Female Trump supporter pepper-sprayed at U.C. Berkeley

A female supporter of Republican President Donald Trump was pepper-sprayed during an on-camera interview with KGO-TV amid rioting at the University of California, Berkeley, Wednesday night.

“I’m looking to make a statement by just being here, and I think the protesters are doing the same,” Kiara Robles told the reporter. “Props to the ones who are doing it non-violently, but I think that’s a very rare thing indeed.”

Seconds later, she was hit with the pepper spray.

Robles was wearing a red baseball cap with white lettering on the front — “Make Bitcoin Great Again” — but it likely looked enough like Trump’s campaign cap to the black-gloved culprit, who quickly took off after pepper-spraying her.

She told KGO soon after that she was alright.

Here’s a look at the incident from a different angle, captured by a friend of Robles:


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source: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/02/02/video-female-trump-supporter-pepper-sprayed-at-u-c-berkeley-riot-but-not-by-police/


    This has to stop.What happen to free speech, Free speech is dead. It is replaced by DEMOCRATIC LIBERALS THUGS.Now only people can speak who are protesting rioting setting things on fire , breaking windows .They belong in jail. Free speech for all people. not just liberals .No more Federal funding for those university till they let all people speak not just them.

    • ARJAY

      Freeze ALL scholarships and grants! RECALL ALL payments already made too the students. Include all funding by the federal gubbermint directly to the universities and colleges!

    • Tony Turko

      When did liberals ever believe in free speech! Bunch of sock puppet book burners!

    • leadvillexp

      I am a Republican, NRA supporter, an Agnostic, 65 year old northerner with a southern heart and a liberal / conservative. I believe in rights and not banning. I believe in a women’s right to choose, gays can marry, religious choice, and we can own any firearm we choose. I don’t believe in banning anything except illegals. What is it Liberals don’t understand about illegal? As for Arabic countries keep them out until we can vet them properly. Go back to when my parents fathers came here and had to stop on Ellis Island. Immigrants are treated much better today even by President Trump. That was vetting. Freedom means even NAZI’s and the KKK can speak their piece. Peaceful demonstrations that don’t inconvenience people and destroy property need to be in our free government but we should go back to the 1800’s and shoot looters. This crap would stop. Horse thieves were hung, what about car thieves? It is time we took back our country, to heck with the UN. President Trump will “Make America Great Again” I hope.

  • Laurie Ann Forrest

    Democrats are now socialists, a place where freedom ceases to exist! These creeps should be arrested and tried for assault! ZERO TOLERANCE!

    • Russell B. Ellis

      I agree with you who heartedly! Take the funding away from state colleges that do not support free speech. Taxpayers should not have to pay for this type of bull shit. Let them self fund or perish.

      • big KAhuna

        Arrest Socialist George Sorros for Sedition/Treason – he’s the one paying these thugs ( puppet master) . Send in riot teams to take out the thugs –
        Enough! Berkeley any many other colleges are run by Socialists – Education reform is coming.

      • frustraated

        Let the protesters pay for the damage to property! Oh–and Sorros who helped pay for the face-masked rioters to be there.

  • Laurie Ann Forrest

    Shut these colleges down! Virtual or internet education is the future and these colleges and universities are breeding grounds for hate and evil! We the people have no obligation to finance the indictrination of a generation! DRAIN THE COLLEGE SWAMPS!

    • frustraated

      I’m all for college–I graduated from a faith-based university and got a fantastic education. But these places are just brainwashing stations for the left.

    • Kellerboys

      … come on Laurie Ann, its more fun to make fun of them.. and call out their never ending folly… have some fun with it… Be Happy !! That just kills the left!! Ridiculing them is much more enjoyable.

  • Sue

    I hope the police took names. Heard they arrested 1. That is unacceptable. Any who were Berkeley students should be expelled and any grants or scholarships withdrawn. All should have been arrested, charged with a felony, jailed, and later tried. The fine should be $25,000 each.

    • Spento Vestonucci

      Most of the rioters, I understand, were from OUTSIDE the student body! Thugs, goons, commies and anarchists, paid for by the likes of George Soros and his ilk….CLASSIC marxist/commie techniques to destabilize a country!

  • Jack Reiff

    It is deplorable that the ones who called out the Trump campaign as trouble makers are in the midst of all this trouble. If a student is caught causing or contributing to this mayhem they should have their government sponsored student loans recalled because that nasty behavior is being partially supported by these loans.

    • frustraated

      And they should be arrested and CONVICTED!

  • Old Salt

    I quick paused it, right where that cowards profile was
    clear, trying to catch attitude on his smarmy face. He looks to be about 60 or so with a pleased with himself smirk
    on his face. He didn’t have the typical
    crazed look of a radical, but rather the purposeful act of a “paid
    for” plant, mixed in with the crowd.
    Too bad there weren’t enough good guys around her, to jam that
    bass-turds face, into the cement and bloody up his nose a little for him.

  • lolastaples

    Somebody needs to be punished for all this rioting…and somebody needs to be punished for pepper spraying this young girl. The Democrats on the left are the ones causing all this distruction.

  • Estoban

    What have we here? Violent, intolerant, hating Democrats paid for by communist Soros.

  • Ronald Hagler

    If you will notice, the victim (A Supposed Republican Trump Supporter) was exposed in full view by the media, while obscuring the ID of the possible attacker. If you believe the current media outlets are still advocates of free speech and in full support of the Constitution, you are a fool. The modern liberal supports only that which (and those who) agree with their current philosophy; whatever that may be. The liberal mind is as irrational as are Islamic extremists. One is allowed to speak only if in support of the liberal agenda; all other thoughts are Marxist, Fascist or Dictatorial! This is what the DNC has brought to this nation of democratic reason: utter chaos, disobedience and anarchy!

    Since when is attacking someone for his/her belief’s acceptable? When did it become acceptable to use your constitutional rights to stomp those same rights of others? When did looting businesses became a voice of justice? So shall be the legacy of Barrack Obama!!

    • frustraated

      Absolutely! I wondered about the hiding the face of the THUG part!

  • William

    There is a clear picture of the attacker and his unprovoked attack on this woman. The Berkeley Police (Both) need to locate this Attacker, Arrest Him and put his ass in Jail. If they can’t seem to accomplish this, then, maybe, UC Berkeley needs a visit from the US National Guard. And, if Governor Jerry (Moon-Beam) doesn’t want to help, then additional measures can be taken.

  • Greg Jones

    Same thing as treatment of black lives matter protesters at Trump events.

  • markypolo

    The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat. Period.
    It is time to fight back!
    Spill the blood.

    • Jim Strong

      Good idea and no permit required.

  • Statesman Patriot

    Whoever deployed the pepper spray just committed a major misdemeanor as CA law requires a special training certificate to even possess pepper spray or mace. Wrongful deployment in itself is a crime and then add assault. Together should become a felony.

    All of the libtards are rioting and assaulting and should be arrested and charged with felony criminal assault with a riot and hate crime enhancement.

    Let these idiots ruin the rest of their lives with a criminal record! Low level jobs and nothing with a security clearance or positions of trust.

  • frustraated

    This is a disgrace. And such a “college” gets our tax dollars? That has to stop! Whoever did this should have been immediately arrested for assault. What if the girl had asthma and was NOT all right? This could have been murder.

  • Laurie Ann Forrest

    We the people are paying for this indictrination of our youth! Eliminate the cesspool of indoctrination by shutting down these bastions of liberalism! Virtual education will be free to everyone and the rug will literally be yanked out from underneath those that wish to poison our youth! Can’t even speculate what the cost of these colleges are to American society, millions, billions? Money well spent elsewhere!