Democrat Wants CEO Pay Regulated

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) believes the government needs to “start talking about” controlling pay disparities between CEOs and the employees of the company.

Ellison stated, “As you know, under the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act, it became required that the publicly traded companies would have to report the ratio between CEO pay and the median worker. It took about five years or more for the Securities Exchange Commission to create a rule. They finally did so now we have a data set of about 225 public the traded companies. We find that CEOs are paid an exorbitant amount of money’s compared workers. How bad and extreme it was really was shocking to me.”

“You talk about a company like Mattel, their CEO makes 5000 times that of the average worker,” he added. “You get companies like The Gap, you know their CEO makes well over a 1000 times the average worker, McDonald’s the same thing. Some of the companies come back and say we have a lot of part-time workers. What we know is that companies make people work part-time strategically so that they do not have to take on costs such as health care benefits and retirement. So it is not like people do not want to work full-time.”

“Companies make sure they do not,” Ellison stated. “Other companies come back and say, what about our workers overseas they have a lower cost of living? That just means you are offshoring to places where the wages are low, the environmental protections are low, the workers’ rights are low, the human rights are low, so you can make a lot of money. What about hiring American workers who have environmental, human rights and labor protection?”

  • Virginia Voedisch

    CEOs do have more responsibility to the company/shareholders than do “line” workers, but 5000 times more???

    • sasquatch1313

      It is not the government’s business nor purview what a private company pays various people. If you don’t like your pay, leave. If they pay the executives too much, the shareholders will get short changed. The stock will drop, the executives may be fired. It works out and it also explains so much. Government involvement in business and the economy never does.

    • Grant1959

      It’s more than that, in many cases the CEO is the company, the original creator, the guy with the invention etc. To some it does sound “unfair” but what is the alternative?

  • Earl Spencer

    Does this also mean that Congress members will have to give up some of their money also? I’LL BELIEVE THAT WHEN IT HAPPENS. This has a strong smell of Socialism to it.

  • Skyknight2

    This is the standard Communist plank of wealth redistribution and attempt to create a wedge between those that manage to work hard and achieve a good life and those that prefer to live off the labor of others. This guy is just like Obama, a Communist Muslim and there is no place in America for the likes of them.

  • Medic RN

    Dear Keith Ellison,
    Even if you had a rational observation or legimate thought, NO ONE would believe you because you’re an angry, hateful racist jihadist.

    • j.p.


  • halliwell

    once again, idiot congressman, the reason CEOs make high dollar salaries is: a company looks for a highly qualified individual to do the job but so do a lot of companies. a candidate is found and what is his or her pay? the company offers $x, then another company offers $xx, and then another company offers $xxx. of course the candidate takes the highest offer, wouldn’t anybody. so the first company has to look for another candidate to fill the job. it is a competition for qualified CEOs who can do the job. it’s called “free enterprise” and has worked for a long time. why congressman are you so stupid?

  • Bev Bennett

    (Tom Bennett posting). Understand that Ellison is a totalitarian Marxist even before his professed belief as a muslim. He favors “radical egalitarianism” (forced “equality” of the sexes and government dictation of all business activity instead of free market decisions), confiscation of all “excess” profits and profit itself, and “progressive” taxation. All of these tactics originated in the Communist Manifesto as mandates for total control of all activities of human life and spirit: faith and conscience, speech and thought, marriage, family life and children as well as the economic means to save and protect all of these in freely chosen and independent decisions. Sound familiar? Sound like all of these as “targets” in the strategy for takeover by Marxist “Political Correctness” and the “culture war” that has been assaulting us “progressively” and insidiously since about 1950?

  • rdk3

    Besides the fact that Ellison is a muslim (that matters a great deal in this issue) it is NOT the government’s role or responsibility or right or obligation or anything else to mandate what the CEO or any level of pay disparity is. That is the responsibility of the Board of Directors, the stockholders, the workers of that company, and indirectly public opinion – NOT people like Ellison. To quote Charlton Heston in the original “Planet of the Apes” – “Get your hands off of me you damned dirty ape!”

  • Aline

    They can all drop dead as far as I’m concerned! Hate the jerks!

  • Mr. Ellison it is best for you to learn that it is not the small group of CEO’s that will oppose you but the mass of We The People who are no longer going to put up with this Progressive BS.

  • Robert Whitten Jr

    typical “Democ-Rat” phony!

  • donl

    Oh yeah, now I get it, the Dems want to control how much money I am worth, yeah, I see, Just like they do in Communist Countries, the government will decide what I am worth, OK.

  • rick meek

    I notice that this guy isn’t giving up his millions and millions and millions….He’s got them all hidden in shell companies and charities….

  • rivahmitch

    Ellison is just a muslim/marxist ni99er who wants to see the US reduced to a third word cesspool. We have met the enemy and he is it! Semper Fi!!

  • Grant1959

    Mr. Ellison, if you don’t talk about legislating salary limits for CEO’s we won’t talk about criminalizing insider trading by politicians who are currently exempt!

  • NotPCorrect

    Now this is One thing I can at least somewhat back, unlike much of the liberal agenda. There ARE many cases where the ‘upper echelons’ of a company get paid far more than all of their other employees. Owners Should get a larger percentage than employees do, in most cases They are the ones that took the chance to start a business. However people like the usual CEO’s are JUST another employee & Shouldn’t be getting paid 1000-5000 times what the rest of the employees are getting. Just like pro sports, I see NO earthly reason for them to be worth getting paid millions of dollars a year. Just like the big nationwide push for a $15 an hour minimum wage. The Soldiers who defend the nation Don’t get paid anywhere close to the Standing minimum wage! Married enlisted soldiers up to the rank of E-6 are qualified for food stamps! I also believe that Any corporation that moves their manufacturing out of the country simply to reduce employee wages should lose all governmental contracts & any tax benefits & should be taxed as imports.