How The 2016 Election Scandal Helps Russia And China

Recently Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Seib stated the Washington’s constant obsession with the 2016 election by Democrats and Republicans aids Russia and China by confirming a sustainable alternative to democracy.

“[B]oth ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are obsessed with what happened in 2016,” Seib stated. “The deeper reality here is that democracy is under attack. And not just from Russia and not just in 2016.”

“It happened in Europe in 2014, 2015, 2016. It happened here. It’s apparently happening here now. Both the Russians, Vladimir Putin, and President Xi in China, would like to hold out other models besides democracy as the model that other countries in the world ought to follow. There’s a really sustained attack on, basically, the institutions of democracy and its role as a model for the world. And that’s the broader issue here. And it’s now being basically lost as a question that ought to be discussed because of this obsession with 2016.”

  • Big Ed

    You see, the problem here is that the Democrats are screwing up our government and they happen to have the same ideology as the Russians and the Chinese-communism. On no real evidence the media and the Democrats insist that Trump and the Republicans colluded with the Russians-but, the real collusion is the Democrat’s making capitalism unworkable, which is being used by Russians and Chinese to show communism to be a better system. My feeling is that what the Democrats are doing to slow and stop the workings of our government is a treason and they should be punished commensurate with their crime.

  • rottenrollin

    It doesn’t help that our Dimmercrats are in bed with the Russkies, as least as base ideologies go.