Kamala Harris Attacks Head Of CIA

President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead the CIA Gina Haspel was recently attacked by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) at her recent confirmation hearing.

Partial transcript as follows:

HARRIS: Thank you. So let’s just be clear. This hearing is not about the incredible importance of the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the CIA. That’s not what this hearing is about. This hearing is not about the importance of the agency’s mission. Both of which I wholeheartedly support. This hearing is about your suitability to be the director of the CIA, and in our responsibility to participate in choosing who will be the next director of the CIA. The mission that we have now includes understanding that who we choose will be a signal to the men and women of the agency, to the American people, and to our neighbors around the world about our values as Americans on critical issues that range from our adherence to a rule of law, to what we prioritize in terms of professional accountability in terms of our moral authority. As Americans and as a country. So one question I have not heard you answer is do you believe that the previous interrogation techniques were immoral?

HASPEL: Senator, I believe that CIA officers to whom you referred

HARRIS: It’s a yes or no answer. Do you believe the previous interrogation techniques were immoral? I’m not asking do you believe they were legal. I’m asking do you believe they were immoral?

HASPEL:  Senator, I believe that CIA did extraordinary work to prevent another attack on this country given the legal tools that we were authorized to use.

HARRIS: Answer yes or no. Do you believe in hindsight those techniques were immoral?

HASPEL:  What I believe sitting here today is I support the higher moral standard we decided to hold ourselves to.

HARRIS: Will you please answer the question?

HASPEL: Senator, I think I’ve answered the question.

HARRIS: You’ve not. Do you believe the previous techniques now armed with hindsight, do you believe they were immoral? Yes or no?

HASPEL: Senator, I believe that we should hold ourselves to the moral standard outlined in the Army Field Manual.

HARRIS: Okay. So I understand that you have not answered the question, but I’m going to move on.

  • L Kelley

    Kamala Harris is a Socialist pile of crap. Why anyone would vote for her is beyond me.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      I watched the hearing and thought a lot of Dems were just plain rude. When Ms. Haspel served and the waterboarding was done IT WAS LEGAL, and she OBEYED ORDERS. This is not good, but then it did not kill anyone, we cannot say same as to what happened to Americans in No. Korea and other wars, contrary to Geneva Conference.

      • L Kelley


      • DP

        Legal laws mean nothing to lawless liberals! That is why Krazy Kamala ignored her responses about legality; they think they are above the law and that laws can be broken rightfully to satisfy their immoral agendas.

    • Harris, is from Kommiefornia and was the former State AG there, who pushed through the initial massive gun control bill that made many Conservative Gun Owners move out of the state, leaving it to the Criminals, Fruits and Nuts.

      • Felipe Gomez Jr.


    • The Big A

      I did not vote for that pile of cow manure, all of the liberals in Ca are piles of crap, that is why i’m moving out the state & soon

      • DP

        We have been hearing of the massive exit of law abiding Cali citizens who are tired of being fleeced by the liberal, lawless elite ruling class, and the influx of illegal criminals breaking immigration laws now for months…it is apparent that given enough rope. the liberal left elite will hang themselves and take down everyone with them.

      • L Kelley

        1 more year here and I’m gone, they can have this POS state

  • HDMania

    Yeah what L Kelley says..

  • Ron Long

    Senator Harris is a snake of the lowest order. She is searching for some hook that would enable her to run in 2020 for President. She was elected to represent the people of California as Attorney General but when a statewide proposition defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman was overturned at the 9th Circuit (go figure) she refused to represent California voters at the SOTUS, saying she would not defend the proposition because SHE was against it. SOTUS determined that the supporters of that proposition therefore had no standing to represent California and the suit against the proposition was upheld, the case was never reviewed by the SOTUS.

  • James Maxwell

    Kamala Harris is just another posturing Socialist Democrat POS who would rather
    see our Nations enemies go free to kill other Americans just so she could continue
    to bleed the Tax Payers dry and celebrate the death of Americans. Typical of the
    far leftist that has entrenched itself in our Political scene today. From birth they
    have corrupted our education system to brain wash the youth of our Nation to
    the lefts Socialist Democratic policies and refused to teach them the truth about
    the Who, What, When and Where of our Nations founding and the long road to
    where we are today.

  • ConservativeMe

    hey Kamala, why don’t you go to the skid rows you created and talk to the homeless families you forced to live in squalor or do you think you’re too good to be seen in such filthy places instead of acting holier than thou? While they behead & burn us alive liberals want to give them kittens and respect? NEWSFLASH: Values have no meaning if you’re DEAD & it’s all about SELF PRESERVATION which is why I totally SUPPORT using ENHANCED INTERROGATION tactics because different enemies require different tactics and you can’t reason with blood thirsty primal animals willing to die while killing innocent people & to be tortured and die by the hand of a woman is their GREATEST FEAR. Sometimes a dose of their own medicine is the only cure, period
    The ONLY way to deal with ALL our enemies is with brute force.. PERIOD
    The ONLY thing more dangerous than terrorists are ironically AMERICAN liberals that allow terrorists free passage into America to kill us.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      I love you telling it like it is! Don’t forget the noodle armed soy boy’s? Talking crap about they rule over the Alfa males? Ha! Ha! Ha!

    • rick meek

      For one thing – It’s easier to turn your back on misery and suffering especially if you caused it….Their goal is to destroy the US and allow it to be absorbed into the NWO…..

  • Aline

    these, so called ‘politicians ‘, like jerry brown, get THEMSELVES elected! Kamala is no different! Can’t wait to see these pieces of crap get picked up IN HANDCUFFS!!!! No one is above the law! Not obozo, not comey, not clinton, etc…. list is too long!

  • off the hook

    Kamala Harris, her interrogation of enemies of the state would not be anything close to the

    gestapo style tactics she uses on American Patriots ! If you want to see the demise of America, keep voting for SLIME like her !!!!

  • grinnie

    Hey Kamala…..ask a Navy SEAL if ‘waterboarding’ is so terrible. It’s part of their training. You are an embarrassment to your position AND to the state of Calif.

    • Harris is an IDIOT, but then again, the entire government of California is an embarrassment to its citizens! Yes, I live there!!! Hopefully, we can change that this year!

    • Waterboarding used to be part of the Army SEER training also along with some rather physical stuff, the whole idea is to insure that we know what to expect if we ever become a prisoner of some foreign country in time of war. Yes I have been through SEER training.

    • Felipe Gomez Jr.

      The Democratic Party’s new Globalist stance isn’t working out for them. Is it? Socialist Commie loser’s! haven’t figured out that’s not American or America period!

    • FLBuck

      I received SERE training while I was in the service. The interrogation techniques we were subjected to was a lot worse than the “waterboarding” than the terrorists received. I laugh every time I hear that waterboarding was a cruel form of torture.

  • I think Haspel stood up really good to Harris and the rest of the morally bankrupted democrats. She did what was legal when she was in the field. Waterboarding is nothing. It makes you feel uncomfortable for a time being but it does no permanent damage to you. I think the CIA should use any interrogation techniques that do not kill or permanently disable someone. The fuckers she was interrogating behead people and burn them alive. These scums should just be killed outright.

    • John Flynn

      Or crash into bldgs killing almost 3,000 Americans! Dems should be ashamed of themselves, worried about KSM’s rights after crashing 4 planes. Harris sounds like some of the hijackers were her friends!!

  • Don Fisher

    Kamala Harris, do you think the murder of nearly on THOUSAND babies per day is moral?
    This is also a yes or no question.

  • Tbear
  • Sharon Krotts

    It’s obvious Harris just wanted to play “I got cha” with Haspel to put her in the worst light possible!

  • gene smiith

    I like her already. She put “Climber” Kamala in her place….properly and with enormous reserve.

  • Over and over and over again, Harris has proven that she is an absolute IDIOT! How in hell did she ever get to sit on any committee?

    • L Kelley

      She probably knelt in front of it first

  • Lee J

    I hope , for his sake, she was this aggressive in bed with Willie Brown. Pathetic, loudmouthed, self absorbed bitch who will do ANYTHING to get where she wants to go.

  • Wes

    Listening to these stupid ignoramus Democrats in Congress speak is torture.

  • claws67639

    Just a true unpatriotic Liberal Plus etc loud mouth show boating type who could care less about the American citizens or their well being of being protected, except what she can get from them , she is questioning a person who has earned her pay unlike Harris

  • Felipe Gomez Jr.

    An anti-American Globslist whinning about Trump’s pick? Demoncrat loser! Who cares about what that loser thinks? Or any of those Demonrat loser’s think period! I certainly don’t give a squirt of piss what Caca Hairless had to say!

  • DP

    Crazy kamala…another destructive, lawless, liberal left dimoscum protecting illegals and terrorists over citizens and those in leadership that follow the laws related to protecting America!
    This senator can dish it but she cannot take. Good. she did not answer your question as you wanted?neither do you liberal scum in office…you never answer questions directly and are not accountable to America either…now you know how it feels!

    California citizens stand up for your state and America, and vote these scumbags out! You can do it; take back your state and get behind your president! These liberals will take you down with them.

    • freethinker4

      Hell right now the liberals blame President Trump for Iran’s attacks against Israel, don’t you think you would blame the perpetrators of the attacks but that’s the democrats ignorant logic.

      • DP

        They have no logic or common sense or ability to reason properly… they embrace the Liberal 4H club of hypocrisy, hysteria, hyperventilation and hyperbole (exaggeration)….totally irrational!

        • freethinker4


          • DP

            and that is an understatement…there has got to be a term worse than ‘traitors’ to their country! Because that is what they are.

          • freethinker4

            How about despicable or deplorable traitor, I feel the same way nothing seems to describe there heinous actions or that of the whole democratic party.

  • Joseph Morgan

    Any method of securing information that will prevent the invasion, destruction, killing, and stopping the downfall of AMERICA, is to be considered. Protection of AMERICA is first and foremost, whether it is from a foreign invasion or from a domestic uprising, You must use the tools to GET the truth for our safety. Protection of this country is beyond personal feelings. And if the crybaby socialist liberals don’t like this then find a country that you can suck up to and move there.

    • freethinker4

      I agree 100% but it may be we conservatives starting the domestic uprising? Think about it we might have to revolt if we can’t stop the lefts lunacy of destroying this country and they have a huge arsenal at the ready and their using it right now the mainstream media, brainwashing gullible people. Remember these people voted for the most factually despicably crooked candidate in the history of this nation and are still crying about it, we have a serious problem in this country. And where we are headed I don’t know I thought that if president Trump does what he said during his campaign he would win people over to his thinking but the media is criminally relentless, people actually think he colluded with the Russians or he’s an habitual liar or everything he has accomplished was for his own personal gain. What I’m trying to say is we have a deadly fight in front of us and what this country is to become or remain as a government of and by the people is yet to be resolved. I myself will not live in a socialist regime being dictated what is right and wrong by filthy Godless heathens peddling every immoral inhuman thought and action or behavior by a unconstitutional globalist government as Patrick Henry once said “.Give me Liberty or Give me Death.

  • L Kelley

    I really laughed when she brought up morality, coming from a person who had an affair with a married man. Never quite thought it through, HUH Kamala.

    • DP

      that is because Krazy Kamala and her ilk come from the party of hypocrisy and double standards…ok if they do wrong, but ready to point the finger at others for the same damned thing.

  • bob

    harris isn’t qualified to be a senator or anything else in politics,she has no clue what she is talking about

  • phenry

    What a joke! This California pos has no right to act superior to someone that was indeed following the law. Enemy combatants, especially after 9/11, were rightly interrogated and subjected to tactics that would likely result in vital information that would prevent further attacks and save lives. That is the primary responsibility of the president and the United States government.
    This hypocrite had nothing to say when Obama gave billions to Iran for nothing in return. This poor example of a senator had nothing to say when Obama released suspected terrorists rather than detain them and keep them from participating in any other terrorist activity.
    This leftist and her comrades pretend to be concerned for American citizens, but they remain silent as many illegal aliens continue to commit crimes and murder against Americans. Thus, this traitor and her friends are violating their oath and should be brought before Congress and the people to explain why they are not acting in the best interests of Americans and choose to provide more security, protection and rights for illegal aliens than for the citizens they supposedly represent.

  • jim jones

    That black bitch should move on, back to Africa; how the fuck does an idiot like that get elected to Senator; oh, yes, I forgot, California!

  • FLBuck

    I can’t understand why this “unqualified bimbo” of a Senator has the ability to ask questions to a highly qualified member of the CIA of asking her whether or not the interrogation techniques are immoral. This Senator should ask herself whether the brutality of those individuals that hold Americans hostage specifically beheading and broadcasting these incidents worldwide if they’re immoral or not.

    • freethinker4

      She’s from California that says it all.

      • FLBuck

        That’s true enough!!!

  • harley93

    Harris is just another ugly bitch libtard. What has this douche bag ever done for this country!

  • freethinker4

    I believe it was moral at the time and still do, that’s why we need proper vetting of all muslims entering this country it’s common sense not bigotry or racism. If I were Haspel I would have replied do you think the persons involved in the terrorist attack that murdered over 3000 innocent Americans had any morals convictions Kamala Harris. She’s a communist piece of shit, more worried about the treatment of mass murders than the innocent American victims. And Kamala Harris I bet probably believes in open borders?

  • Frank Esposito

    harris booker durban kaine what a superfecta like my aunt used 2 say AND WAIT meaning they will get theirs

  • RightWriter

    What Gina Haspel SHOULD have said is that the CIA is governed by the LAW, not by morality, so the issue of whether its policies were “moral” or not is simply not relevant. And yes, the policies were LEGAL: the Justice Department said so, the Supreme Court said so. End of discussion.

    Other than that one missed opportunity, Haspel did VERY well standing up both to the nutty leftism of Kamala Harris and also the (slightly) more rational liberal questioners. She’ll be confirmed, no question — and she SHOULD be!

    And the loony ladies of the feminist left are going to face a difficult decision: whether to swallow hard and vote FOR Haspel because, after all, she’d become the FIRST WOMAN DIRECTOR of the CIA (or any of the intelligence agencies) and, after all, liberal ladies ARE supposed to be in favor of “breaking glass ceilings,” or vote “NO” and let Republicans BASH them this fall (and in 2020) for not supporting women’s advancement. Dianne Feinstein (Kamala Harris’s senior colleague from Calif.) is already getting TONS of ANGRY mail from women who think she should support Haspel JUST because she’s a woman looking to head up an intelligence agency. What to do, what to do?

  • mike

    Kamala Harris, another attorney that enjoys the benefits of America without doing the heavy lifting. Gina has lifted heavy and need not be judged as to what is moral by the likes of Harris. The question is can she do the job. With that I vote Yes.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Demonrats have some gall to talk about moral high ground, when they have none.
    When faced with defiant, Islamic, terrorists, any enhanced interrogation tactics that gets us the
    information to stop another attack is justified. These individuals have no problems in torturing
    American soldiers, or civilians. They use whatever means that inflict the most terror and pain
    upon men, women, and children. I see nothing wrong or illegal, or immoral, in doing whatever
    is necessary to gain information that is needed. These are the only means that a ruthless enemy
    can understand. BTW Ms. Harris, your questions are more like an interrogation that confirmation
    questions. You seem to take delight in your methods, don’t you? HYPOCRITE!

  • draeger24

    so Kamala, aka, Oburkhas sister…..we waterboard our own people – aviators and special warfare people – is that “immoral”? Water-boarding is a physical pressure….everyone has a “phobia”, and the three pinheads that were waterboarded were prepared for interrogations. KSM asked for a lawyer when he was captured, thinking this was the Clinton-era.BIG SURPRISE, KSM! The information provided SAVED LIVES…a little water in the nose is not “torture”…listening to “Crazy Aunt Clara (Bewitched) Nancy Pelosi or Waters WOULD BE TORTURE….

  • kbmiller

    Camel a$$ harris is an ignorant LYING POS

  • mytrbilbo

    Kamala Harris is a showcasing ignorant pontificating biatch and is clueless what the Army Field Manual means to every soldier… which CIA operatives are.
    This lying slime Harris has NO authority to judge ANYONE’s morals in the content of ordained law pursuant to the Army Field Manual.
    Haspel answered this dumb arse three succinct times and Harris was too interested in appearing moral (and vacuously stupid) to even accept her truthful answer.
    Harris is truly CLUELESS what moral means as she here demonstrated.
    Kamala Harris is the typical arsewhippe libtard we can expect groomed from the socialist Dems from now on.
    God save us all. EXPOSE this sick fraud. Harris should be expelled from Congress for such asinine petty behavior.
    God bless Haspel and God bless Trump.
    Making America GREAT again!!

  • BEWARE of this one she is the female version of Hussein Obama, a half-black total Marxist with zero credibility on anything substantive other than left-wing rhetoric. She will be running in 2020 and like Barry use the half of her ethnicity that will garner the most sympathy for the progressive agenda.

  • randolph.poole

    Kamala Harris is a far-left POS that has no credentials to support her apparent electioneering for, sorry, I have to laugh, President of the United States! However, she is like so many other ass***es in Congress in that when the s**t was hitting the fan on 9/11 she probably couldn’t crawl fast enough to the top of the dung heap waving the American flag. Now, trying to position herself for the Democratic nomination she crawls out of the woodwork criticizing our methods used against terrorism during that period.

  • Mike Cummings

    While Kamla was embracing La Raza , Gina was confronting ISIS and Al Qaeda .

  • Ronald Hagler

    Is it not baffling the number of fools who emerge from California in the guise of political leaders and representatives of that state.

  • James

    Obviously, intelligence is not not something Harris is familiar with.

  • cathylovesyou

    Kamalia attacking as do the Muslms wherever they are. A very ill mannered person quizzing a loyal law enforcement person which they hate. Brennan a fellow Muslim got a free pass by the violent left.

  • off the hook

    Kamala, think of it as an enhanced face wash ! Try it, you would probably like it it definitely opens up the sinuses !

  • Grant1959

    I can’t stand Kamala Harris, she is so smug, so cocky, so full of herself. She thinks she is the smartest person in the room all the time and everywhere she goes, she just loves to play gotcha games at every opportunity, she is a bomb thrower in any forum.