Lindsey Graham’s Opinion On The New Attorney General

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gave his opinion on the acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s replacement of Jeff Sessions.

CBS’s Margaret Brennan asked Sen. Graham, “[A]re you going to ask [Whitaker] to recuse himself and is Matthew Whitaker’s appointment constitutional?”

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“I think he was appropriately appointed legally,” Graham replied. “I don’t think he has to recuse himself. I am confident the Mueller investigation will be allowed to come to a good, solid conclusion, that there’ll be no political influence put on [FBI special counsel Robert Mueller] by Mr. Whitaker to do anything other than Mr. Mueller’s job.”

Brennan asked if Whitaker has the ability to remain “impartial.”

“Well, you don’t recuse somebody because they have opinions different than the people they’re overseeing. … The bottom line here is that Mr. Mueller will be allowed to do his job without political interference by Mr. Whitaker.”

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