Liberals Opt To Teach LGBT Sex Ed…In Kindergarten

It’s shocking what liberals think should be taught to young children. 

In a move that no sane person would understand, the California State Board of Education has decided to go forward with a controversial overhaul of the state’s sex education curriculum. Now teachers will be given instruction and encouragement to teach LGBT topic in that area in classroom that range anywhere from 8th grade to kindergarten.

The Associated Press reports the curriculum will prompt teachers “to talk about gender identity with kindergartners and give advice to LGBT teenagers for navigating relationships and having safe sex.”

The new guidelines also cover discussing masturbation with middle schoolers and puberty talks with transgender teens to foster “an environment that is inclusive and challenges binary concepts about gender.”

A group consisting of some 200 protestors gathered to renounce the plan. 

California Family Council director Greg Burt shared that, “There are all kinds of alternatives, but they want to teach sex ed with the guise that they were trying to prevent sexual transmitted diseases and prevent teen pregnancy.”

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He continued that now, “we are teaching kids how to have a robust sex life. Not everything under the sun needs to be taught to our kids with no moral judgment.”

Another protestor, Patricia Reyes is a mother of six and drove 400 miles with her 4-year-old daughter in order to oppose the new teaching plan.

“It’s just scary what they are going to be teaching,” she told the AP. “It’s pornography. If this continues, I’m not sending them to school.”

Parents aren’t the only ones outraged. Teachers voiced fears that their very jobs may be at risk. 

“Teachers are afraid they will be forced to teach concepts that go against their conscious, and use nonbinary terms or else they could lose their jobs,” said teacher and school board member Brenda Lebsack.

Elementary school teacher Tatyana Dzyubak reasonably stated, “I shouldn’t be teaching that stuff. That’s for parents to do.”

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