Just How Corrupt Is The Deep State?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich recently spoke about President Trump’s attempts to keep the deep state from taking over.

Gingrich stated with all the news being released about the injustice done by the Justice Department, the system was proving to be “much more deeply corrupt” than expected.

Partial transcript as follows:

GINGRICH: Now he is confronting the deep state in ways that are very profound.

HANNITY: Are we going to win?

GINGRICH: The entire Mueller investigation. Probably we’re going to win.

HANNITY: Probably?

GINGRICH: Partly because Trump is a remarkable leader. But we should not underestimate whether it’s the bureaucracy, for example, and the interest groups and the space program who would like to avoid the kind of changes that Trump and Pence want or it’s the bureaucracy in the Pentagon who would like to spend all the money on the old things that make them happy.

Or it is the Justice Department bureaucracy which is you pointed out in the last segment, is desperately trying to avoid the truth.


GINGRICH: And I think that we have to recognize that the system is much more deeply corrupt than any of us could imagine. That as it is gradually coming out in the open, we realize the elements of the Justice Department at the larger level, elements of the FBI, were corrupted on a scale that is really a threat to the whole American system and the whole rule of law.


HANNITY: Where is the civil libertarians, where are the left that — where’s the media in the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in our lifetime? You know, I look at what’s going on here and we know what the conclusion should be with the inspector general’s report. We’re supposed to get it in March, then April, then May.

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Now it’s — if they are going to release it some are Friday heading into the summit between Kim Jong-un and President Trump as a means of burying it? You know, two weeks Rod Rosenstein and company have had opportunities to try and get the inspector general to soften the blow and make changes and claim they need redactions in the name of national security. The whole system is corrupt.

GINGRICH: Well, you know, but the one I think where I don’t exactly share your worry. This report will is going to be so big and going to be so devastating. It’s impossible to bury it.


HANNITY: Why do you have faith in that because we know Hillary committed crimes, felonies, obstructed justice and the investigation was rigged. We have known that for a while.

GINGRICH: Right. And if you watch the number two man in the FBI is now under criminal referral. The number one man in the FBI is clearly going to under criminal referral. All of these things are gradually coming out. And the American system is grinding away despite itself, despite the fact that we have an unbelievably weak attorney general. We have a deputy attorney general who is the deep state and who I think is totally unreliable.

And you have basically, a witch hunt led by Robert Mueller which has brought in anti-Trump activist lawyers some of whom have terrible records of prosecutorial abuse. All of those things are out there. But I’m just and maybe because I’m a naive optimist, I really do believe the American system works over time. I think if Hillary won–


HANNITY: I hope — I hope you’re right.

GINGRICH: — the level of corruption would have been unbelievable.

HANNITY: Otherwise we’re Venezuela.


GINGRICH: Well, I hope so.

HANNITY: There’s not really — there’s not any middle ground here in this.


HANNITY: I wanted to say that your book “Trump’s America” it is the definitive book that explains the president’s incredible success in 500 days and real challenges that the president faces from the deep state and the media and elsewhere.

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