Leader Of Mexican Church Does WHAT?

It was absolutely horrible what this leader did…

Recently the leader of a Mexico-based church with branches in the U.S. was charged with human trafficking and child rape.

Naasón Joaquín García and 24-year-old Susana Medina Oaxaca, were arrested Monday after landing at Los Angeles International Airport, California. García faces 26 felony counts that range from human trafficking and production of child pornography to rape of a minor.

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The church was founded in by García’s grandfather. There have been allegations of child sex abuse for years but authorities in Mexico have never filed criminal charges. Followers of the church must comply to a strict moral code in exchange for the promise of eternal salvation.

García — who was a minister in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California before becoming the church’s leader — abused his power as church leader to coerce victims into performing sex acts and told them that refusing would be going against God.

This likely somehow ties into the issue of illegal immigration and the extremely high flow illegals pouring into the country with young children, which is what President Trump is trying to stop.

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