Is Trump Fearing Muellers Probe?

Former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan claims that President Trump was “brooding and sulking, concerned and quite anxious” about what special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation could reveal.

Brennan stated, “I think Mr. Trump realizes what he might have done in the past, what others around him might have done that could implicate them and some type of criminal activity or at least questions about the legality of it, and that’s why he’s been trying to delegitimatize the Department of Justice, try to delegitimize the press because I think he recognizes that there are vulnerabilities there. And so it looks like as we’re getting closer and closer to additional indictments as well as the Mueller report, I think that he’s getting increasingly nervous and concerned. That’s why putting someone like Matt Whitaker as the acting AG. I think it’s another blatant effort to try to control that which is underway in the Department of Justice.”

“Now in particular, since the Democrats have taken over the House in January, there’s no way that that report that Mueller issues is going to be buried because it is subject to subpoena on the part of the committees of the House. So I feel as though that Mr. Trump and others are really now worried because there are a number of atmospheric changes that have taken place that make, I think, their life a little bit more difficult. I wonder whether or not what we’ve seen over the last couple days both if France as well as here in the United States, that Mr. Trump is brooding and sulking, concerned and quite anxious, who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, whether or not he’s withdrawing because of the result of the pressure that he’s feeling which is dangerous for someone who holds the office of the presidency to feel that they are under assault from the Department of Justice.”

  • Charles Lagioia



    no, TRUMP has done nothing wrong or they would have found by now. his personal life does not hinder his job as PRESIDENT. Only those who fear him are looking for a reason to stop TRUMP.
    I GIVE HIM CREDIT , HE HAS STAYED THE ROAD OF HIS CONVICTIONS. He is having a problem pulling the plug on the swamp and let it drain.

  • guido

    Typically Brennan comments from this communist who should never have been the CIA director. He is a traitor and a lier and should be sent to the GULAG.

  • Jorg37

    Obviously, Trump is running very scared! He is panicking, for very good reasons!

    • Sue Johnson

      Lots of lies and liars out there!!!!

  • Sue Johnson

    He should be worried. The Democrats have shown they are well capable of lying and planting evidence. If he is being lied about or being framed, it has to be frightning. Look at the lies resulting from the Stormy Daniels mess.

    • caligirl1960

      None of their lies ever stick, everything gets debunked faster than they can come up with more lies. Democrats should be worried because soon this will all backfire on them than they will find themselves in trouble for perjury.

  • doc suske

    Typical dam dum dem lies.

  • CoreyE

    Does anyone except lefties really care what this Commie POS thinks? Mueller has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to find absolutely nothing of consequence. He indicted a few people on technicalities and threats of further prosecution to justify his job. Agree with Charles, Brennan should be put in jail and I’m not sure Mueller shouldn’t be too based on some of his past behavior.

  • Ilene Richman

    Brennan belongs in jail with Mueller. They both water boarded the wrong man after 9/11. Both are criminals and treasonous. Why doesn’t our new AG start the indictments against all the Democrats involved in the Hillary Clinton scheme to have a private server and Brennan and Clapper tapping into all American citizens and Congressional members with orders from Muslim terrorist, Barack Hussein Obama and issuing Fisa warrants against innocent people not involved with the election as Manafort, Papadopolous, Carter Page, Roger Stone (pending). Mueller is a criminal and so are Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Valerie Jarrett, Comey, McCabe, Stryk, Page, Orr, Rosenstein, Podestat and all others in the corrupt Obama administration. Remember Lisa Page told her boy friend at the FBI,”POTUS wants to know everything.” This is an abomination of American jurisprudence when the guilty are investigating the innocent..

  • caligirl1960

    No Trump isn’t worried because there was no collusion if there was anything they would have jumped him by now because their hate for him is through the roof they can’t see straight.

  • madmemere

    It sounds like “JB” is looking in a mirror and describing his own visage; he’s always “brooding and sulking” about something he doesn’t agree with and, generally, that’s just about everything.