How Charlottesville Helped Drain the Swamp

Donald Trump’s decision to dissolve his two business advisory councils in the face of mass defections of corporate leaders and Wall Street titans was a clarifying moment for his presidency. Just as the president promised, he drained the swamp.

Ironically, the swamp was already draining itself as business leaders decided that they agreed with the mainstream media’s interpretation of Trump’s stance on the violence that erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia. The president had unequivocally condemned racism and white nationalism while adding that ‘alt-left’ violence was also deplorable. In response he was inaccurately accused of equating white supremacists with “protesters.”

The resignations made it clear that many of the “business leaders” could not be counted on for leadership if that involved standing against the wrath of the mainstream media.

And so the swamp was drained.

Nine executives or labor leaders resigned from the president’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative before it was dissolved.


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  • mallen11

    Thank God for President Trump. He knows what is right to help our country and just because the elite swamp dwellers are resisting him since they would rather have their power and greed instead of helping our country be great again. Pray.

  • Patricia Eddy

    Thank goodness, get the big corporations out of government and back to their own businesses.

  • W. Coyote

    Really pathetic analysis here. Trump’s decision to “dissolve his two business advisory councils” had nothing to do with draining the swamp. He was trying to save face before the rest of the members quit on him. Trump has brought in industry billionaires to oversee policy covering their former companies. In other words, he is flooding the swamp with more water- a great environment for alligators.

    • rs1123

      He brought in people with business experience to help with policy. It’s better than putting a bunch of academics with NO experience but an ideology to push to put in such positions. If those people were so worried that he wasn’t anti-white enough then good riddance. Equality has come to mean discriminating only against whites.

      • W. Coyote

        rs1123- Good morning and thank you for your reply.
        “…anti-white enough”? Really? What do you mean by that?

    • 752858189

      Please give us some details for your analysis. Save face on what particular matter?

      • W. Coyote

        Good morning and thank you for your reply. When the advisory council was formed, Trump spoke in glowing terms about it—“We’re bringing back jobs, we’re bringing down your taxes, we’re getting rid of your regulations, and there are some really exciting times ahead,”
        Rather than listen to the CEO’s concerns and accept some feedback, Trump disbanded the group. From a news report:

        “There is continuing pressure on C.E.O.s from customers, employees, shareholders and board members to take a position against what’s going on and separate themselves from president Trump’s councils,” said Bill George, the former chief executive of the medical device maker Medtronic and a board member of Goldman Sachs. “These executives cannot live with customers thinking they are in cahoots with someone who supports white supremacists or neo-Nazis.”

        Now, I don’t really believe that Trump supports white supremacists or Neo-Nazis, but I do think he would benefit from listening to other business leaders and taking their views seriously.

  • Big Ed

    When presidents want to improve business conditions, they always select people from big business to assist them in their decision making. It never works. The big business people will always attempt to get laws passed that will hinder small business and thereby reduce competition. Republicans always claim competition is the lubricant that keeps business humming, but big business would rather have an unfair advantage. I’m glad the CEO crew is gone. This was a mistake also made by Obama-he got big business advisers and they just about killed small business in the country. Small businesses are the engine for job creation in the country.

  • jackel

    Wonderful. Again the traitors are showing their faces. Keep an eye on them because they stand for themselves and their special interests, not America. Seems President Trump is being right on a lot of things, and, it is driving the liberal dems and media crazy. Keep up the good work President Trump.

  • disqus_dBIe0mKo35

    Well you cannot drain the swamp if you put the very people behind the corruption into offices of power. Maybe he finally woke up and realized there not part of the solution but most of the problem

  • Roxanne

    Good riddance to the globalist, “Crony Capitalists” Corporation heads!! You have done us all a huge favor!

  • Fred Friedman

    Businessmen lack the courage of their convictions; when money flies out the window cowardice flies in. I support the president who will not kow tow to Negro and Hispanic thugs or Hollywood or the Jews on the Supreme Court.