to thwart any discussion of the connection between their drugs and these massacres.

  • AFGus

    There’s already background checks done when purchasing firearms Sport. Next….