Kasich Challenges Trump’s Authority

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) is shocked to see that Republican leaders are asking “permission from the president to do anything.”

When asked about tariffs, Kasich stated, “Margaret, I have been frankly shocked at the fact that our leaders think they have to ask permission from the president to do anything. This is very foreign to me. It’s alien to me. When you are elected to the United States Senate or the United States House of Representatives, you have a duty to represent your district, but most important, represent your country, not to just be thinking about your political party.”

“I think they ought to make it very clear that they’re not going to just sit back and tolerate this, that they’re going to do whatever they can do legislatively to send a clear signal. The same way, they ought to be doing these things on the issue of DACA, those are the Dreamers that are here. You know it’s like, ‘well we don’t want to pass an immigration bill because the president might veto it.’ Well, send it to him. Let him veto it. I mean that’s your job as a congressman.”

“And I have to tell you that I’m very proud of this group of Republicans who are saying that they’re going to do everything they can to get a vote on immigration reform and protecting the Dreamers. Now, there’s great cynicism in this country that the only reason why they would do it is because of their own political bias. I don’t buy that. I know Carlos Cabello, he’s a fine man. You know, every time a politician does something that represents justice or is positive, it’s not because they have a sinister motive or self-interest, it might be because they just think that it’s the right thing to do.”

  • American Patriot!

    It’s simple why the GOP asks permission – they are deathly afraid of trump and his followers.

    Like a dictatorship the right has fallen in line with Comrade Trumpinski. If you don’t see what trump is doing – ask your worthless republican congress person or senator… they are all saying Nyet to our US Constitution – and genuflecting to the great and powerful Trump – just like some banana republic. Sure, they support the second amendment – because they want to ensure the right has weapons if called up.

    How long before you hear trump ask for the right to take up arms against your neighbors? Against the press? Against liberals, muslims, Jews and anyone who disagrees with the party line? Think this is a fantasy? Just ask people who lived through countries that have seen dictatorships suddenly rise in their countries.

    The GOP is now a proven rubber stamp for an authoritarian strongman wanna be – and in affect helping him his shove our freedoms and rights into the toilet not to mention the very foundations of the branches of government designed to protect us.

    He lies so often that you all believe him when deep down you know he is lying.

    So if you truly believe in the US Constitution as a sacred document that still has value in this country, and that our country is still a beacon to the world – stop wiping your tush with it and stand up to this moron in the white house!!

    Time to be a true patriot and act like it instead of the seemingly mindless obedient drones you act like now – this is very important and you trump supporters are speeding the end of our republic and democracy. I know you’re smarter than that – so please act like it.

    • bill presslor


    • Are you an instructor in “How to be a moron”? I am a staunch Republican and a Trump supporter, and you have insulted me with your bull****! He is our President, so suck it up and get used to it!!!!!

    • Your so full of shit American Patriot. You’re such a pussy that I bet you voted for Hillary. You talk just like her. Trump has accomplished more than any president in 500 days, especially your boyfriend Obama. You need to leave the country and go somewhere that welcomes people with shit for brains.

    • voltage737

      Our country was under dictatorship for eight years and now we finally have a man that is trying to bring America back from near destruction. You people that listen to the left must not have any common sense. Y`all need to be told what to think because you don`t have the mentality of a rock.

    • Rodney

      Mindless drones??? You and your fellow Obamaites wouldn’t take a dump without government permission, now you besmirch the free? The left calls it unity when practiced, now they call it authoritarian. You are daft and so blind by group think you cannot see the return of freedoms.

    • Mark

      You are talking about the president….that how things were under the Obamanation.

    • whocares6

      The president has fallen in line with his constituents,but you wouldn’t know the difference.

    • gimpy

      You are a absolute uneducated liberal nutcase, better run from the men in white jackets, they might be coming after you.

    • Rod

      You are so full of crap, so called “American Patriot.”

    • Steve Dolyniuk

      You are NO PATRIOT !!!

    • rottenrollin

      Hey AP…….can you send me some of that weed you’re smoking? Thanks.

      I need it if I’m to read any more of your drivel.

  • Rodney

    Kasich is a sore loser who doesn’t understand the difference between unity and a free-for-all. Why waste time passing legislation they know will be vetoed. The US House has passed multiple bills that are now floundering in the Senate. Over 200 appointments are waiting to be confirmed (McConnell cancels summer break for the senate). The biggest problem is, congress isn’t used to working and sure as hell not at the pace President Trump moves. I only wish I had the energy of President Trump at the same age.

    • breanna

      Right. This president has that get-up-and-go attitude from the time he wakes up in the morning to the time he goes to bed early in the morning. This President is not happy with himself or feels like he has accomplished anything for the betterment of the United States and its citizens if he isn’t working around the clock. Let me be the first to say at this point he does need a vacation. I don’t believe he’ll take one though because he gets Restless he has spent his whole life working and accomplishing and dreaming of how best to make America great again. He’s not wasting his time thinking about ways to destroy the economy or to further divide the people or to take away our constitutional rights or two get into bed with our enemies for the purpose of turning this country into a third world nation. No that is not our POTUS but what I did just described was our former president. Because of Obama’s quote unquote dream, our president does have to work around the clock to repair the damage and it amazes me at how well he is doing while at the very same time being investigated for Crime that does not exist. The whole world has been watching and they have seen exactly how far the opposition will go in an attempt to destroy an American citizen while also trying to obtain control over all American citizens. Finally we have a real leader who really loves this country and who really loves its people and who really loves it’s traditions and its Constitution which is the foundation by which this country came into existence and which will allow for this country’s continuance. Finally we have a real president who believed that hard work pays off in life in everybody’s life if you were just smart enough to realize that you can have everything you want in life if you’re willing to work hard for it. No one scares me off from the trumpster. I don’t look at his past dalliances with women whether he was married or not because he’s simply being a man there is no man who is in his right mind, on this planet who would say that if given the opportunity he would not have done the same. I don’t hold that against him and I didn’t hold it against Bill Clinton even though that was a really bad scenario. I look for the work that the President says he will do and that he actually does because that’s what matters in life. Finally we have a president who while on the campaign Trail told America and the world anything and everything that he wanted to do and that he would do to make America great again and guess what? He is in no way nothing like Obama or bush or Clinton because he is actually doing everything he said he would do and not the opposite. trumpeter for president 2020!

  • Uzi Kattan

    Sore Loser KaseDick is Ohio’s Swamp Rat RINO. I’m glad that his term is coming to an end and we hope to elect someone who will clean the Swamp in Columbus.

  • Gary Asti

    Hey American Patriot nut case. The president is put there by we the people not you. If you don’t like what he is doing and want change either vote for someone else or live with the results. You sound very much like a cry baby that didn’t get his way. Wake up and live with the facts that Mr Trump is trying to do his best and make this country great again. Obangya obuttya scream Obama destroyed this country. Clinton had his sex days in the White House. His wife got four Americas kiled in Bengazhi and yet you want another dumbocrat in the office to continue destroying and throwing away this country. Jus shut up and blow away please.

    • kat_scratch

      Great again? Give me a break as this isn’t a President by any means when they collude with Russia!! If you look on facebook you might just find something about this whole thing!!

      • cal3301

        EXCUSE ME FOR ASKING, BUT HOW STUPID ARE YOU?????? There has been NO evidence of collusion by this President or any of his people. All that Mueller has done is wasted taxpayer dollars on non-existent charges after your pal Hillary lost. This was premeditated to go after Trump if he won, which they did not expect him to do. Get over yourself, because Obama was the Fraud in Chief, not Trump!!!!!!

      • Ronald Hagler

        I hesitate to make you sound any dumber than you make your self to be, but what collusion has been uncovered? You state we should check FACEBOOK for all the answers, which proves your total ignorance. Eighteen months and millions of tax payers dollars and Mueller has not produced one single piece of evidence to support the collusion theory. CNN announced last year that they had terminated three journalists who fabricated the collusion theory and you still tell us it is a fact and we should check FACEBOOK for the truth. I believe you came out of hibernation a century too late.

      • rottenrollin

        Facebook is colluding with the Chinese, butthead I mean kat scratch, WHY should I go there?

      • The Redhawk

        When were you admitted to the “STUPID HALL OF FAME”???? next you’ll say that Facebook is FACTUAL I bet….

    • The Redhawk

      This will make some MOON BAT IDIOT come out of some belfry to OBJECT to your Factual statement

  • CharlieZ

    This guy should close his piehole and go away. I voted GOP all my life (76 Yrs.) burt I will not vote for him.

  • bob

    So if you truly believe in the US Constitution as a sacred document that still has value in this country, and that our country is still a beacon to the world – stop wiping your tush with it and stand up to this moron in the white house!!

    Well the Constitution states that if you enter this country through illegal means, like climbing a border wall, or just walking into the country, you are BREAKING the Federa law & can be deported. But what do liberals do with that part of the Constitution? They want to ignore it & wipe their asses with it too.

    Remember the DACA act that Obama just issued as an “Executive Order ” NOT going through Congress, or the Iran deal that he bypassed as a Congressional involvement too? How’s that for imposing HIS will & saying ” piss on the Constitution ” . The Supreme Court ruled he overstepped his authority on DACA ( an Executive Order ) & all Trump is doing is cancelling that order out. It was Un-Constitutional to begin with.

  • randolph.poole

    These RINO’s (e.g., Kasich, Romney, Flake, etc.) have to go!

  • Maggietish

    Kasich threw away his political career and all credibility that he may have had and certainly his honesty, integrity and ethics when he joined forces with Ted Cruz during the primary. Ted Cruz used him like a rug and threw him under the bus which was expected and one wonders why Kasich thought that they would both bring down Trump and both have a chance of winning the primary. That wasn’t naïveté it was simply stupidity and certainly karma came home to roost with Kasich. Kasich has been on a mission since then to not attack Ted Cruz, as he should, but to attack President Trump, his family and his supporters. More often than not in the history of the United States Congress worked with the executive branch which would be the President for the good of the country and the American people. The fact the Kasich doesn’t get that is just another nail in his own political coffib. He’s just another RINO who is only concerned about his own political career, lobbyists, special interests and certainly not the American people and the United States.

  • The loser tryhing to become relevant again.. too bad…… John…just go back home and finish out your term.. and then go away.. not mad..just simply go away.

  • gimillie

    Kasich needs to get over himself! He is still pouting over the fact that he was not on the ballot as GOP nominee for President!

  • Kenny Albert

    Kasich and the other rinos need to be hanged.

  • kat_scratch

    John Kasich is a wonderful man and has no qualms about losing so why are people like this calling him names~~~probably because they can’t stand themselves as Kasich was never angry!!!

    • rottenrollin

      Time for your lobotomies, kat scratch

  • regulus30

    Same loony bird he has always been.

  • Albedamned!

    Sounds like a liberal resist, and defy like a spoiled child!

  • rivahmitch

    Frankly, regardless of their age or sex (or any other factor), or the obfuscatory terminology like “undocumented aliens”or “illegal imm9igrants”, the fact remains that all of those hee who have not followed the legal process to enter are FOREIGN INVADERS and should be treated as such.

  • rick meek

    Let Me See ——- Ya’ll have bungled everything you’ve done in order to line your pockets….Sold out left and right……trumps is making headway and has plans to go even further…..

  • scott forman

    “Thin skinned John” has been a very LARGE pain in the ass to true Conservatives in the State of Ohio. He ran as a Conservative but has been governing as a anti-American Liberal. Whatever he says should be ignored as he has lost his way. This is the nicest way I can say that he is a anti-American traitor.

  • rottenrollin

    Hey Butthead Kasich, YOU should be preaching to the Dimmercrats, NOT Trump.

    BTW……..Y O U . L O S T

  • Berengaria

    Please Gov. Kasich, you are so filled with hatred for our President & the Citizens who elected HIM & NOT YOU, that you are confusing your illegal dreamers with American Citizens.
    How about caring just a little about the AMERICAN CITIZENS, they are the REAL DREAMERS & REAL DOERS, TOO.
    Both President Trump & You, Governor Kasich were elected to serve the Americans, NOT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS, whom you & Libs call”dreamers”. A better description of this Mob of Pampered, Protected Illegals is: CRIMINALS!

  • The Redhawk

    Problem with KASICH is that he has NO idea about WHAT tariffs Canada puts on us Dairy products…Beef… Cheese… and a miriad of other things ….may be he should get some FACTS before making a FOOL of itself

  • Lori

    Kasich is just like idiot Hollywood, he really thinks somebody cares what he has to say, Go away Kasich.

  • CCblogging

    John Kasich takes money from Nazi anarchist George Soros. Kasich got $500,000 from George Soros in one year. What do you think that old evil Nazi Soros wanted from Kasich for his money?……..
    ……….A new report from the Center for Responsive Politics reveals which Republicans received funding from George Soros and his hedge fund employees. The official RINOs are John McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John Kasich, via Breitbart.
    All of the above except Paul Ryan have run for president or for a presidential nomination on the Republican ticket. All of them were anti-Trump.