Immigration Activist Calls Trump Pure Evil

Border Angels founder Enrique Morones stated President Trump was “right there with” the Nazis for having a zero-tolerance policy for illegals.

Morones stated, “I’m just outraged. I have been to these facilities. We have been working on the front lines with the people that crossed the border or on either side of the border for more than 30 years with the Border Angels. And a society is judged on how we treat our children. And what is taking place right now is horrific. Donald Trump without a doubt is pure evil. No other country in the Americas has walls. No other country in the world separates children from their parents.”

“The U.S. is country that for a long, long time people looked up to. No longer. What Donald Trump is doing is pure evil. And Jeff Sessions and Pence are right side by side, as are Republicans. Donald Trump signs an executive order and change this policy. It’s inhumane. And I and many people were crying right now when you played the tapes of what was heard a couple days ago in the centers. It’s horrific. How can people do that? That hasn’t happened in this country since the time of slavery. It hasn’t happened in the world since the time of the Nazis, and Donald Trump is right there with them. I’m ashamed. It’s an embarrassment, it’s horrific, and we need to be outraged and pay attention. We need to make a change. Donald Trump represents the worst of the American spirit.”