George W. Bush: ‘Bigotry seems emboldened’

Former President George W. Bush said Thursday that “bigotry seems emboldened” in the United States, warning that Americans need to reject “white supremacy.”

The former president also criticized the “governing class,” but did not specifically mention President Trump, Congress or any other politicians in office.

“Discontent deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts” in recent years, Bush said in remarks from New York City at a forum focused on security and sponsored by the George W. Bush Institute.

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  • rs1123

    Some of us are merely objecting to the destruction of our culture, or being relegated to second class status in the country we built. Are we just supposed to step back, step down, and be quiet?

  • joe dougan

    Think GWB needs to look who caused the Racial divide. It was not Trump. Sad that the first Black President failed at most of what he did. Many had hope for him and he sure let them down.

    History will not be kind to him.

    • 1Americanboy

      Worst President ever is ODUMMER second is CARTER third is G W BUSH fourth is Bush

  • johnadamsisrollinginhisgrave

    Bush family legacy: Fascism —

    Ever wonder why Bush Jr. & Senior embraced Bill Clinton and Obama…you won’t after reading this.

  • Jonny

    George is a member of the swamp and will do anything to protect it. Still bitter about his brother being crushed by Trump. This country would not have survive another Bush or Obummer. This country chose a man who is only interested in saving the country. George just be quiet and leave Trump get on with saving the country.

  • Dwight Hartmark

    We don’t need the Bush or Clinton or Obama families doing any more harm to America than they’ve already done. The Trump Train rolls on Making America Great Again.

  • W. Coyote

    George W. Bush was wrong about a lot of things, but on this one, I think he’s right-
    Here’s what David Duke had to say—–

    “This represents a turning point for the people of this country. We are determined to take our country back,” Duke said. “We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in. That’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back.”

  • Bruce Kellar

    He might be familiar with WHITE SUPREMACISTs however I have yet to make an aquaintance of any. Where does this shit come from, liberals? Bush is definitely a white supremacist given his family heritage. Did he not buddy up with Obama in opposition to our laws?

  • lightingengineer

    Since 1998 and renewal of most favored nation with China, the trade deficit has been driving the Federal deficit as shown. Big lies are that NAFTA is the problem, that steel is the problem, that a strong dollar is good, and that free trade is good. Actually China and apparel are the largest trade deficit sources. We need to reduce the corporate income tax rate from the world’s highest to 15 or 20%. We need a market access charge on foreign currency being exchanged for dollars to bring the dollar exchange rate down to where the price of our goods can compete internationally. Both Bush and Obama left us with a mess. They were and are still clueless on the most important issue facing our economy. You can never balance the Federal budget without eliminating the trade deficit. John Kasich has never acknowledged this. Our banks bleed over half a trillion every year and our taxable economy is too small to afford Federal spending. The banks are allowed to artificially boost their legal reserves by the Fed in order to support the deficit. This cannot continue without leading to disaster.

    We need to increase African American cultural capital drastically to
    reduce homicides and other violent crime. Danger avoidance is not
    racism. We have to increase the number of young African Americans that
    have the love and guidance of fathers.

    • freethinker4

      I agree with most of what you said but you forgot #1 crook and traitor Bill Clinton who started this mess with his free trade deals with China and the result is the trade deficit and millions of lost jobs from steel manufacturing to the textile industries we have now, not to mention we are building a super power at the expense of the American peoples prosperity and security with a potential communist enemy who has already stated they will defend North Korea!, they did during the Korean War. I have also read they are predicting our federal deficit to grow to approximately 35 trillion by 2025, sadly I think all this was done by design to enslave the American people by national dept? to control every facet of our lives. And no appreciable tax cuts will be signed into law without being revenue neutral in which our democrat politicians have mentioned so what does that say. We are in trouble and the people don’t seem to comprehend this country will implode unless we get a handle on this governments spending and growing which creates inflation. We need to cut government employment by at least 50% along with reasonable cap on military spending we can’t and shouldn’t police the world. 241+ years ago the founders and colonist started and won our freedoms and we continue to fight to this day to keep our freedoms and that’s the only path to freedom from tyranny, it can’t be given you fight for it that’s why nation building never succeeds.
      Back to the subject a growing number of Black Americans oppress themselves and blame their hardships on the whites for the lack of opportunity but you have to work for it plain and simple whether you aspire to be just middle class or ultra rich it’s all our choice, luck has very little to do with that most of the time unless your born into wealth or become a politician. We need to drain the SWAMP REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS or this nation is lost

  • JC

    Bush —Why didn’t you preach this during the Obama administration?–do you now have a motive for publicly disclosing your opinion?

  • VanceJ

    Your full of it Bush.!!!!!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    we need to reject you liberal thinking idiots , yous are the ones who embolded the blacks and hispanics ,move your ranch to mexico spic lover, you should be held accountable for war crimes just like oboma, funny how , for 8 years you stayed silent while oboma destroyed our country and now you want to complain , to bad we can’t get a special department just to , to keep you presidents in line , and keep you from lying to us, you want the hispanic move to mexico or south america , they will clean your house for 50 cents a day

  • Ron Alford

    You had your turn George, and now it is time to shut up, you and Obama.

  • James W. Porter

    I think it is good to have so many living Past presidents, They need to see what a real President Donald Trump is, and what they should have been. President Trump is the type of President that the founders and the people of America needs and wants,their President to be. Yes a strong person that dose not bend to the direction of the wind that blows on any given day. A President that is always moving forward , no matter how the winds of change may blow.

    • Mr Larry Rodger Chase


    • jim jones

      Still millions of illegal wet backs raping America and flaunting it, when do we “move forward” on that?

  • Richard Bagenstose

    personally i am sick of politicians kissing the a**es of blacks , women , illegals ,hispanics , and refugees and then handing the bill to us tax payers, you need controseption or and abortion pay for it, it’s your body so you pay the bills for it , just like i pay the bills for mine , if your so surpressed move out of the country , go back to africa , and if you want to live like they do in mexico go home , simple ,stop thinking whites have to change their ways to appeze you , say what you want all these idiots are the ones destroying our country , remember when you could walk down the street and not worry , those days are gone , thanks to blacks and latino’s ,

    • jason

      Blacks, Latino, others are tokens. Just that.
      Divide and conquer tactics used by criminals like Bush.

      Germans, French, Spaniards are being hit with the same tactics. They (Globalists) just need two or more opposing sides to start the division. They destroyed Iraq, Syria, Lybia…same tactics. Lets now Attack the problem once and for all not the symptom.

  • yankee clipper

    George W. Bush.
    The perfect example of a horses’ ass! If he had half a brain he would be dangerous. I wonder where Iraq’s chemical missiles wound up? He fits right in to that liar’s club!

  • jason

    Bigotry? This man, W should be behind bars for lying, deceiving and destroying sovereig nations.
    W, WMD and Wussy are all related.

    Maybe it is time to present a case to The Hague and file crimes against humanity.
    What a joke. Bigotry? Dont make me laugh.

  • EH Foundation

    Bigger Bigot Bush Progressive deceived, continues to divide Americans; does not fall far from the tree of other Bigotry previously perpetrated on US Citizens before there were quiet so many millions of Illegals flooding and taking over the country voting for Deep State Political Agendas.

  • barbarakelly

    The fact that he used white supremacy should be telling everyone who he is really working for. To us there is NO white supremacy.. I has been a sentence wording that is being used by the elite to bring down what doesn’t exist in the American people. It is just like saying nazi’s that are labeling us. WHAT BIGOTRY BUSTER. —THERE IS NONE. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD AND THE REST OF YOUR GANG, like your father and his NWO——. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • A. Jay

    Hey George, leave the liberal kool-aid to slick Willy and Ovomit and act like you have some smarts!

  • Gary Grissett


  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Daddy and baby Bush are salivating at the thought of going global.
    So, far with our President, we have resisted what they say in inevitable.
    Everything the Obamas, Bushes, and Clintons stand for is what we the people
    are fighting against every day. Not everything is racist, however we do love America.
    If they wish to raise money for the hurricane victims, great, have at it.
    These political attacks against President Trump need to stop. Enough of your bilge!
    Obama and Bush have had their chances, and the country is much worse for it.
    Go away, get off the stage, and retire already!! It is President Trump’s turn now.
    Hillary lost, please realize it and be gone.

  • Malta O’Gorman

    Bush’s comments should have been made during the Obama’s reign. BO was the biggest divisionist- racist-hate bater that was ever in office. He destroyed the last 50 years of improving the relations between races especially white/black. With Bush’s divisive-deliberate hate comments I have lost respect for him. Bush stood silent for 8 years while BO reeked havoc, wreaking race relations and constitutional values. Bush is a sore looser because his milk-toast brother didn’t win the election so he fires off shots at Prez. Trump. Bush’s dissentious criticisms are slap in the face against ‘WE The PEOPLE- that wanted our country back!

  • Globalists unite to bash the man who is doing what they couldn’t or wouldn’t, review the bigotry claim and look to the one who revived racial tension=BHO.