Establishment Goes to War to Halt Trump

Donald Trump’s first one hundred days in office have been clouded by an unprecedented obfuscation campaign by Democrats, some Republicans, the establishment news media and a coalition of outside agitators attempting to disrupt the billionaire’s presidential agenda, smear top administration officials, sow seeds of chaos, and delegitimize his already historic presidency.


A review of events is instructive. Even before Trump took office, the attempts to delegitimize the billionaire kicked into high gear when Hillary Clinton’s campaign joined the improbable recount efforts led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

When those efforts failed miserably, the Clinton campaign turned to an outlandish attempt to usurp Trump’s Electoral College victory. John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s top political adviser who served as chairman of her presidential campaign, expressed his support in December for a petition calling for Electoral College voters to receive an intelligence briefing on claims of Russian intervention in the presidential election.

Around the same time, a Democratic presidential elector from California filed a lawsuit aiming to overturn a California statute that requires him and the states’ other electors to support the winner of the popular vote in the state. The lawsuit was clearly part of an effort to set a legal precedent to free any rogue Republican electors in other states to cast their ballots for someone other than Trump.

In addition, Harvard law professor and progressive activist Larry Lessig announced that he was teaming up with a California-based law firm to offer “free and confidential” legal services to any members of the Electoral College who would vote against Trump in violation of state law.

Trump’s inauguration was marred by threats of mass protest by a movement dubbed DisruptJ20, which Breitbart News exposed as being made up of professional left-wing activists with ties to groups financed by George Soros.

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  • John Higgins

    Evil leftist’s

    • Alex Biro

      Evil right

      • tnetcenter

        Get it right! Evil LIEBERALS on BOTH sides are to blame!!


    This will not stop for the next 4 years. Trump needs to forget about hearts and minds and simply crack some heads. If he doesn’t, his agenda will fail and those who caused it will not be blamed, he will. My biggest concern is the GOP doesn’t really want to repeal Obamacare. If they don’t do it in the next year, they’re going to lose the House and not gain the 7-9 Senate seats they are poised to win. Then Trump is screwed because the House will impeach him and, even if it will die in the Senate, he’ll be handcuffed from any wins.

    • Sharon Windus

      The problem is they have no LEGAL means to even TRY to impeach him. They will be doing it by criminal means. Of course they are good at that. I pray for our President, his family and administration every night as too many “threats” to the communist dems end up dead under extremely suspicious circumstances.

      • Gloria D.

        Me too. GOD BLESS OUR GODSEND, President Trump!

  • Dirty Daug

    The good people of America need to blackball any and all Liberals anyway possible. Don’ do any of these Liberals any favors ever. What have these Liberals got against more jobs, lower taxes and keeping the illegals out of America. The Liberals are now up to their last go around as they have tried most everything to get rid of trump which has not worked. The big reason and mostly the reason they (the Liberals) want trump gone is the good Americans are finding out that the whole bunch (the Liberals) are mostly crooks. Then we also have the uninformed, the nitwits, the ones that won’t work and other trash joining the Liberals. In my area about only one in ten are Liberals who hate Trump, the rest are just a bunch of worthless people who believe anything the Democrats say.

    • Alex Biro

      Despicable right winger!!!

      • Sharon Windus

        LOL… no, the liberal/socialist/communist dems are the despicable.. geesh! you can’t even remember that your candidate called the good people who want American Values back deplorables?

        • tnetcenter

          When you tell LIES all of the time, it gets hard to keep track of them all!! #LOCKEMALLUP

      • tnetcenter


      • tnetcenter
    • tnetcenter
    • pappy450

      Right you are

  • peter

    democrats are pure scum… think i was one of them..never again…its a good thing sports isnt like the democrats

    • MikeInMaine

      Yes but…. the republican *establishment* is every bit as scummy as any democrat. And the NFL is a lot like that establishment political structure in DC. Apparently you never understood that they had – (or allowed) Goodell to slime and punish the best player, coach and team in the league in an attempt to achieve parity. That seems to be a radical left-wing approach to sports; ensuring that everyone gets a trophy.

    • Alex Biro

      You ignorant clown

    • tnetcenter
  • Joe Pewter

    problem is 80% of the elected want the dirty money and power..none of them support Trump and he caint fire them..people need to relize Trumps and his family’s businesses require One World Order agendas or they will fail..the politicians out there right now are deliberately dis-honest by design..not being done by couple mths..Trump needs to get tougher back to campaign message dont look promising as a couple members of his family are pushing leftist main stream dishonesty..or we will see ..politics business as usual/ controlling lying to USA citizens

    • tnetcenter


  • pappy450

    Time for “We the people” to get our heads out of our butts , MAKE AN EFFORT, and FLOOD the voting booths with fellow conservatives when the mid terms come up. VOTE THE EVIL SCUMOCRAT /COMMUNISTS OUT OF OFFICE. We need to overpower the ILLEGALS brought in by the scumocrats that are “allowed” to vote
    (as long as they vote scumocrat) Most don’t even speak the language and are “shown” how to cast a ballot by “helpful” scumocrat poll watchers.

  • John R. Bloxson Jr.

    The only evil fascist i seeing this article are the Democrat Secular Progressive Bolshevik Humanist of the Leftist/Liberal establishment!!!!

    • Gloria D.

      I completely agree!!!

    • Julia

      I absolutely agree also!

  • Carol Juliano Popp

    You are right. Trump needs to take very hard stance against leftist traitors. They are not working for the good of the country only the good for their pocketbooks. Soros and Oscumer are behind all of it. HAS ANYONE NOTIC D THAT NO MATTERBWHERE THESE SCUMBOCRATS SHOW UPTO RIOT THEIR SIGNS ALL LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE. THEY HSVE OBVIOUSLY BERN PRINTED BY THE SOROS MACHINE

  • Robert

    Does it occur to anyone that this multi-headed smoke screen is just there to prevent Trump from bringing his big guns to bear on HILLARY !!!!. In her head, she MUST become president to fulfill her dream (and our nightmare). As long as Trump keeps taking the bait, and the Congress continues investigating itself and we, the people, keep ,staring at our boob tube, Hillary is on track. Obama, too, has not left the District. These vermin will do anything, I repeat, ANYTHING, to regain the WH. Just watch.

    • Sharon Windus

      Sometimes I think it’s Too bad REAL Americans don’t murder the people that oppose them like some socialist dems do. Would take care of the scumbags quickly enough. But we don’t do that because we aren’t barbarians.

      • John Flynn

        “…we aren’t barbarians.” that’s what the Left DEPENDS upon! if we were to do the same things to them the Left wouldn’t know what to do or where to go

        • Sharon Windus


  • Samuel Stephens

    President Trump is in office for the hour and day such as this. All of the Bolshavik communists should crawl back under rock from whence they came from.

  • Jorg37

    The sooner this uniquely unqualified, incompetent woman grabber is booted out of office, the better for us all, – including the uneducated, intellectually challenged who voted for the bastard. Trumpy should brace himself now for what is about to break about his Russian connections!

    • Sharon Windus

      lol It’s clinton and obama with the Russian connections.. Think you haven’t been keeping up on the REAL news and only listening to mainstream media.

      • Jorg37

        As I said, – just brace yourself for what’s coming …

        • tnetcenter

          Let’s see, Obama getting indicted and put in prison for FRAUD!! Crooked Clinton getting indicted and put in prison for MULTIPLE FELONIES! George Soros getting indicted and locked up for TREASON! I can go on and on and on and on – ALL LIEBERALS, ALL SCUM, ALL THE TIME!

          You’re right! YOU should brace yourself for what’s coming! And hire a good lawyer now while you can – LIEBERALS BE GOING TO PRISON!!

          • Jorg37

            Thanks for exposing so clearly the mindset of a typical Trump voter! Or, – rather lack of mind …

    • tnetcenter


  • Sharon Windus

    The only fascists are the ones screaming about fascism. The socialist democrats and their criminal ilk.

  • higgy01

    Most of the unrest can be associated with a few treasonous America hating so-called elitists that want to turn our country into what amounts to a wasteland or their personal playground. Some of the names that emerge are George (Gyorgy Schwartz) the felon Soros, Steyer the fake environmentalist, the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce to name a few. These people and organizations don’t care about We the People or our country and are the shadow funders of the unrest the formerly MSM portrays as the people speaking. Note all the signs and other professionally put together and/or printed material. The agitators are paid for and the lemmings that follow them uninformed rabble!

  • rick meek

    Didn’t the bible and Nostradamus predict this chit ?

  • Charles R. Wirt

    The word “progressive” in this context should always be in quotation marks.

  • pbargioni

    As each day goes by President Trump is better able to fight off the fascist leftist establishment and he will prevail to improve all our lives.