Gingrich Speaks On Russia Remarks

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich showed admiration towards President Trump for clearing up his Russian election interference comments. Gingrich stated if he hadn’t done that, then “we’d be in a much bigger mess right now.”

“I’m really delighted that he took a serious look at it. He hates to correct himself, it’s not who he is, but I think he did the right thing and I think he did it well,” Gingrich said.

  • william murphy

    another fat slob republican spouting crap. VOTE OUT ALL REPUBLICANS . Send Trump and his crime family of traitors to JAIL

    • Richard Walker

      You would rather have the socialists calling themselves democrat run the country? No thank you you idiot! You go to Venezuela and live your socialist dream. If you can’t see what the democrats are up to, you deserve to live in poverty and filth. The REAL traitors are called democrats. Open borders, ILLEGAL aliens voting, sanctuary cities protecting criminals, free everything and nobody working (get the money from the rich – aka those that produce). Yeah, that is a great vision. You go live it in Venezuela.

      • BoundlessExistence

        You are terminally insane!

        • Richard Walker

          And you have a brain? Prove it. Tell me where I am wrong here. I have personally seen the results of socialism and communism and it is nothing but poverty and misery. You want this? You don’t have a brain to be terminally insane with!

    • ggrdr05

      the traitor is Kenyan obambam

      • June Gagnon

        Nothing compared to “slick willy”, who gave ALL our military secrets and technology to Red China and for all of Dubya’s “military, patriotic” standing, he did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help set the country right during his eight years! He simply advocated and advanced “his daddy’s” one world philosophy without knowing any better. Difference being “slick” is an American citizen, guilty of “treason” AND a whole lot more. Fraudbama never was an (and still is NOT) an American citizen; therefore, he is guilty of “espionage and sabotage”, just like any other FOREIGN SPY!

    • Gary D

      A pasty old white apologist giving Newt hell. What a moron!

    • Ralph Sinamon

      You are too ignorant to be commenting! Try doing your own thinking rather than spewing the Party-line!

    • Victor

      You are very lost person when it come to the status of what is needed for this country and it is not a liberal leftist!!!!!

      • allritejack

        So right Victor. Sad that people with an IQ as low as Murphy display it in public.

    • Patty Hoch

      Vote out all the scumbags who are trying to destroy our country, no matter which side of the isle they are on. Definitely NO to Socialism which then leads to Communism.

    • bob

      what crimes………… hmmm waiting for your answer. Oh Whoooopieee said so. Get a life dude. You need to have proof and facts yet there are none. Oh you feel it. Okay cupcake. Must be time for you BS session from democrats and lame media. Bye

    • June Gagnon

      Stifle, William and get back on your meds; when you can “think clearly” try doing some “real research” instead of relying on the propaganda spoon-fed by the lamestream media propaganda machine!

    • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

      I suppose that you think that Michael Moore is GQ?
      Send the Obama/Clinton crime cabal to the firing squad. ASAP!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    put it this way ,the last 4 presidents let putin dictate to them and did nothing , when someone has the balls to confront putin on supporting iran , syria and the rest of the terror infested countries , it will be a day to cheer ,as for countries who support terror , they deserve what they get

  • BoundlessExistence

    Gingrich is nothing more than a nauseatingly amoral pos!

    • Richard Walker

      Hey cupcake! He is WAY smarter than you!

      • BoundlessExistence

        That is less likely than the Sun being a huge ball of orange sherbet!

        • Richard Walker

          Well, well… Who would’ve thought it! The old sun is a ball of orange sherbet! Tell me, oh vacuum head, were you born without a brain or did your momma drop you on your punkin’ head when you were a baby and destroy the one you had?

          • BoundlessExistence

            Critical thinking is obviously a skill you don’t possess! Unfortunately, you are not alone, all other conservatives (Republicans) are also crippled by this mental defect!

          • Richard Walker

            I almost hate to argue with a liberal because they are so easy. I am conservative because I have a brain and I use it to do more critical thinking in a second than you have done in your lifetime. Tell me, have you ever had an original thought in your brain, like EVER?

            You really should go to the nearest mental institution and check in (be sure to tell them you are a liberal idiot) so you won’t do any further damage to yourself. As far as mental illnesses go, liberalism can be cured if it is caught in time (before the liberal is turned into a turd – once you are a libtard you get lost in the folds of Hilary’s ass crack).

          • BoundlessExistence

            The mental life of someone like me is far beyond your ability to comprehend! To describe it to you would be like trying to explain the Big Bang theory to an earthworm!

          • Richard Walker

            For one thing, the “Big Bang Theory” is just that – a theory, much like the theory of evolution you idiot liberals like to tout, and “Global Warming”. As far as global warming is concerned, call me when Miami goes underwater, like 20 or 30 feet, not caused by a hurricane or a thunderstorm.

            Somehow, in reading your asinine posts, I seriously doubt that there is any mental life or activity going on in your brain at all. More like the excited reaction of a bunch of ganglia. At any rate, your childish reactions show the world your exact level of mental development, which is zero. You should go to your mother and everyone that has tried to instill knowledge into your brain and ask for a refund. Even better, crawl back into your mother’s womb and start over. Perhaps on the second go the brain cells will actually grow.

          • BoundlessExistence

            I know it is a theory, that is why I used the words, “Big Bang theory”. So what’s your point? Forget about it, you have no point! Do yourself a favor and stfu! A 3 pound wad of slime mold (myxomycetes) has a higher IQ than you!

          • Richard Walker

            Wow! I bet you had a hell of a time finding such a big word! Hey, at least my IQ registers. IQ’s don’t count when they are a negative number, like yours.

            Questions: Were you a Captain in the Marine Corps? No! Were you ever a combat qualified F-4J Phantom II pilot? No! I Not a wonder, since those positions do require intelligence. I was both.

            Sorry. The context of the phrase in your usage came across to me that you were talking about it as established fact and I would not be able to comprehend it. Why would I waste my time on a theory that I had already discarded as having no validity as soon as it was postulated?

            My point is that you can attempt to insult my intelligence all you want here, but you will still and forever be a liberal idiot and useful tool for the democrats/socialists. I will bask in the sure knowledge of my independence and superior intelligence.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Brag much? I doubt I will get an honest answer to this question but what was your age on Mar. 28, 1949?

          • Richard Walker

            I don’t brag, candy ass, I just do. By your lack of an answer to my questions, I reckon you did not serve in the military during the Viet Nam war. Or did you do your service in Canada?

            March 28 1949. I was about 2 1/2 years old. Why do you want to know this? Plan on stealing my identity?

          • BoundlessExistence

            What! You don’t know what happened on Mar. 28, 1949. That was the day the astronomer Fred Hoyle during an interview on a radio program in England rejected the theory put forth by the Priest/astronomer Georges Lemaitre in 1931 that the universe started with an explosion that kept expanding several billion yrs. ago. Hoyle, who believed in the eternal Steady State theory, said, “this ‘big bang’ idea” is not true. That was how the theory of the universe blasting into existence billions of yrs. ago came to be called “The Big Bang Theory” because of the dramatic effect those words had on the public including other astronomers, teachers, and students. Hoyle’s statement received a bit of news coverage here in the States, something like; Famous astronomer rejects the theory, which he sarcastically called a “Big Bang”, that the universe was started by a big explosion billions of yrs. ago. When you were 2 1/2 did one of your parents explain the Big Bang theory to you and ask you what you thought about it? Is that when you kicked it to the curb, because, as far as you are concerned, that is when it was “postulated”, not in 1931 or later in your life when mentioned in a Grammar School, H.S., or college science class but in 1949.

          • Richard Walker

            You really need to improve your reading skills. A proper interpretation of what I wrote would be that Upon my discovery of the theory and subsequent study of it, I discarded it as not valid. I don’t care when it was postulated, it is not valid. It should be obvious to someone with such a big brain as you that as a Phantom pilot I would have been a Viet Nam era Marine, and pretty much a baby in 1949. I reckon it is too much of a stretch for you to reach that conclusion, as it is logical.

          • BoundlessExistence

            You have already talked yourself into a corner and there is no escape! You said you rejected “The Big Bang Theory” immediately after it was postulated which was a bunch of bs and instead of admitting you were wrong and should have researched the subject a bit before making that claim you tell me my interpretation of the words you used was wrong, was not, “proper”, which is just more bs coming from someone who claims to be a person of, “superior intelligence”, which is yet even more bs! The reason I knew you were spewing nonsense is because I googled the F4J Phantom 11 and found out that it first flew in 1966 which gave me a very good approximation of your age which told me that there was no way you could have rejected The Big Bang Theory when it was first postulated as you said you did. You said that Gingrich was “WAY smarter” than me and I told you that was less likely than the Sun being a huge ball of orange sherbet which was a sarcastic way to tell you that you were wrong, WAY wrong, and in your response to that you implied that I was an lunatic who thinks the Sun is a huge ball of orange sherbet. That response shows that you truly are an idiot, but not just a regular idiot, no, you are a ultra- mega-hyper-idiot through the bone and to the marrow!

          • Richard Walker

            Your google is broken, you vacuum headed idiot. I call you an idiot because you obviously meet the clinical definition. The Phantom II (not 11, dumbass) began life in 1956 as the F-4A Phantom II. I flew the F-4J model which was a Navy model. I flew it from 1970 to 1973 for the Marine Corps.

            I don’t give a rats ass when the “big bang theory” was postulated, promulgated, put forth, or whatever. I looked at it and reached the same conclusion as I did when I looked at the theory of evolution and global warming, and that is that all of these things are bullshit. This is my own opinion. I have never claimed otherwise. Please go read what I said again numbnuts. I discarded the theory as having no validity when it was postulated. I was not there when it was postulated. I did learn to read, and when I read it I decided that it was not valid. Since you insist that I meant that I decided it was not valid when it was first postulated (an impossibility because I wasn’t born yet), You are the moron and bullshitter.

            If you don’t understand sarcasm as you say you do (your “sun is a ball of orange sherbet” comment), go look it up in a dictionary. My response was as sarcastic as your statement because I wanted to illuminate to the world how stupid you are. And after exchanging words with you I will now say that Newt Gingrich isn’t just “way smarter” than you, you don’t even get into the same universe he is in with your lack of intellect.There are fence posts that have more intelligence than you. Your highest aspiration should be to be regarded as stupid.

            I said it before, you should get a refund from anyone that has tried to teach you anything at all, because they failed you. You are a lost cause, because you don’t recognize that you are as stupid as you are. Ignorance can be educated. Stupid cannot be fixed.

            You do seem to be a tar baby poster like one mrpoohead, who, if anything, is even more of a fence post than you. Perhaps you are one and the same. In any case, I suggest you crawl back into your basement and concentrate on your video games. I have wasted enough time here with you.

          • BoundlessExistence

            You get dumber by the minute! My google is not broken, when I typed Phantom 11 google gave me several choices regarding the Phantom ll, McDonnell Douglas must have chosen to use roman numerals. So what, I got a ton of information about the F-4J you flew in Vietnam, what’s your point? So, you think the Big Bang theory, the theory of evolution, and the theory of global warming are all a bunch of bullshit do you. Well, you are wrong, but with those foolish notions embedded so deep in your mind there is no chance you will ever change it. How about the age of the Earth which astronomers say is 4.5 billion yrs. give or take a couple of million, do you think that is just more bullshit? Do you think, like all fundamentalist and many mainstream Christians do, that the Earth and the entire Universe was created by God about 6,000 yrs.ago, 6.000 plus some small change?

          • Richard Walker

            Tell me, do you practice being this stupid in front of a mirror? Or do you just bang your head against the wall hoping to reproduce the feeling you got when your mother dropped you on your head when you were a baby?

            One thing is for certain, you did not serve in the military. Otherwise you would have already known some things about the world’s #1 front line fighter for 15 years.

            OK. Let’s start with evolution. Even Mr. Darwin himself eventually acknowledged that it was not a valid theory, but that is not the point. Unless you are a magician and can devise a third way, there are only two possible ways that human beings came to exist. Those would be creation or evolution. Now I would like for you to explain please (using FACTS) why there has been absolutely NO proof of anything evolving as set forth in the theory. I will agree that there have been changes in some species that can be attributed to mutation or DNA damage (“sports” that generally do not reproduce). But “survival of the fittest” changes over years? No. Cockroaches, along with all the other species, including humans, have been cockroaches for millions of years (I will address that shortly). All the “ape” men have either been proven to be hoaxes or are conjured up from a tooth and a jaw, or a few bones. Not hardly proof that anyone accepts. What the evolutionists do (I suspect that you are one) is say that the changes occurred over large periods of time and just add a few million or billion years to the pot when it is shown that they are wrong. In any case, I have yet to see CONVINCING evidence of actual provable evolution.. So with evolution out, we are left with creation, which I as a Christian firmly believe. There certainly are those that believe (going by the generations in the Bible) that the earth is around 6,000 years old. I don’t, because God operates on a different time scale than we humans and it is not said in the Bible how many years the creation of the earth took and how long Adam and Eve lived in the garden before they ate the forbidden fruit. There are many things that we cannot know while we are here on earth, they will just have to wait until we get to Heaven.

            As to “global warming” I would point you in the direction of the core samples taken from the ice cap in Greenland back in the 50’s, if memory serves. They showed that the earth goes through cycles of ice ages and warming. Generally, before a cooling phase (ice age), there was a warming trend. If anything, we are in that warming trend phase of this cycle. But what I am wondering, since scaremongers like yourself seem to predict the worst, is when is Miami going to be submerged? Again, If I remember correctly, in the last 100 years or so the average sea level worldwide has risen about 1/2 inch. Not hardly a catastrophe is it?

            So there you have it, I do not accept evolution and thereby the big bang, and I do not accept global warming. Anyone who says that these things are “settled science” should be forced to move in with Al Gore and watch his ridiculous movie 24/7/365. Pack your bags…

  • W. Coyote

    When did Trump :”clear up his Russian election interference comments”? When he read a prepared statement about double negatives? He probably should get an Academy Award for Least Convincing Performance by a Politician.

  • Ken

    Democrats only stand for something when it might get them brownie points. They have been as critical of our intelligence as Trump has at different times.

    • Wallace-Darlene Snyder

      Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Smart President.

  • Eugene Crocker

    You liberals with no common sense, might want to figure out how to do something first. You haven’t figured out anything in California, you’ve been asking President Trumps administration to help you out of your messes. especially the bursting dams, fire raging out of control. If you had common sense you would have predicted these things happening. You would have figured out where the money is coming from to create the safety net you need. You haven’t done this because you don’t have common sense. The same thing is happening in NY, MA. NJ, CT, ME and other Democrat states. Yet you think you are able to run a country when you can’t even run a state. All of the states above have over 100% debt with no way of solving the problem. Yet you sit in judgement of a president, who is creating answers, to the problems of this country. Like I said at the beginning of this comment, the liberals have no common sense.

  • Stephen Albers

    You don’t kick someone in the groin at first meeting. Best to establish communication first. Now, the second meeting, THAT’S the one to watch.