Limbaugh’s Warning To Trump On Saudi Arabia

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh stressed the importance of the Trump administration correctly handling the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Partial transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Let me ask you about this Khashoggi. You saw Tom Friedman today.

LIMBAUGH: Yes. Well, he made, Friedman made a good point about this.


LIMBAUGH: And I got to acknowledge good points when they are made. I think this is a precarious time for the Trump administration because the left is trying to use this Khashoggi death, tie it to Trump. They are trying to get Trump to blame for everything.

HANNITY: If he cured cancer, Rush, they would still be mad at him.

LIMBAUGH: For destroying the livelihood of how many people in the medical field.

HANNITY: They would find a reason.

LIMBAUGH: The thing about Mohammed bin Salman, the thing he was doing that had everybody really excited, the important thing he was doing, was supposedly reforming militant Islam. He was getting rid of the Wahhabi influence, which is where terrorist Islam comes from.

The Saudi royal family is Islam. They are in charge of Mecca and Medina, and they determine what Islam is going to be. If it’s going to be terrorist Islam, Wahhabi Islam the royal family makes it happen. Well, Bin Salman is tired of being dependent on petrol dollars. He wants all this investment from Hollywood to tech. He wants to build a new city and, in the process, he’s got to reform it — make it looks like he let women drive, he’s going to get rid of violent militant Islam and deemphasized Wahhabi.

And now that’s all good. That’s probably one of the most important things the Saudi royal family can do for the world, is to deemphasize the militant aspects of Islam. Then this Khashoggi things comes along, and it looks like there isn’t any real reform. You criticize the state, and they kill you, so forth.

It’s a — I hope Trump and his team do the right on this because they are laying in wait. If he goes–


HANNITY: It’s a trap.

LIMBAUGH: – if he goes too far in what they think is exonerating the Saudis for oil deals or business deals or arms deals that are important to America.

HANNITY: Can I — didn’t the Clintons take $25 million from the Saudis for their foundation.

LIMBAUGH: Absolutely, it is a dual — it’s a two-way street.

HANNITY: Where was the Benghazi outrage?


LIMBAUGH: Exactly.

HANNITY: Except for conservatives.

LIMBAUGH: I asked that the other day.


LIMBAUGH: Where’s all the concern for four dead Americans in Benghazi? But I just want to tell you one thing here, folks, they’re trying to tell you that there is recorded evidence of the murder and the dismemberment and the dispatchment of the body because it was recorded on his Apple Watch. Khashoggi’s Apple Watch.

I’m here to tell you, that is not technological possibly — technologically possible. There are three ways a watch can transmit data. LTE, which is cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Apple has not activated LTE in Turkey. That’s the longest range. The only way this guy had it to transmit data from his watch to his phone would be Bluetooth. His car, his wife south — fiance, it really, I don’t think it’s possible from them to be a recording of what happened.

  • Richard Nick

    The Saudis must be held accountable.

    • Ron C

      The Libyans weren’t held accountable for the four dead Americans…? So why such concern for a reporter that isn’t even American…?

    • Grant1959

      In what manner? How are the Saudis to be held accountable? So far as I see there is no proof that this man is even dead. There is no proof this was a sanctioned assassination directed by the King or his government. We don’t know what happened, if he was killed, who killed him and why? We must not be so quick to fix blame here, and pin this on the whole country or the head of the government.

      • James

        And Newtown didn’t happen. The parents were paid actors. And Pizzagate is real. Must be nice to live in your own little fantasy world. The guy is dead and it wasn’t an over dose of Muslem food.

        • Grant1959

          James, there are new developments and yes the guy is dead. Sounds like he was murdered by Saudis. This a Saudi affair. We and the rest of the world can inquire, demand, protest all we want, but it is not our business no matter how much we don’t like it. When I said how are the Saudis to be held accountable, I’m pretty much asking what can and what should we or anybody (country) do about it? Let’s see what the Saudi’s do about it first. that’s what I am saying.

          • James

            I guess we wait and see. Doesn’t look like Trump wants to take any serious actions against the Saudi government.

          • Grant1959

            It s a difficult position to be in, what to do without shooting ourselves in the foot. It would not surprise me if the reaction will be much the same as taken towards Israel in response to bad actions and publicity at the gaza border fence. That is why I emphasize patience and waiting until the facts are in and also stressing that this is entirely a Saudi affair. It could be the actions of misguided persons that did this but did it without the approval of the king or ruling prince. We do not know. Let the Saudis handle their own criminals, we expect other nations to respect our rights to do the same.

          • James

            You’re more optimistic then I am about them doing the right thing.

          • mrpoohead

            No American interference in 1947, no Middle East problems. All three religions had co-habited for over a thousand years before this.

            Just another in a long line of dumb American foreign policy.

  • Ron C

    Are we going to hold the communist Chinese accountable when they kill their citizens…? Only globalist dupes think it is our business!

    • Grant1959

      Probably not considering that the people being persecuted are just Christians. I say that because that seems to be the attitude, I find it both revealing and abhorrent. Normally I would include Jews, but there is no Chinese Jews…..only Orange juice. Sorry for the reference to an old stupid joke, just couldn’t resist.

  • Berengaria

    The Khashoggi Business is nothing more than a Ruse to “Get” our President. The usual RINO suspects & the DEM Party are painting Khashoggi as a Liberal Journalist, who is reporting on the Saudi Royal Family. Buzzard Balls, Khashoggi is as Ruthless as any CNN “News Reader”.
    President Trump must not fall for this SCAM, THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS IN ISLAM.
    Khashoggi is NOT OUR FIGHT!

  • Grant1959

    Khashoggi is not an American citizen, he is a Saudi. This not our business on multiple levels. How other countries treat their citizens is much their business. We have no moral high ground here either truth be told, i.e. when past administrations have been so bold as to use drones to kill American citizens on foreign soil without due process and at times causing collateral damage wherein innocents have been harmed or killed as well. We can demand explanations, voice concerns, etc. but we must keep the matter in perspective. So far I have not seen very much in the MSM detailing who this man really is/was and what would be any serious motive for the Saudi government to take him out. There has been some acknowledgement lately about a better relationship between the Saudi and Israeli governments, perhaps there are those that are opposed to this and therein lies the motive and that it does not come from the King.

  • Chuck Cottom

    The democrats (George Doros) will try anything to detract popularity from President Trump

  • Tom

    It looked like to me Khashoggi went into that embassy on his own, he was not dragged in there, so if he was killed in there, that is all on him, he should have known the dangers, I don’t think the US should get involved. It is just as dangerous for our President to go in that embassy as it was for Khashoggi, if Trump wants to talk to them they should meet on neutral ground with plenty of Secret Service Agents in attendance,, America can live without Khashoggi we don’t need to have the same thing happen to our President.

  • You know, if the Saudis merely showed that Khashoggi brought a bomb into their embassy, they’d have all the justification they needed to have him executed.