Gov. Cuomo Follows Through On Threat Until Lawmakers Completely Legalize Abortion

Standing beside former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his refusal to sign the 2019-20 state budget until lawmakers meet his demands.

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported that at Barnard College Cuomo delivered a pro-abortion speech. He pledged to deny the budget unless the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act were passed by the Legislature.

The proposed bill would make abortions legal for any reason up until the living baby was actually born.

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Approving the bill would remove abortion as a crime from the state’s penal code and allow any licensed health care provider to perform one acting on just “good faith.”

The 61-year-old Democrat has attempted to get similar results in the past, but has repeatedly been blocked by Republicans in control of the Senate. 

Clearly Cuomo is tired of attempting to get what he wants by just means through a system that supports the interests of the people shown by vote, and now has taken New York’s finances hostage.

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