Democrat Slanders GOP

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) stated that the Republican attack on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was due to the fact that they were “bankrupt on ideas.”

Partial transcript as follows:

WALLACE: Is Nancy Pelosi a liability for democrats in this campaign?

CROWLEY: I think it was more reflective of the fact that Republicans are bankrupt on ideas. They don’t have anything else to offer except to go after Nancy Pelosi to win elections. If they think that’s a winning  strategy they are completely mistaken and wrong. It’s not a winning strategy.

WALLACE: Forgive me, but Connor Lamb apparently thought it was an issue because he jumped on Nancy Pelosi.

CROWLEY: He won because he ran a local election. He talked about that the cuts that the Republicans were attempting to make into privatize Social Security. He talked about what affect the federal government has on local politics, on people’s lives and that’s why he won that election, not because of Nancy Pelosi.

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WALLACE: If Democrats win the House in November, will you run either to replace Nancy Pelosi if she steps down or against her if she doesn’t?

CROWLEY: On the first portion of that I would wait and see just what happened in terms of Nancy Pelosi deciding not to run. But if Nancy Pelosi stays I don’t see a scenario by which I would challenge her for that position.

WALLACE: Do you want to be speaker?

CROWLEY: Look I’m focused right now on winning back the House of Representatives. To be in the majority, the chair of the Democratic caucus in the majority in doing that job right now, I want to be the best chair of the Democratic caucus like possibly can be. Help my colleagues get reelected. Help when back seats for the House Democratic Caucus. That’s my focus and goal. It’s the focus and goal of the entire democratic leadership. We want to win back the House. If that’s goal one and the only goal right now.

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