Guess Who Else Has Declared A Border Crisis

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the crisis at the southern border. Something that has many Democrats foaming at the mouth. However Trump isn’t the first to declare such an emergency.

Recently on Fox News, Republican and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gave a little history lesson that the left could certainly benefit from. 

McCarthy recounted how the former Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano made the same declaration. 

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“Does the president have the authority? The answer is yes. Since 1976, when the law passed, presidents have declared more than 60 emergencies. But also look to this: When the federal government doesn’t act, governors have the responsibility that they can declare an emergency. And in 2005, in Arizona, Janet Napolitano, who then became DHS secretary for [former President Barack] Obama, declared an emergency because of what was happening on the border,” McCarthy shared. 

She wasn’t the only one either. McCarthy also revealed that the former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, had also at one point declared a similar emergency and blamed “the lack of movement by the federal government” as a deciding factor in the decision. 

Odd how the idea only causes outrage when it’s associated with President Trump.

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