Democrats Act Under Mob Rule

During Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) blamed the Democrats of “mob rule” for trying to force the hearing to be delayed.

Cornyn stated, “I haven’t been in as many confirmation hearings as some of my colleagues, but this is the first Supreme Court Justice nominee I’ve seen basically according to mob rule. We have norms for decorum. Everybody, as you pointed out, is going to get a chance to have their say.”

“You’ve given everybody a chance to ask questions for up to 15 minutes. You’ve given them a chance to make an opening statement. Any one of our colleagues can step out and talk to the press and make whatever comments they want to the press, tell the world how they feel about this. The fact is, it is hard to take it seriously when every single one of our colleagues in the Senate Judiciary Committee on the Democratic side have announced their opposition to this nominee, even before today’s hearing. It is hard to take seriously their claim that, somehow, they can’t job because they’ve been denied access to attorney-client or executive privilege documents when they’ve already made up their mind before the hearing. There’s nothing fair about that. We’d ask for an opportunity for the American people to be able to listen to this nominee answer the questions that we have. I think that’s how we ought to proceed. I hope we will.”

  • Richard Bagenstose

    why don’t democrats cover and hide their faces when they show up in congress , because they are acting like islamic terrorists , even the mob wasn’t as screwed up as democrats , the mob had a goal ,money , these freaks want the destruction of our country , tell me what happens when it no longer pays to work , everyone goes on welfare , so where will the democrats get the money to pay for it , good thing they don’t have working brains that question will keep them busy for a long time

  • Varmint~

    They are scared to death that the control they want to have over us by eroding our 2nd amendment rights even more than they have already,and afraid they might not be able to kill more babies and the tax payer pay for it! As if 60,000,000+ wasn’t enough! I’m afraid the socialist/communist/progressive democrats have gone clean off the rail and want to lead this country to a totally controlled one world government with them in command! I hear war drums beating!

    • peanut butter

      That’s exactly what they want… to be out overlords.

  • Helen Hollingsworth

    So angry these people especially Blumenthal…he is like that when as a taxpayer in this state you write him about your viewpoint and he goes off like a cannon if not his way…He does not belong here..should go back to NY Brooklyn with his kind…

    • MyRoseHasTHORNS

      I know people in Brooklyn or from Brooklyn that would give you the shirt off their back. Do not malign an entire borough larger than most of the Nation’s tiny cities. I left over 25 years ago BUT know we had neighborhoods that watched out for each other. We had family and community. Not everyone was political infused with hatred.

  • CCblogging

    The Democrat/Leftist agenda:

    – endorses physically attacking Conservatives & Christians
    – endorses Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities
    – endorses allowing illegal aliens to vote.
    – endorses BLM
    – endorses Occupy Wall Street
    – endorses MS-13
    – endorses ANTIFA
    – endorses outlawing Christianity
    – endorses forcing their homosexual agenda on Americans.
    – endorses CAIR
    – endorses The Muslim Brotherhood
    – endorses Sharia Law
    -endorses rewriting history
    -endorses destroying the constitution
    – endorses Inverted virtue
    – endorses Disarming you
    – endorses Social chaos
    – endorses killing Babies
    – endorses Genital confusion
    – endorses Social/economic warfare
    – endorses redistributing your wealth
    -endorses seizing Private Property
    -endorses nationalizing all businesses
    – endorses raising your Taxes
    – endorses Weaponizing government agencies
    – endorses a Fascist/Socialist/Islamic World Government

    • Varmint~


  • peanut butter

    Asking the democrats to behave will get you nowhere. They don’t have that ability. All they know is obfuscation and obstruction, and everyone but them is to blame in their minds.

  • ROB

    When you have no positive message, all you can do is manufacture stories and make a lot of noise. This describes the progressive, liberal, socialist, blood sucking democrats to a tee. No positive message for America. Just a lot of hot air and noise.

  • George Rowe

    Democracy is MOB RULE. That is why our America is a Democratic REPUBLIC.
    Not sure for how much longer. The SLPTs, Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, Tyrants,
    are dedicated to the destruction of our American Bill Of Rights Constitutional REPUBLIC.

    • GomeznSA

      George, your first sentence is dead on. I must point out that we are a Constitutional Representative Republic, founded on democratic principles. Such as the sanctity of the individual’s vote, an open election process, limited government which is (supposedly) bound by the strictures of that Constitution. I could go on but I suspect that you already know all of that 😉 – unfortunately far too many do not.

      As an example of how dumbed down too many are, a local US Rep race, one candidate has an ad where the first person interviewed doesn’t even know who their Rep is, and goes down hill from there.

  • EC

    The Dems and their NWO agenda don’t really give a crap about what their plans will do to the economy. Their ultimate goal is communism for the masses, while the party favorites live like kings. They’re only pretending to care about minorities, feminism, and the environment to get the necessary votes. Once they come to power, we’ll ALL be thrown to the dogs. The big mistake that the “progressives” make is thinking that they’ll all be immune from the coming communist wave. Most of them are worth nothing more than the rest of us. They won’t be included with the chosen few who continue to live the good life, but they’re too damned stupid to realize it until it’s too late. The end times are quickly approaching…

  • Barry thomas

    The Dems don’t care about honor.. integerty. Decentcy.. all they want is power to create a nation controlled by the Communist party. AKA…

  • scott forman

    Vote out of Committee tomorrow, Full Senate vote on Monday. In other words, ignore the anti-American demonrats.

  • ahrcshaw

    They are really making a mistake, just like Nike, the true Americans in this country will not tolerate this stupidity for long. The silent majority is starting to stand up to this democrat obstruction. When you really think about it this confirmation and all the others is nothing but a pony show for those on the committee so why bother.