Does Romney Endorse Trump For 2020?

Mitt Romney who lost in the 2012 presidential elections is not committing to endorse President Trump for re-election in 2020.

“It’s too early to say who I will support [in 2020],” Romney stated.

“I’m not willing to say who I’m going support at this stage. That’s a little early for that, but the time will come,” he claimed.

  • Louisiana Lady

    Easy question. The answer is “no”. Mitt Romney is John McCain’s dying wish.

  • Charles Lagioia

    Just what we need another RHINO REPUBLICANS who is a real DEMOCRATS RATS.

  • Meg

    No, he won’t. He will be a thorn in Trump’s side if he is elected to the senate. May as well vote for the democrat, no difference.

  • Bob Dohnal

    Who cares, he was gutless candidate.

  • Pennifer

    It is reprehensible that this Trump hater has the audacity to withhold his support of our great President. Who else has kept campaign promises despite being harassed daily by the media and being bad-mouthed by Rinos like Flake, McCain and Romney? Romney better think of keeping the Republicans in power by supporting our President or he, and the country, will be heading down the road of Socialism.

    • Ron C

      That has been Romney’s plan all along…Socialism.

    • dennis w


  • dominke

    Traitor will not change. He is as liberal anti America as one could be. Rino.

  • klsparrow

    Hell NO this never Trumper is the heir to the McCain wing of teh GOP. Nothing more than a democrat that says he is a republican like McCain

  • Oinkle Tom

    Romney is a “washed up looooooser”. Out with him.

  • Name

    Romney will never support Trump. In fact I see all of this as a stepping stone to him throwing his hat in the race in 2020.

  • Dodie1990

    Mitt Romney is a younger version of McCain. He, like McCain, hates Trump and everything he is trying to do. Romney will do everything he can to defeat Trump and undermine his platform. Electing him Senator is the same as electing a Democrat. He most certainly will never endorse Trump. Romney is for open borders and most of the Democrat platform. He would be more comfortable as a Democrat.

  • denise valley

    Very clever Mitt, no balls to commit…I really thought you would of beat Obama, not sure what happened, it’s almost like you caved or was bought, not sure which.

  • Gail Davis

    Are you kidding! This rhino hates President Trump and will be a thorn in his side as soon as he
    gets to Congress. I am truly sorry this piece of crap won (of course the mormans think he walks on water) but those that aren’t Morman think of him differently – not one of our favorite people. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, a back stabber and a liar.

    • JobRon

      GailDavis: I’m a Mormon and I think he is a complete RHINO. Like pinky lap-dog reid. completely useless to the furtherment of Constitutional rule. His first debate with Nobummmmer was a success, but it went to his head and he proceeded to put that appendage in a very dark place and hasn’t removed it since that time. Not a credit to either his religion or the party POTUS is trying to save from itself and the establishment.

  • metheoldsarge

    He will support Trump when pigs fly.