FEC Complaints Against Democrat Pile Up

The Federal Election Commission is going to have to open a branch dedicated to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if the complaints against her keep filing in. 

The freshman congresswoman and her campaign manager are both targets of a new complaint that accuses them of a “subsidy scheme.”

Fox News reported that the new complaint accuses the pair of overseeing a “shadowy web” of political action committees that they used to to raise more funds than they are legally allowed to take. 

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The complaint was filed by Dan Backer, a veteran campaign counsel who claims, “Chakrabarti was trying to create the Uber for politics. Uber functions because of a massive subsidy from venture capital. Here, it’s subsidized by these PACs to deliver a valuable service that people need and want, but can’t be delivered at the real cost of it.”

For someone so outspoken about corruption Ocasio-Cortez is proving to have quite a few skeletons in her closet. Which is its own warning given how little time she’s had to amass them. 

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