Hillary Clinton Planning To Run In 2020?

After taking one of the most brutal losses in the history of our nation’s presidential elections, Hillary Clinton is apparently ready to take another beating in round 2.  According to her former campaign manager, Robby Mook, there is a strong chance Hillary will run yet again in 2020.

On MSNBC, Robby Mook was asked the odds of Hillary running for president in the 2020 election.

His response was, “I’m going to let her answer for that.”

“I think what happens right now, we’ve got to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016, then we can start worrying about the next cycle. But we’ve got to make sure that this cannot happen again in two years or four years to anybody else.”

Although, he refused to rule Hillary out.

“I have no idea,” Mook said. “You genuinely would have to ask her.”

Considering her recent statement that she is “ready…to come out of the woods,” it’s no wonder these “rumors” are spreading with a good chance of holding some truth.

  • artalem

    Hope she does run—-AWAY!

  • John Grund

    from Jail?

    • Al

      Her daughter I bet. Pres. Chelsea… OMG please no.

      • Roger

        Chelsea? My mind is blank!

  • Rodney

    Our first candidate who runs from a federal prison, how novel.

    • Gina Klempel

      All the criminals will vote for her just like in Alabama.

      • Rodney

        Haha, last I knew, felons cannot vote while incarcerated. I’m sure the Dim’s would attempt to change that just for Hitlery.

  • sonnieC

    Hillary (rotten) Clinton is a worthless washed out political whore that’s N.F.G.

    • Al

      “The Bitch of Benghazi.”

  • cathylovesyou

    I guess Hillary will again,she never has stopped, but she’ll have to beat fellow Communist Lizzy Warren, and believe me those Indians are tough. She’ll out lie Hillary at every turn and play the race card. Wing Nuts all, Maddow, Olbermann,Ed Schultz,,Bernie, Lemon, Hayes, Fowller Mathews, In the Dark Joe and his co host. Boy what a crew and they will all be in for Saul Alinsky’s daughter Hillary. Bill the number one abuser will be off chasing looking for a good Humidor.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      I seriously doubt she will be able, notice, she’s not in sight, her health is very bad as is Bill’s. If she is in any appearances it most likely will be in Federal Court to answer for her many crimes.

      • cathylovesyou

        I hope so. A very evil women

    • Raquel Salientes

      I read in another blog that now that MA is in the frigid zone, Lizzie has changed her roots, she I now an Eskimo descendant.

    • Gina Klempel

      Yeah but she doesn’t have much Indian blood in her if any.

  • Bruce Kellar

    I would hope she does. That would be the 2nd career criminal as POTUS! Along with her new government she will take the US from a domocratic world power to a possession of the Soros/Clinton cartel. She would likely start shooting liberals first because they can shoot off their mouth and spew crap against her.

  • Luis D. Rey

    Now she is no longer crooked but blind, ugly, decrepit and stupid !!

    • Roger

      She is still crooked!

  • barbarakelly

    Keep dreaming hillary———-your on your way out. Lets not forget your medical problem, You could blow a brain aneurysm any time, from what I read of your condition.!!!!

    • Al

      She suffers from green crotchitus

  • LeaM

    Oh, I hope she DOES run — and not “away,” either. Not that I’m a Hillary fan — I can’t STAND her! — but first, it’s almost impossible to conceive a situation in which she’d win the Dems nomination (even the Dems aren’t THAT stupid!), and if by some chance she DID win, Trump would carry 40 states and win 400 + electoral votes. NOTHING could be better for the Republican party, which is why it won’t happen. Sigh!

    • Robert

      LeaM, I don’t think you understand how foul this creature is. She will do ANYTHING to get in. And Dems ARE that stupid. Look at Obama. The (the left) MUST get rid of Trump. Stay tuned.

  • Ken

    She should be running to one of those foreign countries that she extorted all that money from, if any of them would have her? She still owes many of them for promises that she made in return for cash to her “foundation”. The prosecution of her and her aides should get under way soon? Won’t happen, she paid them all off too! She didn’t go to law school for nothing. For her it was to break the law all her life and not get prosecuted, so far, she has succeeded, a sad note for justice in America.

    • Robert

      Ken, spot on. Back in the Ivy League (RIP) Bill told her they could work the system any way they wished IF they were not to be bothered with scruples, laws, morality, etc. She agreed and here she is again. Still standing, nothing can deter her.

  • pat

    Hang the bitch!

  • Bruce Walters

    She’s run twice and lost. Get the hint Hillary, America does not want you.

    • Al

      I did not have sex with that woman….Hillary Clinton.

  • Rick Sizemore

    just listen at the trump retards.

    • Jean Rutz Dunn

      Look who’s talking. Another Libtard. Trump won get over it

    • freethinker4

      Your calling someone retard, that’s hilarious troll!

  • Rick Sizemore

    we don’t want trump either.

    • Al

      Trump now and in 2020. (if he wants)

      • freethinker4

        Hell yes! Trump 2020

  • Maggietish

    I hope Hillary Clinton does run in the 2020 presidential election. It will be the best thing that could happen for working class Americans, Republicans, Conservatives, , Christians, Jewish people and the United States of America. She will lose just that she lost in 2016. One has to question doesn’t her family care about her at all. She’s a national embarrassment to herself and certainly to the Democratic Party.

    • freethinker4

      The democratic party is a disgrace to this country and to the principles it was founded upon, Hillary just shows how bad it really is.

  • Robert

    As long as the American electorate is hypnotized by the petty Trump attacks, she has a chance. But, if the press (hence the dumb electorate) get bored with this BS and decide to “out”
    Hillary, she is done…gone…perp-walked, etc. She MUST NOT let that happen !!!

  • Jimwolf

    Imagine, Hillary will not be in the White, but will be in the Big House..

  • Medic RN

    For some, it actually takes three strikes before you’re out. Really out!

  • Brabado

    You can not run “for anything, even Criminal/Traitor/Money Launderer of the Year”, if you are behind Bars…
    … that is, if AG Jeff Sessions ever Mans-Up, Grows-a-Pair, and decides to do his job as head of the DOJ

    – Sessions is A BIG MISTAKE and proven worst than Holder or Lynch!

    Just incredible, President Trump has not kick him out of the DOJ yet!


    Semper fi.

  • metheoldsarge

    She isn’t retiring from politics. She is living in a fantasy refusing to accept the reality that she is finished. Even her own party is telling her to retire. She isn’t going to willingly retire from politics. Her ego won’t let her. I do remember seeing a clip that she announced that she is back and considering another run for the White House in 2020.

    I think that a 2020 shot at the White House is out of the question. I doubt she would even get the nomination. She is the same age Reagan was in 1980. By 2020 she would almost be 74 so I seriously doubt she would have a chance of winning the nomination and will be finished politically.

    I think the only thing she can hope for now is to try to get back in the Senate or get a seat in the House. She could try to unseat Senator Gillibrand in the New York State Primaries this year. She could also try to unseat one of the New York Representatives. There was also talk about her running for NYC Mayor but that turned into a pipe-dream. I believe the Democrat Party has written her off as unelectable.

  • viking nation

    IT’s sad that Hillary Clinton is the democrats only hope.

  • David Smith

    Will she be eligible for parole by then ?

  • William Holk

    When will she be indicted or will justice never be served. It is absolutely crazy she is still walking around free and nothing has been done so far about it.

  • Terry Butts

    With her only means of avoiding jail being the “accidents” etc. that have killed off the witnesses that were to testify against her alongside the well documented MISSING and vandalized items connected to every time she left a public office she held no one with intelligence would even consider her as a candidate much less vote for her.

    Throw in her promises to continue the destruction of freedom and to follow UN DICTATES to restrict or abolish our rights and the APOLOGY that she and obama gave to the terrorists that murdered Americans over the GOVERNMENT not CENSORING some video (in violation of the first amendment) 90% of the world would never have even heard about if they did not try to use it as a means of JUSTIFYING the attack that was obviously planned long before the video was created. Go ahead search YouTube videos for hillary obama apologize it may still be there for all to watch.

    no American citizen that has any intelligence would vote for people who have promised to turn this nation into another third world dictatorship where the government MICROMANAGES every aspect of their life dictating everything from what they are allowed to believe to how long they are allowed to live all in the name of PROTECTING the governments pocketbook or power-base.

    When classes are allowed to be taught on how to HATE PEOPLE because of their race so long as they are considered WHITE (despite their actual race) without the anti racism laws being enforced while just pointing out a crime victim had dreams to is labeled as racist this nation is fast becoming just another third world nation where laws are only enforced against those the government DISPROVES of while IDENTICAL violations are allowed to happen if committed by those the GOVERNMENT supports.

    Think about it the universities SUPPORTING and promoting her are allowing

    1) SEGREGATION (that many blacks fought hard to abolish) to be imposed again but only if BLACKS are the ones doing the imposing. (just imagine the reaction if WHITE students wanted a safe space)


    2) Classes to teach HATRED OF WHITE PEOPLE (just imagine if some professor wanted to teach classes about hating any other race)


    3) Suppression of free speech (if they feel someone MIGHT be upset enough to get violent they feel they can CANCEL guest speakers or outright abolish discussions on numerous topics unless the discussion forces people to support the PC agenda on that topic the classic unconstitutional heckler’s veto)


    4) Prohibit anything even remotely considered Christian or American (suspending even expelling students for having attire they feel PROMOTES certain rights or is connected to NON islamic religions For example punishing a girl for wearing what is considered to be a Christian cross while allowing islamic students to wear entire outfits that violate the dress code based on their religions beliefs about the attire they should wear)

    The list could go on for pages.

  • Charlie Silvertooth

    Lets hope so, i would love to see her crushed agian.

  • Bill Bass

    that would be democrats worst mistake.might as well just give the republicans the election.

  • freethinker4

    Pathetic, and the looser Mook that is implying she would have won if the Russians weren’t involved. She’s the one that involved the Russians Mook! and was in bed with them. Typical blind deaf & dumb democrat.

  • Bonnie Brunner-Brown

    That Witch better be in prison by then!!

  • Seth

    that bitch will either be dead or in prison by then…im not worried one bit!

  • Seth

    she is like herpes,,,just wont go away !!

    • freethinker4

      Perfect Analogy a disease on humanity

      • Seth

        yea right in the dick!!!

  • ebenezeer

    Is it possible to campaign from Leavenworth?

  • randolph.poole

    Was that “ready…to come out of the woods” or “shithole?”

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Even if she isn’t in prison, (hope she is), she can’t even finish her book tour without “hurting
    herself”. How would she ever be able to withstand another rigorous campaign? She has
    no platform, and nothing to offer anyone! She hates 1/2 the country, and lies to the other half.
    Nope, just don’t see it happening, ever…………..

  • Cowboy

    Oh Hell No!!! Hopefully she will be in Prison!!!

  • Earl Spencer

    IF Hilarious runs fast enough and far enough then she will not get a Federal job with a number on her shirt.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Hitlery will NEVER get elected to America’s Highest Office. She will get into the Big house but never the White House. Her list of crimes keeps climbing and each is worse than the one before it. She is still like Obozo which was what killed last time and it along with her massive list of crimes will kill her chances again. Her age will hopefully kill her chance in elections after that date.

  • SteveO

    We can only hope that the mentally ill Marxist left is stupid enough to run the wicked witch from Chappaqua again, that would be quite an interesting campaign run out of Leavenworth!

  • Tom

    That just means a shue in for Donald Trump, if the Democrats are that stupid, and let her run, remember the Democratic party has to nominate her, for her to run, and I know they are stupid, but do they want to loose that bad again. You can only run a looser so many times, until you appear to be a complete moron, and I know they are pretty stupid, I just hope that Trump can get voter ID passed in every state before she runs, because the Democratic party is famous for committing voter fraud, and digging up all their relative that have already died, so they can vote also.

  • mrp15

    Does this old hack have no shame. She is married to a man who made of fool of her and humiliated her for the entire world to see throughout the entire marriage and yet she remained with him. Now after two embarrassing losses in her presidential bids, she want to run again? Who in his right mind would support her? Long past the time for her to go quietly into the sunset. But before that she must be tried for all her crimes. Just because she lost the election does not mean she is irrelevant and we should move on. She is still relevant because she herself keeps herself out there. And we must set a precedent and set an example of her corruption so that history cannot repeat itself.

  • Raquel Salientes

    Hillary running again??? Bwaaahaaahaaa!

  • Roger

    Can you run for president when you are in prison?