Democrats wish Pence was president

President Donald Trump appears to have driven those on the left to a place they likely never thought they’d be. According to a new poll, a majority of Democrats would prefer to see Vice President Mike Pence as commander in chief.

A new PredictWise/Pollfish survey has found that 62 percent of Democrats would rather see Pence, a champion of social conservatism, behind the Resolute desk than Trump, BuzzFeed News reported.

Jon Favreau, a former Obama speechwriter, told BuzzFeed he would “sleep easier with almost any other human being as president than Donald Trump.” He added, “I’m not as worried [Pence] would accidentally start a nuclear war because some Breitbart lunatic floated a conspiracy that got under his skin.”

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Another former aide to former President Barack Obama said it’s “fair to say that every Democrat I know” would rather see Pence — who often describes himself as “Christian, conservative and a Republican, in that order” — as president.

“He would pass some very bad laws, possibly more efficiently than Trump will,” the aide said. “But we would not be worried about nuclear war, the end of NATO and an unholy alliance with Russia, the dissolution of basic democratic norms and principles, or the base-level stability and mental health of the world’s most powerful person.”

All things considered, it’s noteworthy that so many Democrats would entertain the idea of a President Pence, given his highly conservative credentials.

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