Guess Which Rising Republican Is Giving Pelosi An Earful

Things aren’t going well for Nancy Pelosi after she sent a letter to President Trump urging him to postpone his State of the Union address.

She was hit hard when the President responded in kind, informing the House Speaker that her cross country trip would have to be postponed as well. Trump noted that her presence would be necessary to facilitate a re-opening of the government. 

If that wasn’t enough, she’s faced ever mounting backlash, which is now being delivered from recently elected Rep. Dan Crenshaw who declared that her idea was “silly” and set a “terrible precedent.”

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Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL, pointed out to the Washington Examiner that Pelosi’s suggestion “turns the State of the Union into even more of a political charade than it already is every year, and that’s not a good place to be.”

He recommended that Pelosi “stop with the political stone-throwing and posturing. The president, kind of, has every right to make his case just as they have every right to make their case.”

These latest action by Democrats show how underhanded they are willing to be, attempting to stifle the voice of the president to empower their own.

“Everybody should go up and make their points and see which one is more convincing, and I think their side is far less convincing,” Crenshaw declared. “It’s a terrible precedent to set to disinvite the president from the State of the Union.”

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