Dems Try To Change Narrative After GOP Allows Ford To Testify

With Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation on hold amid Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s decades old accusations of sexual assault, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski claimed that Democrats were “moving the goalpost” on Republicans because they want to allow Ford the chance to testify and now they are not cooperating.

“[S]ome Republicans could argue this is moving the goalpost,” Brzezinski said Wednesday. “And it’s moving the goalpost in an impossible direction because every legal analyst we have had on the show, you’re a lawyer, you know the law, there’s no way of finding out what happened in high school. There are statutes of limitations for a reason.”

“So, we need to hear from her. And that’s why everybody is open to hearing from [Ford]. But if she doesn’t want to speak, if she doesn’t want to testify, you have to wonder what the Republicans really are supposed to do except demand a vote. This is something that happened in high school. This is going to need her voice. There is no other way around it. No one can do it for her,” she closed.


    what can we expect from a bullshit story by a flakey socialist.? this has been very evident from the start that this was nothing but a ruse to delay the inevitable vote to pass.. just more of the clinton-obama deep-state communist bullshit

    • Varmint~

      Yup, for sure! I see old head witch Feinstein refuses to show the letter she got from Ford to the committee! Just more bullshit from a bunch cheatin, commies! That’s all the demoncrats are any longer!

      • madmemere

        Have you never noticed the dimwit donkeys can win NOTHING, unless they lie cheat and steal to get it?

  • Christian Bowers

    Wow…I can’t believe she made a logical argument. Good for her.

  • DEW

    Talk is cheap Action is much needed Ford is a disgrace to the Human Race!

  • Rodney

    Mika must be low on her liberal Kool-Aid, she actually made sense on this point.

    • Be careful what you wish for..

      I was thinking the same thing while reading it and waiting for the hook. I guess this proves the maxim: A blind squirrel occasionally finds an acorn.

      • Rodney

        Haha, only her boyfriend Joe is more blind.

  • Agostino

    Keep the Monday schedule. Ford has had 36 years since the alleged occurrence and since July with her lawyer to get her story straight. Her letter probably includes everything she could say. Kavanaugh’s record on the Circuit Court should be disposative.

    • william couch

      Where’s the police report? Where were her loving parent’s? Who got the booze? The wheels would be spinnnnnning for a libel suit against her.. Attempted rape!! I don’t think so!! Been reading to many crotch novels!!

  • Kenny Albert

    If she isn’t there on Monday vote.

  • cp123

    This action by Ford will follow her the rest of her life. She better have proof. Get her in there Monday and we’ll help her settle this.

  • Dean

    Every once in awhile a liberal stumbles and makes a random statement of common sense. Mika has just done that. Mark your calendar because you probably won’t hear another common sense statement from her or Psycho Joe for another 6 months.

  • Bruce Kellar

    It smells like foreign insurgence but it isn’t. It is the political enemies of the USA that are perpetrating this series of insane stories. Anyone ever hear of marxists and Antifa, and BLM, and on and on all of who prefer the US disintegrate. Yes Mika had a brief lapse of intelligence however has since regained her composure and is back on the liar seat.

  • dcartmill

    This was 30 years ago . No rape occurred ,no sharing with a friend of the attempt , nothing that provides credibility to this 30 years old account . If there was an issue of over exuberance hey were teen agers ,and if NO RAPE occurred , then no harm no foul. So who gives a s*** about 30 year old non issues.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    democrats don’t want her to testify , they want a 5 year investigation to stop the vote ,i would have 1 question for ford, how did you manage to become a doctor , if you were so tramatized by this , it doesn’t seem , that affected your life any , no it’s the me too b/s driving this , it’s the new racist card , because racisum doesn’t work anymore

  • Richard Bagenstose

    you want to talk about obstruction of justice and criminal activity , democrats are interfering in the way our government is suppose to work , and there are to many a holes like session who refuse to go after them , it use to be illegal to insite riots and violence , but our elected officials do it every day , ring a bell maxine

  • Dennis Recker

    At some point when we see that the Majority Party (Republicans) have done all they can to accommodate the alleged victim and she chooses not to avail herself of the opportunity to present her testimony; the Senate Judicial Committee must return to their Constitutional task which is to confirm or withhold consent on the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

  • ahrcshaw

    Circus, It seems like all the democrats want is to make everything Congress does look like a circus. Sick is not the word for it! It is total Obstruction Mode, nothing sense-able, just resist and obstruct. What is wrong is we are paying these fools to do nothing but resist and obstruct. At this point, I care less what they think, Expose everything and lets start over with Truth, Law, and Transparency.

  • ebenezeer

    Remember Democrats are sleazy bastards.

  • Angelika K Griffin

    So, we have “Statute of Limitations” for the REASON that there MUST be a CUT-OFF time to STOP people from coming forward after so and so MANY years for WHEN a “CRIME” has actually/supposedly taken place ….!!! The NORM in such cases is 6-10 YEARS…..A RAPE has NOT taken place HERE and it’s been 36 YEARS LATER, so WHAT “claim” does THIS accuser have ANYWAY…..???? The “Statute of Limitations” is GONE – OVER with, so somebody EXPLAIN to me what the fuzz is REALLY all about AND WHATEVER she , the accuser, is DEMANDING now….???