Democrats Suddenly Nostalgic For Romney, Bush

On Wednesday evening, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a hypothetical: “Wouldn’t it be nice,” she asked, if Mitt Romney “were president of the United States?”

Thanks a lot, lady.

Pelosi, of course, spent most of 2012 castigating Mitt Romney as the scourge of the earth, a racist, immoral homophobe seeking to crush the poor with his car elevator. After Romney was booed at the NAACP convention, she said, “I think it was a calculated move on his part to get booed at the NAACP convention.” She suggested that Romney was leading a “Republican assault on women’s health.” She said that it was a myth that Romney had respect for women. Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused Romney of cheating on his taxes. The media accused Romney of strapping a dog to the top of his car, forcibly cutting the hair of a gay high school kid, and giving a man’s wife cancer, as well as slapping women into binders. Vice President Joe Biden said Romney wanted to put black people back in chains.

And now they want Romney back?


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  • SeanM62

    Democrats Suddenly Nostalgic For Romney, Bush.” And Republicans are suddenly nostalgic for Barack Obama. Same truth.

  • Don

    Wouldn’t it be nice if she resigned?!!!!!!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    because bush and romney have the same goal as the democrats , nwo , to bad we can’t get poor people running the country instead of these rich self serving idiots , i’d rather see disabled vets and homeless vets running the country then these rich freaks that think they know how to run you life better then you do

  • ibcyn

    It’s like this “P-loosely”, be careful WHAT OR WHO you wish for. In 2012 you wanted and got odumass, the republicans and many of America wanted Romney; but the dead and the illegals and the many that voted twice or more and you got what YOU wished for, odumass. AND because of that and the division and destruction odumass caused, WE, the American public, decided to fight back and elect someone that wasn’t going to take your and the left’s ludicrous and destruction anymore. WE elected someone that would tell it the way it IS and not bow to your ignoring the citizens. WE elected someone that put US first. WE elected President Trump. So YOU can go wish all you want, cry in your soup, WE do not really care about you except to see YOU fade into the sunset NEVER to be seen or heard from again. Oh, BTW, take Feinstein, Waters, the Rodeo Clown, Schumer, Schiff, and those that have been occupying a seat in Congress for way to long…take them all WITH YOU!!!


      Romney didn’t lose from illegal votes, he lost because STUPID bible thumper Repubes stayed home to protest a Mormon RINO and “teach the GOP a lesson”. That got us 4 more years of Oscuma, some lesson, eh? The GOP base needs to learn the lesson of incrementalism or they will die frustrated and defeated.


    wouldn’t it be nice if this drunken bitch had her ugly mug stretched one time too many and her eyebrows disappeared into her hairline< LOL?!

  • A. Jay

    It would really be nice if you would stick your head deep in the toilet and flush long and hard, dumb ass!!

  • Gary Grissett


    • ARJAY

      That and they are RINO to boot.

  • jim jones

    Why do you even post anything this hypocritical pervert says?