Kamala Harris Claims Trump Is Attacking America

After announcing her bid for the 2020 presidency, Sen. Kamala Harris proceeded to tell reporters how Trump is fighting against America. 

“The path is going to be about talking to people who are right now aware that this economy is not working for working people. It’s going to be about talking with people about the fact that right now we have an administration that has waged a full-on assault on American values and American ideals,” Harris declared.

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She continued be saying, “It is going to be a speaking truth, especially when there has been so much that is contrary to truth. It is going to be about working to regain the trust of Americans and understanding that they have a right to have a government and to have leaders in this country who see them and care about them and have some curiosity about their circumstance in life and their needs, be it for their family, their neighborhood, or their community, or their country.”

Is Harris making any sense? Or just trying to make waves as she draws attention to her newly declared candidacy? 

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