Dems Will Remove Trump If They Win In Nov

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) issued a warning to the public that Democrats will try to impeach President Donald Trump if they regain control of Congress.

“I think there’s no doubt they will, Hugh,” Scalise said. “They’ve telegraphed a lot of that. Their base is so far radical to the left. Look, Nancy Pelosi yesterday, first of all, she said she’s running for speaker again, so you’ve got to just close your eyes and go back to 2008 if you wonder whether or not you should vote for a Republican or a Democrat in November. Look at what Nancy Pelosi did in that short two year period with Obamacare, with the stimulus bill, with Dodd-Frank. They passed cap and trade out of the House. They wrecked our economy, Hugh. And we had less than 2 percent growth for eight years.”

“Now under President Trump, in what President Trump has done to roll back regulation, to work with Congress to get this great tax cut bill passed, we have the lowest unemployment in almost 20 years,” Scalise added. “The right track/wrong track indicator, which tells you where people think the country’s going, we’re actually well above 50 percent for the first time since 2007. What that means is Barack Obama never, did the country think, we were heading on the right track when Barack Obama was president. Under President Trump now, in just a year and a half, 57 percent of the country feels we’re going the right way. Let’s not turn back the clock. Pelosi has said she actually wants to raise your taxes. Yesterday, she said she would raise taxes when we are seeing how cutting taxes is getting our economy moving again. So we know the direction they would take our country if they got the majority. We can’t let that happen.”

  • rick meek

    And then the civil war will be out and unavoidable…..

    • gimpy

      Won’t take long to wipe them out either, am just setting here on ready to enjoy the action.

      • rick meek

        the cities will be easy – cut off transport and supplies – water – electric – air – they’ll go down quick – DC is seeking safe havens as everyone speaks – new zealand – venezuela – brazil – – – – – – still – spec ops teams can have the fun of getting them no matter where they run and hide….

      • Aline


    • freethinker4

      Our second revolution, I say let’s get on with it you communist demorats we’ll put you in the ground where your filth can spread no more.

  • help_us_survive_this

    That is about how smart the Democrats are. Thjey easily forget that Bill Clinton was impeached and NEVR left the office of the President. The only other impeached President did not leave either. All it days is that Congress does not like the President. They have no power to override the voting public. If they ever get that power then we ill be totally socialistic and Bernie Sanders will dance the night away on Pelosi’s grave. Much ado about nothing. Just vote republican and avoid the millions of dollars and the media blitz that has been going on since the cry babies lost their fixed election. Hillary lost. Get that through your heads Dems. Not only that but yur signing up and encouraging illegals to vote and even run for office is unconstitutional and downright illegal in and of itself. Your campaigns should be fined and your candidates should forfeit their elections post haste. All they illegals had to do was take the class, pass the test and take the oath. They did not, instead they et you carry on, give them our hard earned social security and welfare monies and hey now they get free tuition for college? And you do not discriminate? This is worse than racism, you know that card you pull like a lawyer? Our advise to you is to go home, admit defeat and quit with the media lies and false charges and investigations by your biased criminals from the FBI and other agencies. They will have to face reality eventually and when they do I hope enough real Americans will be there to assist them on their way to justice. You are not above the law.

  • How is it that they will “Impeach” President Trump? It is no simple matter to impeach the President! If these IDIOTS wish to attempt it, I wish them all the luck in the world! I wonder if they will be able to contain the millions of people that will join in the civil war that follows! So, go right ahead, you bunch of lunatics, start something, go ahead with your impeachment and see what happens, you are not going to believe it!!!!!!

    • rick meek

      They’ll threaten – blackmail – anything to get’er done…..They keep talking though as if americans are going to let them….

  • RC

    If the “Democrats” gain the majority in Congress they won’t TRY to impeach President Trump, THEY WILL DO IT IN A KANGAROO COURT with a bunch of phony charges. Then our country will be lost. Probably for good since we’ll no doubt be under a dictator, probably Barak Obama. He and his partners in crime could and probably would make Hitler look like an altar boy. Any who don’t think the real Democrats are long gone and have been replaced with Communists posing as Progressives masquerading as Democrats are either totally out of touch with reality or are just plain fools. People mention civil war. What would we fight with? And who would we fight. If that were to happen, ISIS and no telling what other terrorist organization would move in and really cause a lot of problems. What’s happening in the middle east would look like a tea party. I hope I’m wrong but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • John Dobbs

    I know that’s been their total agenda ever since Nov. 8, 2016!! No work done that didn’t involve a way to trap Trump in anything to try and impeach him! Time for Mueller to shut down his “investigation” and go back home or wherever he came from! If people really listen to the rhetoric the Dems. are spewing, even the Liberal Snowflakes, wouldn’t vote for them!! We’ll see just how Crazy the Voters are I guess??

  • nokabosh

    Mueller will do his best to cast suspicion on Trump until the mid-terms. The public knows Muller is on nothing but a witch hunt at this point. Hopefully they aren’t so naive as to give the House to Pelosie. Dems in control of the House would in effect stop the recovery underway after Obama’s dismal years. Sadly, McConnell (R) in the Senate is too gutless to use the nuke option. That was the first thing Dirty Harry Reid (D) did when he was majority leader.

    • Bruce Walters

      Mueller is just milking the situation for a paycheck, nothing more

      • freethinker4

        No he’s running the time table down on the statute of limitations on their criminal actions. But it won’t save these treasonous F–kers as I believe that statute doesn’t apply if it’s the very people in charge of enforcing law are conspiring to break it.

  • Coastie49

    The’ Dumbocrats can ‘try’ to Impeach Their President, until ‘their swamp’ runs dry…. But, NOT ONE President has EVER been Impeached while in office. Those who seek running Trump out of the Office of the Presidency have been drinking the ‘ whine’ from the Estate of the Progressive Left. These people and their counterparts, in the mainstream media are the true enemies of the American people. The colleges are being used as incubators, to spawn dumbed-down and stupified Liberals who are fixated on the their divisive and irrational ideology, that conflicts with America’s Judeo-Christian underpinnings and historical cultural norms. At some tipping point…The preponderance of the population will rise up against these people, who are steeped, in their secular, globalist ambitions and for them, there will be no place to hide. Their words, their actions, will have convicted them. Soon…there will be a time for the accounting.

  • gimpy

    Ha Ha the dumbdemorats do not even have enough sense or sanity to remove shit from their undies let alone impeach President Trump a great leader who has all the dimwits scared to death of going to jail for all their crooked criminal violations. Way to go President Trump the true American people are behind you 1000%. Send the wussified pussified little crybaby democrat sewer rats back to the sewer where they belong.

  • Joe Nanas

    Vote NO to any Democrat agenda and candidates. It’s very bad for you and certainly bad for America.

  • england98

    After the vote in November, and if the dems does take control, Then it will be LOCK and LOAD.

  • Maggietish

    Once again the Democrats are ignoring the will of the people and don’t have a clue, nor do they care, what the American people care about. The reality is if they attempt to remove President Trump and keep being nothing but obstructionist to the detriment of the United States of the American people there will be a guaranteed Civil War in the United States of America

  • Bruce Walters

    Dems have been trying to get Trump out since day one of his administration. They can’t get in there heads that Hillary lost for a reason, she’s a pathetic,corrupt, evil loser. Our President has done more for this country and the world in the short time he’s been in office than Obama did in the 8 disastrous years he was in office. Our President definitely deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, he’s earned it. Obama didn’t do anything to get his, but whip our his race card.

  • donl

    They want; Trump out, Guns gone, Free Speech gone, No Voting, and they have a New Constitution they want us to live by. Let me remind the Leftists, FREEDOM IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

  • Aline

    and if all goes well, and it will…..WE’LL REMOVE THE DEMOS!!!!

  • Fred Friedman

    We should remove Democrats as well as their ignorant Negro and Hispanic supporters, defund the leftist colleges that see to censor speech they find offensive, pack the courts with principled conservatives who will make the courts totally unfriendly to the cultural agenda of the Jews who run the ACLU and want to turn every type of dysfunctional behavior into a civil right, refuse to enforce voter ID and immigration laws, want to force people to join a union in order to work, are opposed to fracking and school choice. The Democrats are a rotten, leftist party that hates the rest of the nation that lives outside the sewer holes of our large cities, Hollywood, the academy and the shithole of identity politics. Voting against the Democrats is a privilege and a moral imperative if one truly cares about economic and religious freedom. I will not vote for a party that want to force religious groups to sanction abortion, gay marriage or transgender toilets. Vote wisely and unequivocally. Republicans also need to monitor voter fraud that occurs in Democratic areas especially among Negroes, illegal immigrants and the cemetery vote.