Does Trump Deserve Credit For Holding Senate?

Fox’s Chris Wallace recently stated that while President Trump does deserve to be congratulated for the Republicans being able to hold Senate, the president is  getting “too much credit.”

Wallace stated, “I think we are…giving too much credit to Donald Trump for holding on to the Senate. The fact is, this was a historically difficult year for the Democrats. The Democrats had 26 seats that they had to defend. The Republicans had 9 seats they had to defend. And Donald Trump won in 10 of the states that Democrats were trying to defend. What we’re talking about tonight is — and I’m not in any way diminishing Donald Trump’s efforts, or the fact that he’s held on to the Senate and the importance of it, but we’re talking about the fact that the Republicans have taken seats in North Dakota, Indiana, and Texas, which are very red states. So, yes, it’s a victory for Donald Trump, but I think it’s a tremendous overstatement to say that this is a — that Donald Trump pulled a hat out of the bag. This was a — this was something he should have been expected to do. He did it. Congratulations to him, but let’s temper our excitement over Donald Trump’s performance tonight.”