Democrats Face Voter REVOLT in This State

Colorado Democrats certainly have a hard time learning from their mistakes. Abusing their majority control, the party is pushing progressive policies that have voters looking for the door.

Six years ago, Democrats controlled the governor’s office and both legislative houses. But the aggressive gun control policies that resulted from their leadership had voters recall the positions of two state senators.

Now in similar circumstances, Democrats apparently are looking to exacerbate old follies after pushing the National Popular Vote bill, attacking the oil-and-gas industry, introducing a pro-LGBT sex-education bill that prohibits charter-schools from opting out AND a new firearms measure.

So again voters are looking to recall Democratic state legislators and is circulating a petition to repeal the National Popular Vote bill. There is even talk of Democratic Gov. Jared Polis getting the boot.

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Senate Minority Leader Patrick Neville is orchestrating the recalls and his brother, GOP political strategist Joe Neville claims that these problem could all be attributed to “the banner of Democratic overreach.”

The new chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, Rep. Ken Buck, also shared similar sentiments announcing, “The message I think the Democratic Party should have received is that voters were placing trust in the Democrat Party to move at a moderate pace.”

“Instead, the Democrats have attacked the energy industry and have done other things with the popular vote, with gun legislation, that have offended a lot the people, unaffiliated voters and Republicans, who voted for them,” Buck added. “I think you see this frustration rising.”

Should that frustration boil over it will be a result that Democrats have brought on themselves. 

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